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Morocco cultural tour
Come and see Morocco's kaleidoscope of colours, from £730 - £880 (15 days) ex flights
Morocco cycling holiday
Golden kasbahs, impressive gorges and long sandy beaches, from £1179 - £1249 (9 days) inc UK flights
Luxury trekking holiday in the Atlas Mountains
Trekking in Style in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco, from €888 (6 days) ex flights
Family tour to Morocco
Live like nomads, from £819 - £884 (8 days ) inc UK flights

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Atlas Mountains accommodation nr Imlil, Morocco
Berber guesthouse in the mountains, from £30 - £40 per person per night
Highlights of Morocco holiday
Explore the diversity of romantic Morocco, from £949 - £1199 (15 days) inc UK flights
Morocco cultural holiday
Incredibly rich in history, culture and atmosphere, from £729 - £799 (8 days) inc UK flights
Mount Toubkal climb in Morocco
Pass through remote villages and terraced fields, from £629 - £699 (8 days) inc UK flights
Mount Toubkal winter climb, Morocco
Venture into the heart of the High Atlas, from £749 - £919 (8 days) inc UK flights
Morocco holiday, Marrakech to the Sahara
Marrakech and Sahara - stay in a Riad, sleep under the stars, from £585 - £675 (7 days) ex flights
Morocco holidays, Atlas Panorama
Rewarding trekking experiences, from £599 - £779 (8 days) inc UK flights
Morocco holiday, central highlights
A relaxing journey through Morocco's hidden heartlands, from £850 - £995 (15 days) ex flights
Madrid to Marrakech holiday
Experience first-hand Spanish, Portuguese & Moroccan lifestyles, from £1275 - £1720 (15 days) ex flights
Morocco photography holiday
A true Moroccan adventure of Kasbahs, mountains and desert, from £1195 (7 days) ex flights
Marrakech & the Sahara holiday in Morocco
Journey to the Moroccan Sahara, from £799 - £949 (8 days) inc UK flights
Morocco small group tour, Moroccan melodies
Explore Morocco's Imperial Cities, Desert & Atlas Mountains, from £599 - £699 (9 days) ex flights
Kasbah du Toubkal in the Atlas Mountains
Peace and quiet only 40 miles from Marrakech, from €65 - €220 per person per night
Morocco family holiday
Discover the sights and sounds of Morocco with the children, from £544 - £659 (8 days ) inc UK flights
Atlas Mountain trekking holiday in Morocco
Spectacular scenery hiking & village encounters, from £449 (7 days) ex flights
Moroccan adventure holiday
Enjoy a fascinating culture, from £575 - £670 (10 days) ex flights
Morocco holiday, High Atlas peaks and valleys
A unique High Atlas trek, from £879 - £929 (15 days) inc UK flights
Morocco tour, Imperial Cities
Moroccan Imperial cities, desert camps and mountain scenery, from £729 (10 days) ex flights
Morocco overland holiday, small group
An exhilarating 18 day journey through mysterious Morocco, from £1065 - £1230 (18 days) ex flights
Morocco small group holiday, beach & gorges
Moroccan mountains, gorges, Sahara sands, kasbahs and beach, from £859 - £889 (15 days) ex flights
Morocco trekking tour, High Atlas traverse
Unique route from Tichka Pass to stunning Toubkal, from £695 - £825 (11 days) ex flights
Morocco small group adventure tour
Mountains, deserts, kasbahs and adventure in Morocco, from £495 - £595 (8 days) ex flights
Morocco short break holiday
Touch the beauty of Morocco in this 5-day short break, from US $599 - US $990 (5 days) ex flights
Moroccan Sahara Desert accommodation
A small guesthouse with a focus on cultural exchange, from €25 per person per night incl breakfast
Traditional Berber cottage accommodation, Morocco
Adventure breaks with a Berber family in rural Morocco, from £550 per cottage per week

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Morocco holiday, Marrakech to the Sahara
Our main driver was very knowledgeable about the area as is a qualified guide and he was very attentive to our needs. He made our long road trip a pleasure. (more)Anna Gonzales
The most memorable moments were sitting on a high dune in the Ch'Gagga desert at sunset without anyone else around apart from my husband and then later that evening stargazing at a sky with no light pollution. (more)Juliet Simpson
Excellent...great places to stay, lovely people...we talked with our guides. We were not just talked to! We were out of our comfort zone when we arranged it for us to share with old friends...who had flown half way across the world...but we were not disappointed! (more)Derek Moorhouse
From £585 - £675 excluding flights
Morocco small group adventure tour
The Camel trek and overnight stay in the Sahara were the most memorable parts of the holiday. (more)Gerry Kennedy
I loved the night in the Sahara and travelling through the High Atlas (more)Jane Matthews
From £495 - £595 excluding flights
Morocco cultural holiday
I got to know the people, and contacts like this are important for good relations between people and countries. Very good tour guides for the day in Fez and Marrakesh. (more)Nicole Lyscom
