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Madagascar north coast nature holiday
A Nature Guided adventure to Northern Madagascar, from 1995 (12 days) ex flights
Southern Madagascar holidays, Lemurs, baobabs & beaches
Taking in its most diverse environments at comfortable pace, from 1850 (11 days) ex flights
Madagascar holiday, Lemurs, canals & mountains
Stunning adventure inc. Mada's rivers, forests & mountains, from 1795 (14 days) ex flights
Madagascar North Coast adventure holiday
Action packed expedition through wild north east Madagascar, from 2195 (14 days) ex flights

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Trekking holiday in Madagascar
Explore the incredible diversity of Madagascar, from 2639 - 3139 (16 days) inc UK flights
Madagascar small group tour, the lost Continent
Madagascar's unique wildlife and off the beaten track gems, from 2499 (21 days) ex flights
Madagascar rafting expedition
Explore a remote area of Madagascar on this unique trip, from 2075 (13 days) ex flights
Madagascar tailor made holiday
Rainforests, lemurs & other endemic wildlife of Madagascar, from 4150 (19 days) ex flights
Madagascar holidays, island adventure
Endemic Wildlife, Tropical Forests & a Luxury Private Island, from 3860 (14 days) ex flights
Madagascar adventure holiday, canoes & camping
Exciting family adventure combining activities and nature, from 1695 (14 days) ex flights
Madagascar small group tour
Discover Madagascar's treasures on this unique safari trip, from 1960 (11 days) ex flights
Trekking holiday in Southern Madagascar
Amazing trek through the mountains and valleys of Madagascar, from 2095 (14 days) ex flights
Highlights of Madagascar holiday, tailor made
Explore the incredible wildlife of the island continent, from 1800 (12 days) ex flights
Highlights of Madagascar holiday
Described as 'a living museum', from 2589 - 3189 (16 days) inc UK flights
Trekking and rafting expedition in Madagascar
Unique expedition exploring the little visited regions of Madagascar, from 1595 (12 days) ex flights
Madagascar family adventure holiday
Unique family adventures in Madagascar, from 2195 (14 days) ex flights
Eastern Madagascar trekking holiday
Climb majestic mountains, dense forest, waterfalls and more, from 1895 (14 days) ex flights
Small group holidays to Madagascar
Experience the best of this enigmatic island continent, from 2195 (17 days) ex flights
Madagascar adventure holiday, off road explorer
Insightful 16 day 4wd adventure through Madagascar, from 2545 - 2595 (16 days) ex flights
Madagascar tailor made tour
Discover the biodiversity, nature and wildlife of Madagascar, from 1888 (12 days) ex flights
Madagascar holiday, Nosy Be islands cruise & Tsarabanjina resort
The Ultimate Madagascar paradise, from 4016 (14 days) inc UK flights
Madagascar tour, small group
The Madagascar experience is a unique slice of paradise, from 1710 - 1975 (16 days) ex flights
Madagascar small group tour, wildlife & culture
Madagascar small group tour - wildlife holidays, from 3390 (18 days) inc UK flights
Marine conservation holiday in Madagascar
Award winning coral reef research in south west Madagascar, from 1900 (21 days) ex flights
Lemur conservation project in Madagascar
Work alongside an award-winning NGO in Madagascar, from 795 - 2495 (14 days) ex flights
North Madagascar adventure and wildlife holiday
Explore the amazing north and its incredible flora and fauna, from 1995 (18 days) ex flights
Madagascar charity volunteer programme
Transform Lives in Madagascar, from 1995 (10 weeks) ex flights
Madagascar holiday, overland adventure
Experience fascinating people, wildlife & landscapes, from 3295 - 3395 (22 days) ex flights
Teaching English in Madagascar
Teach English on the beautiful island of Madagascar, from 695 (14 days) ex flights

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Madagascar small group tour, the lost Continent
Memorable parts? The Tsingy was brilliant really would have liked to stay there longer which is what could be said of all the places we visited. A really great country to visit. Tips? Be prepared for some long drives and get fit as the walks are terrific but you need to be up to doing them. Local benefits? I'm sure it helps local people and conservation reducing environmental impacts is debatable. Overall rating? Extremely good I could not have done myself, very well... (more)Barry Theobald
