KwaZulu-Natal podcasts

KwaZulu-Natal podcasts

Listen to local people talk about KwaZulu-Natal in our podcasts

KwaZulu-Natal culture

KwaZulu-Natal highlights
KwaZulu-Natal Highlights Quote
"KwaZulu-Natal has the best bits of all the other provinces. You have the bush, the beaches, the majestic Drakensberg and the incredibly rich cultural heritage."

Eric Ncinci Mcineka
Eric Ncinci Mcineka, Simunye Zulu Lodge
"We can take guests who visit us to consult traditional diviners called Sangomas or herbalists called Inyangas to find out about their future."

Rob Gerrard
Rob Gerrard, Battlefields
"The Battles of Isandlwana and Rorkeís Drift are taught to every member of the British and American Armed Forces as ĎDosí and ĎDo Notsí."

Siphile Mdaka
Siphile Mdaka, Umuzi Wakwa Mdaka homestead
"Two classrooms have been built and a kitchen in the primary school. People are able to see the connection between the wildlife park and their community."

Dr Elliot Ndlovu
Dr Elliot Ndlovu, Fordoun Hotel Spa, Midlands
"Fordoun is a healing place, a spiritual place."

Mark Mgobhozi
Mark Mgobhozi, Umlazi Township Guide
"You only have to spend an hour in Umlazi and youíll wish you had a house here. Thatís the spirit of Ubuntu, the spirit of humanity."

KwaZulu-Natal wildlife

Kian Barker
Kian Barker, iSimangaliso Wetland Park
"Itís the mixture of ecosystems that gives the Park such huge species diversity. Almost double any other area."

Phillip Khumalo
Phillip Khumalo, Amakhosi Guide
"When a lion sees a cheetah, he will chase the cheetah because they compete for food. A lion wonít allow any other predator around him."

KwaZulu-Natal activities

Clive Smith
Clive Smith, Dive Master Rocktail Bay
"The coral is in pristine condition. Itís been rated Number 7 dive site in the world and it hasnít been overdived like lots of other sites."

Places to stay in KwaZulu-Natal

Jean Toucher
Jean Toucher, Ghost Mountain Inn
"Ghost Mountainís history goes back to the days of King Shaka. Probably what the early settlers saw was the laying to rest of a Gaza family chief."

Mark Mgobhozi
Mark Mgobhozi, Durban
"Durban is a tropical city with beautiful beaches that are very safe and family-friendly."

Alastair Rankin
Alastair Rankin, Rocktail Beach Camp
"Rocktail Beach Camp is unique. Our chalets are low-impact three and four star canvas structures high in the forest canopy and we are one of the Top Ten dive sites."

Lindi Maseme
Lindi Maseme, LinSy Paradise, Afriportico Accommodation Group
"In most of our b&bs the owners will tell you stories about our history, about how we lived, how we grew up."

John Bates
John Bates, Owner Fordoun Hotel and Spa, Midlands
"The experience people will have at Fordoun is one of utter and complete relaxation."

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