Very good, There is such a variety with the city, the mountains and the coast...The accommodation was lovely, a beautiful riad with a small pool in Marrakech and a fabulous house in the mountains (more)Eloise Barnes
From £729 - £799 including UK flights
Morocco tour, Imperial Cities
Memorable parts? Superb trip, Sahara desert, camel rides, Berber music Tips? Local benefits? Overall rating? Superb holiday (more)Yelena Novik
From £729 excluding flights
Morocco family holiday
It was a great holiday for us with many fond memories I would do this trip again! (more)Elke Franc-Poole
Excellent experience, especially for the children. A great tour to get an idea of different ways of life in Morocco, from rural villages to big cities. (more)Kate Newman
All amazing - sea kayaking over the sunken city, trip on the Gulet, theatre at Xanthos and friendly Turkish people...Relaxing, fun, educational. (more)Amanda Weaver
From £544 - £659 including UK flights
Morocco photography holiday
10/10 I would love to go on another trip! (more)Samantha Harrison
I think the trip around the Sahara stands out after nearly a year but every stop had huge merit. (more)Denise Cobb
I have recommended this trip to a number of my photography friends - great organisation fantastic practical advise that will benefit photographers of all standards. I learnt so much and advice I received changed the way I look at things and widened my skills and perspectives. Difficult to imagine how it could have been better........many be an extra week! (more)David Holroyd
From £1195 excluding flights
Morocco overland holiday, small group
Memorable parts? Camping in the desert was quite incredible. The stillness and quiet of the desert and the amazing amount of stars that filled the sky was truly spectacular. Tips? Bring some good hiking boots for the trekking. Local benefits? Yes - We stopped a various local cooperatives benefitting women or other local groups and most people bought something. Overall rating? Morocco was excellent and I would definitely recommend that tour. Unfortunately, our guide... (more)Patricia Ruble
From £1065 - £1230 excluding flights
Morocco small group holiday, beach & gorges
Memorable parts? Blue and white Chefchaouen, berber villages, camel trek, tanneries in Fes, Volubilis and a lot of couscous and tajines. Tips? It is a lot of travelling. So if you are looking for a very relaxing or private holiday, this is not the one. But if you are looking for a great trip with a lot to see and experience, learn and eat, go for it. Local benefits? Yes. We used local hotels, local guides and local restaurants. But we could do more in cleaning Morocco from... (more)Kristina Mδnd
From £859 - £889 excluding flights
Madrid to Marrakech holiday
Memorable parts? Morocco, the people, places and food. Tips? Travel light. Take easy care clothing that dries overnight. Take some scarves to refresh your wardrobe. Local benefits? Yes in some instances as locals were given work but at other times they seemed to use the tour group as an easy means of money. Overall rating? Great experience, great food and great like minded people. (more)Jan Tydde
From £1275 - £1720 excluding flights
Morocco cultural tour
Very enjoyable...Chefchaouen, meeting nomads and the Atlas Mountains scenery (more)Elizabeth Wingate
A huge variety of sights, places, experiences and people - we gained an insight into the size, diversity and history of Morocco. We were made welcome at each visit, at each accommodation and by all the local guides. (more)Graham Jackson
ATV driving on the Dunes and beach in Essoeira was the most memorable part of the holiday (more)Sandra Goldman
From £730 - £880 excluding flights
Highlights of Morocco holiday
We saw some fascinating historic sites, and some wonderful scenery. (more)Harriet Truscott
The most memorable part of this holiday was going off the beaten track. The amazing tour guide Jerry who is a credit to the tour operator (more)sharon kalsy
The most memorable part of the holiday was the camel ride into & out of the desert - not knowing whether I would survive the lurches down over the top of the dunes! (more)Kathleen Culliton
From £949 - £1199 including UK flights
Atlas Mountains accommodation nr Imlil, Morocco
Excellent. Both Douar Samra and Riad Samsara are wonderful places to stay. We were looked after and the food deserves a special mention. The arrival at Douar Samra in the evening to discover our candle lit room was magical. (more)evin dilber
We had the most wonderful time at douar samra, and the trekking was awesome. The hotel food is grown on site and cooked deliciously! (more)Martin Ross
Sitting on the rooftop listening to Berber life...10/10. (more)Catherine Harris Hughes
From £30 - £40 per person per night
Morocco holiday, High Atlas peaks and valleys
All scenery was superb, summit days being special and rewarding. But the memorable part will be the excellency of our guide Mohammed and his team, and the contact with the Berber way of life. (more)Otto Pereira