From 2499 excluding flights
Small group holidays to Madagascar
Wonderful tho' it was to see wildlife in natural habitate, the standout thing for me was the wonderful people I met and catching a glimpse into their customs and cultures. (more)Stephanie Diggon
The 4x4 trip down the river was the most memorable part of the holiday. (more)Belinda Minshall
The most fantastic holiday we have experienced and totally different from any location we have been to. The tour company was first class in every respect...Be prepared for poverty, humble experiences, lack of electricity but don't let this put anyone off going to this wonderful country. (more)George Bannister
From 2195 excluding flights
Southern Madagascar holidays, Lemurs, baobabs & beaches
Memorable parts? The most memorable part of the holiday was visiting the National Parks in Madagascar. Tips? Beware of the tour description because it's deceiving. For example, day 4 of my tour was described as: "We will set off early this morning towards Antsirabe (via Tana)... Once in Tana, the journey takes approximately 3+ hours on a good, windy road." Well, the reality is that the road has sections in such bad condition that the car could go no faster than 10 miles per hour,... (more)Alex Carballo-Dieguez
From 1850 excluding flights
Trekking holiday in Madagascar
Fantastic. Our Tour Leader was very knowledgeable and looked after the group very well. The trip is filled with a varied and extremely interesting itinerary that includes amazing landscapes and unique wildlife. (more)Lindsay (Mr) Challoner
Excellent. It was very well organised...the best parts were singing around the campfire with the porters and impressive landscape in Isalo (more)Jane Feron
From 2639 - 3139 including UK flights
Madagascar North Coast adventure holiday
Memorable parts? We loved the canoeing and camping part of our trip, and the amazing hikes. The people, the animals and the scenery in Madagascar are so special and unique, it feels like a million miles away from normal life. Tips? Take clothes for all seasons! We went in the early-spring season, and it ranged from being very chilly (especially in the evenings) to very hot in Tsarasoa and the drier regions. Also, take some gifts for the local people and children. We took pens and... (more)Cara Roberts
From 2195 excluding flights
Madagascar conservation volunteering holiday
Memorable parts? I can't name that one and only moment I have to say. The whole experience was memorable. Not only the work but also the people I had the pleasure to meet. Tips? I was camping the first time in my life and did some research beforehand. However I did of course made a few mistakes. The next time I would definitely bring a bigger tent and 2 very strong head torches. My tent was ok for 2 weeks but for a longer period it would be to small. A very strong head torch is a... (more)Patricia
From 795 excluding flights
Madagascar charity volunteer programme
Memorable parts? Wow, where do you start? That first lemur you spot after trekking for miles through a remote forest. The warm welcome from the local people and all the kids waving to you every day. Having so many laughs each day. Meeting so many different and interesting people and feeling like you have a second family by the end of it. The sense of achievement as you see the school you're building start to take shape. The food is so good, the scenery is breathtaking, the sun rises stunning,... (more)Travis Armstrong
From 1995 excluding flights
Madagascar school building project
Memorable parts? Going somewhere so completely different, being looked after by friendly, funny, knowledgeable and entertaining local staff. Sharing an experience like that with total strangers who become friends for life. Meeting the kids who will directly benefit from the work you are doing. Hosting a party and dinner for the village. Cramming all of us and all our kit into a truck for hours. The list is endless. Tips? Get in touch with the other volunteers in your group before... (more)Alexis Liming
From 795 - 995 excluding flights
Marine conservation holiday in Madagascar
Was the best thing ive ever done in my life...and if i could afford it i would go straight back (more)Charlie Panayi
The most memorable part of the holiday was meeting people and scuba diving/snorkelling...It was fantastic! (more)Amy Hall
