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Zavkhan multi activity holiday in Mongolia
Explore remotest Mongolia by horse, camel, and hiking, from NZ $4550 (21 days) ex flights
Genghis Khan warrior training in Mongolia
Experience what it really felt like to be a warrior under the Great Khan, from 2475 (9 days) ex flights
Mongolia horse riding holiday, Zavkhan Classic
Horse trekking in Mongolia's remote Zavkhan Province, from NZ $3900 (17 days) ex flights
Mongolia adventure trekking holiday & Naadam Festival
Summer time trekking and Naadam adventure through Mongolia, from 1733 - 1943 (17 days) ex flights

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Mongolia cultural tour, Nomads of Khangai Mountains
Local insight into landscapes & culture of Khangai Mountains, from 1381 - 1987 (15 days) ex flights
Gobi desert motorcycle tour in Mongolia
Thrilling off-road enduro experience. Departure guaranteed, from 1895 (10 days) ex flights
Western Mongolia tour, the Altai mountains & eagles
Culture and adventure in the landscapes of western Mongolia, from 1556 - 2554 (13 days) ex flights
Holiday in Mongolia
Journey to to the land of Ghengis Khan, from 1599 - 1699 (14 days) ex flights
Mongolia adventure holiday
Off the beaten track adventure through spectacular Mongolia, from 2203 (23 days) ex flights
Mongolia adventure holiday, off the beaten track
Adventure holiday through spectacular nomadic Mongolia, from 1237 - 1365 (16 days) ex flights
Mongolia tour, mountains & nomads
Exciting authentic adventure and local Naadam in Mongolia, from 1430 - 1912 (16 days) ex flights
Mongolia tour, food of the Nomads
Homestays, cookery lessons and local markets in Mongolia, from 1293 - 1818 (14 days) ex flights
Mongolia family holiday for all ages
Journey through stunning Mongolia with your family, from 1560 - 1600 (15 days) ex flights
Mongolia cultural holiday & Naadam Festival
Summer based slow paced journey through nomadic Mongolia, from 1675 (16 days) ex flights
Trans-Mongolian Express, Eastbound
Russia to China on the Trans-Siberian Railway, from 2256 - 3020 (20 days) ex flights
Mongolian Eagle adventure holiday
Dramatic scenery and fascinating culture in western Mongolia, from 1499 (13 days) ex flights
Mongolia conservation holiday, Ger to Ger
Local adventure looking at conservation projects in Mongolia, from US $1486 - US $1738 (16 days) ex flights
Mongolia cycling & mountain biking holidays
Adventurous spirit? Cycle in the wilds of Mongolia, from US $2895 - US $3145 (15 days) ex flights
Central Asia overland holiday
Incredible scenery, shamanic traditions and eagle hunters, from 2599 (23 days) ex flights
Trans Mongolian express rail tour, Beijing to St Petersburg
Ride the rails on this once-in-a-lifetime trip, from 2599 - 2699 (21 days) ex flights
Mongolia tailor made holiday
Incredible scenery and ancient nomadic traditions, from 2575 (13 days) ex flights
Mongolia mountain biking holiday
Pedal through the Khangai Mountain range, from US $3150 (13 days) ex flights
Eastern Mongolia small group holiday
Off the beaten track through the Gobi Desert & east Mongolia, from 1755 - 2156 (16 days) ex flights
Mongolia wilderness trekking holiday, Khangai Mountains
Trekking adventure through spectacular central Mongolia, from 1929 - 2193 (19 days) ex flights
Mongolia mountain biking tours
Exciting cycling in the mountains of Central Mongolia, from 1295 (10 days) ex flights
Mongolian cultural tours
Experience Mongolia's nomadic lifestyle and natural beauty, from 1245 (10 days) ex flights
Mongolia family holiday
An exciting adventure in Mongolia for the whole family, from 1295 - 1495 (10 days) ex flights
Motorbike tour in Mongolia
Motorbike trail to the remote birthplace of Genghis Khan, from 1495 (8 days) ex flights
Mongolia Lunar New Year tour, Tsagaan Sar
Traditional festival experience - Mongolia's Lunar New Year, from 561 - 808 (7 days) ex flights

