Jordan historical towns and monuments

Jordan historical towns and monuments

Jordan has been a hub for humanity since the dawn of civilisation. The Sumerians, Akkadians, Babylonians, Assyrians, Persians and Mesopotamians came in from the east. From the south came the Nabateans, while from the west, Pharonic Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, Byzantines and Crusaders. They left behind archaeological sites, historical towns and monuments scattered all across the country.
Al Salt
During the Ottoman Empire, Al Salt was the capital city of Jordan but was passed over in favour of Amman when the modern state of Jordan was created. Al Salt, a place of human settlement since at least the Iron Age, still retains the charm and pace of a different century. Read more about Al Salt

The history of Madaba dates back at least 3,500 years and is mentioned in the old Testament several times. Yet it is most famous for its intricate 5th and 6th century mosaics, prolifically laid throughout the town. Read more about Madaba

Desert castles
East from Amman, all the way out to the Iraqi and Saudi Arabian borders, stretches a desert plain. Spread throughout this vast expanse of sand and basalt rocks lay several monuments, known collectively as the desert castles, originally used as hunting lodges, caravan stations and trading centres. Read more about desert castles

Sitting on a small plateau above the Jordan Valley, the small rural village of Pella seems like a sleepy backwater, yet the town has been a home to human communities dating back to the Stone Age, 10,000 years ago. There is even evidence of human activity in the as far back as Palaeolithic times, 100,000 years ago. Read more about Pella

Rakan Mehyars
Small hotel owner Deeb Hussien shares a wealth of information about the historical importance of Pella...
"People have been living in Pella since 'The Dawn', without any interruption" [0:50]

Petra & Pella, Jordan. Photos by Huw J Williams and Visit Jordan
Jarash, 48 miles north of Amman, is the one of the best-preserved provincial Roman cities in the world. A huge triumphal arch marks the entry to the site, erected by the residents in 129 BC to honour a visit to Jarash by the Emperor Hadrian and there are hilltop temples, baths, a hippodrome, fountains and a large oval forum fringed by another colonnade. Read more about Jarash

Karak's towering position, perched on a hill-top almost 1000 metres above sea level, surrounded on three sides by valleys and with commanding views over the Dead Sea makes it a perfect spot for a castle. Read more about Karak

"The red-rose city half as old as time", described in the poem by John William Burgon needs no introduction: enough has already been written. It is, simply, Petra. For generations, many Bedouin families lived in the caves of Petra. Read more about Petra

Umm Qais
Before the Middle Ages, Umm Qais was known as Gadara. It was probably founded by the Greeks in the 4th century BC, but reached prominence as a Roman city during the 1st century AD. There are remains of a mausoleum and public baths, a colonnaded street and the Basilica of Gadara. Most impressive of all is the imposing and well-preserved Roman amphitheatre. Read more about Umm Qais

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