The whole trip was simply amazing!...Firstly the camp is set in the most beautiful place, and on a good night the stars are unbelievable. I've never seen so many! Must have seen at least 5 shooting stars a night as well as the cosmos! (more)Daniel Williams
From 1900 excluding flights
Madagascar holidays, island adventure
Madagascar proved such an outstanding destination that it almost seems unfair to single out particular highlights...Ace. We loved it from first to last. We covered a great deal of ground and saw so much for the first time. (more)Maggie Wood
The 7 hour night trek (two hours in pirogue up river each way) to look at Madagascar wildlife in the rainforest, most of which in pouring rain, with a very good guide was the highlight. (more)Ann Monk
From 3860 excluding flights
Trekking and rafting expedition in Madagascar
There were too many wonderful experiences to pick out just one as the most memorable or exciting! Some of the many highlights for me included: seeing so many different kinds of lemurs and chameleons; the extraordinary limestone Tsingy...... (more)Catherine Nursaw
Excellent... witnessing the Indri lemurs calling to each other in the trees in front of us and rafting the river rapids were probably my top two memories (more)Kerry Abbiss
Everything, perhaps taking the freight train at 2am alongside mountains of bananas. From the point of landing to our sad farewells it was an unforgettable adventure...Unforgettable. (more)David Phillips
From 1595 excluding flights
Madagascar rafting expedition
We canoed for two days, negotiated rapids and camped at night on the sandy banks beside the river. The locals were intrigued by these strange foreigners who chose to sleep in tents rather than a hotel but readily came to our rescue when our cooking pots sank to the bottom of the river! (more)Rosemary Llewellin
Most obviously just the many people we met. Everybody says it but it really is true, what a lovely lovely bunch of people to have had the privilege to meet. On the wildlife front, I think the spitting cobra trumped even the komodo dragons! (more)Hayley Fagg
From 2075 excluding flights
Lemur conservation project in Madagascar
Memorable parts? The very first morning at Saint Luce, we were up pre-dawn and walked down to the estuary. There several pirogues took us across the lagoon to the mangrove waterways and then back again. The round trip was about 3 hours, initially mainly silent except for bird identification, the sunrise added to the atmosphere. Part of the mystery and beauty of Madagascar was revealed on that memorable morning. Tips? Read every bit of information sent out by the agent about ten times... (more)Alison Anderson
From 795 - 2495 excluding flights
Madagascar tour, small group
Memorable parts? The wildlife Tips? Check the validity of any discounts advertised first, because they were rather misleading. Also, be aware that although this trip was described as a wildlife trip, there were relatively few days in national parks compared with the total number of days on the trip. Also, getting back to the capital from Ile Sainte Marie at the end of the trip can be very difficult. Local benefits? Yes Overall rating? Good - but be sure to read the... (more)Angela Sherman
From 1710 - 1975 excluding flights
Highlights of Madagascar holiday, tailor made
Memorable parts? The whale watching. Tips? To plan in advance, especially in high season, because we had problems finding the flights to choose an area to visit (North-West, North-East or South..) as the country is big and moving around is not that practical: passing three times in Tana and having to spend three nights there was really a waste of time and it's not worth it. Local benefits? We travelled around, we dined in local restaurants, we bought local products, we used... (more)Cesare Maraglio
From 1800 excluding flights
Madagascar holiday, Lemurs, canals & mountains
Memorable parts? Canoe trip and seeing lemurs Tips? Itinerary is too ambitious. Be prepared for a lot of driving on very bad roads - on most travel days you will spend over 8 hours driving with only a break for lunch. Local benefits? Employed local guides and supported conservation activities in national parks Overall rating? Itinerary was too ambitious. Travel times vastly underestimated, most travel days we spent over 8 hours driving. Due to the state of roads and... (more)Lorraine Anthony
From 1795 excluding flights

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