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Mongolia adventure holiday, off the beaten track
The landscapes of Mongolia and the night sky. (more)Judith Petrie
Excellent. Very well organised. Guides knew their stuff and were always helpful and cheerful. It was a tremendous experience and I would love to go again - maybe to a different part of this huge and empty country. (more)Theresa Partington
Memorable, beautiful, with a bit of challenge [especially for a 75 year old, me] (more)Elizabeth Wingate
From 1237 - 1365 excluding flights
Mongolia adventure trekking holiday & Naadam Festival
Memorable parts? The ENTIRE trip was outstanding and amazing... the expertise of the guide, the enthusiasm for the country, the love of the country was thrilling. The NAADAM festival (which was what enticed me to going on this trip was even MORE than I had imagined Tips? Let Jess (the tour operator) guide you as to what you are most interested in seeing/experiencing. She is just so knowledge I had her plan a trip for my grandson and myself that I felt would be a great introduction... (more)Eve Solomon
From 1733 - 1943 excluding flights
Genghis Khan warrior training in Mongolia
Memorable parts? The whole trip was very memorable, horse riding, local, landscape, culture everything was amazing Tips? just be ready to let yourself go and enjoy being in a very different authentic existence for a while Local benefits? The locals were key to the whole trip and were very happy to be sharing their culture Overall rating? absolutely amazing experience (more)Dave Redfern
From 2475 excluding flights
Mongolia adventure holiday
The landscapes, the animals, the people, the small group we were travelling with: it all was just right and made for a mind-blowing holiday. (more)Sophie van het Erve
Exceeded my expectations on every count (more)Viv McWaters
10 out of 10. I have been an independent traveller for more than 40 years, but would have wanted nothing different on this trip. (more)Naomi Luck
From 2203 excluding flights
Western Mongolia tour, the Altai mountains & eagles
Memorable parts? Living in with the family in three Gers. This was special and something that I will always remember. Tips? Have an open mind and bring ear plugs. Local benefits? Yes. Overall rating? 8 out 10 for adventure. (more)Sylvia Liu
From 1556 - 2554 excluding flights
Trans-Mongolian Express, Eastbound
The Lake Baikal Homestay and the Mongolian Ger Camp... both have incredible memories for me that will stay with me for life! (more)Heidi Hosgood
I loved the train journey, chatting to the locals, making food, using the hot water urns at the end of the carriage and having the wheels changed on the Mongolia/China border was a fantastic experience. (more)Sally Foote
The most memorable was staying in a ger at Terelj National Park [Mongolia] and walking in the park... The most exciting was seeing the cosmonaut memorial in Moscow and balancing a Kazakh hunting eagle on my arm outside Terelj. (more)Christine Johnstone
From 2256 - 3020 excluding flights
Eastern Mongolia small group holiday
It was a brilliant way to experience Mongolia, felt part of the way of life - well as much as you could in 2 weeks. (more)Lynne George
Mongolia is an incredible country ... it's so vast and never-ending. The people are very noble and their hospitality is very generous...Absolutely EXCELLENT. (more)Susan Margaret (Sue) Fox
From 1755 - 2156 excluding flights
Mongolia cycling & mountain biking holidays
Hiding out from the rain in a local families nice warm ger being given homemade yaks cheese and yak yoghurt vodka was the most memorable part. (more)Rebecca Drinkwater
Great terrain for mountain biking as there is no traffic apart from the odd inquisitive yak on the path. A total contrast to central London. (more)Andrea McNeill
From US $2895 - US $3145 excluding flights
Mongolia cycling holiday
Memorable parts? Two things: Seeing the Naadam festival. The friendliness and competence of the local staff - two drivers and two cooks. They will remain in my affections forever. Tips? Take a lavalava. It makes an emergency tent when the hot sun is beating down on your head, it can be a towel, a bathrobe, a shoulder covering for temples, a modesty screen when having a public pee stop. Never travel without your lavalava. Local benefits? I couldn't say. I sought out a fair... (more)Monica Holland
From 2549 - 2799 including UK flights
Gobi Desert expedition
Memorable parts? That's a hard decision to make. The Gobi desert in Mongolia awesome. I took around 4000 pictures and movies that we'll put on our website along with a travel log. We really liked the sand dunes and camels. I got some great pictures of horses, camels, people and the environment. It was awesome staying in Ger camps. Our driver, Ot, was awsome. Tips? Be flexible. Know that your guide and driver are very experienced. It's typical for a car to break down but the driver's... (more)Charlotte Lundemo
From 1395 excluding flights
Mongolia family holiday
Memorable parts? Just the sheer beauty of the Mongolian landscape. It surpassed expectations. The wildlife - pairs of golden eagles just sitting by the road! Staying in gers was fun, as was meeting some of the local people and sampling 101 things to do with yak's milk... Tips? The weather is variable so do make sure you bring wet weather gear and a jumper for the evenings, even in summer. Take matches or a lighter for the stoves in your ger. LOADS of camera memory and spare batteries... (more)Helen Bichard
From 1295 - 1495 excluding flights
Horse trekking holiday in Mongolia
It was a marvelous adventure with a good mix of environments. The views across the plains were spectacular. So was riding along the rivers and lake-side. (more)Andy Williams
On the day that we rode to the reindeer people, we went up, and down, a mountain covered with the most delicate pine trees, and the forest floor was carpeted with flowers...It was like being in Fairyland. (more)Sally Frohlich
From 2645 including domestic flights only
Mongolia tour, winter landscapes and Khovsgol ice festival
Memorable parts? The amazing location of the ice festival on the huge frozen lake. People dashing around on horse sleighs. I particularly enjoyed being among local people enjoying the ice sculptures, and spending time with a family in Hartgal. Also, the herds of horses, yaks, cattle and sheep and goats roaming freely all over the countryside. The Deer Stones near Muron were so interesting. Tips? Jess is so helpful and responds to any queries about the trips. I felt confident about... (more)Sally-Anne Deards
From 875 - 1053 excluding flights
Holiday in Mongolia
Memorable parts? The solar eclipse. Also visiting a nomadic family one night. Tips? Not really applicable as a one-off trip to see solar eclipse and Mongolia along the way. General tips would be Mongolia is a big country with poor infrastructure. Make sure your trip doesn't involve too much driving or you will spend your whole time on a bus and not out seeing things. Covering 400km in one day, while possible, is not pleasant. Local benefits? Yes and no. It was run by a Mongolian... (more)Sam Grainne
From 1599 - 1699 excluding flights

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