The most memorable part of our holiday was walking through the villages and the contact with Barber people. The scenery was also fantastic. (more)Anna Boddy
The most memorable part of the holiday was climbing up to Mount Toubkal, the highest point in North Africa at 9.30am as the sun rose and having spectacular views for miles of the plains of Marrakech and the Atlas Mountains in all directions. (more)Amanda Dudman
From £879 - £929 including UK flights
Marrakech & the Sahara holiday in Morocco
The best bit was climbing a sand dune after a camel trek to our camp for the night...Excellent. No criticisms whatsoever. (more)Roddy MacLeod
Great trip for anyone looking for a variety of experiences - desert, mountains, city - packed into a week. The camel trip was a memorable experience, as was glamping in the desert and star-gazing. (more)Kate Charles
Walking in the Atlas in general was terrific with the beautiful scenery. Sleeping outside under the stars was also amazing... Second to none! (more)Jennifer Baker Dallison
From £799 - £949 including UK flights
Morocco small group tour, Moroccan melodies
Memorable parts? We found nearly all aspects of the holiday excellent - from the organisation of the trip, the excellence of the guide and driver for whom nothing was too much trouble. The wealth of things that we saw and the various modes of transport that we used were excellent, which we would not have seen travelling alone. The trip was made even better by being a small group of six, with various ages and nationalities but all of one mind to enjoy the trip to the full Would recommend this... (more)Alan Parks
From £599 - £699 excluding flights
Budget camel safari in Morocco
It was a good holiday with an insight into a different world which was the highlight of it for us (more)Gabriella Guglielminotti
My daughter's sheer delight in "her" camel (called Yellow) & my son's face as we set off on the camels on the 1st day, his 13th birthday. My children playing blind mans bluff with the younger 3 Fayous, watching them all wrestling in a heap on the floor. (more)Kirk Hutton
While we only stayed with the family properly for one night, they were equally warm, inviting, embracing and served up a fantastic couscous...My husband and I truly enjoyed the silence and peacefulness of the 5-day journey. I like to sum it up by likening it to a 5-day interior camping trip, with a camel instead of a canoe. We were in Morocco for a whole month, and this was definitely our favourite part. It is definitely not for everyone, but it was perfect for us! (more)Erin Kelly
From £255 excluding flights
Atlas Mountain trekking holiday in Morocco
Memorable parts? Trekking up to the high passes and looking out over the valley with a refreshing mint tea. Tips? Take clothes for all occasions! A sun hat is essential but also warmer clothes and a good raincoat, as once out of the city and at altitude, the weather was more varied. Local benefits? Yes, we spent a day cleaning up a small town in the High Altas. There was no rubbish collection here and litter was dropped in the street. With the advent of plastics, this means... (more)Rosie Welch
From £449 excluding flights
Live with a Berber family in the Moroccan Sahara
The raw and organic experience every traveller craves. There is simply no better way to experience the Sahara! (more)Stephanie Jones
I would rate my holiday as excellent. The time spent with the family was amazing, they were kind thoughtful and nothing was too much for them. But looking up at the stars from within the sand dunes was an experience that I am so glad I had a chance to experience. (more)jean-francois rodrigues
Most memorable was sleeping under the stars in the Sahara Desert - the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Stars will seem dull for the rest of my life in comparison! A fantastic experience of a lifestyle so completely different to any I have known. (more)Emma Langridge
From £170 excluding flights
Paris to Marrakech tour
Memorable parts? The most memorable part of my holiday was realizing that where I travelled was full of history, fantastic buildings and stories. That people had been living and existing in this area for a vast period of time and continue to do so. Tips? Read the trip notes so you have an idea of what to expect-nothing can prepare you even when you're there. Expect the unexpected and go with an open mind. Local benefits? Yes, as locals were employed, ran hotels, shops, etc.... (more)Robyn Ward
From £3000 - £3925 excluding flights
Morocco horse riding holiday, beach ride
Memorable parts? Galloping along the sand on Christmas morning Tips? Make sure you can ride and are used to several hours in the saddle at a time Local benefits? Yes Overall rating? Superb (more)jane cartwright
From £775 excluding flights
Morocco holidays, Atlas Panorama
The most memorable parts of the holiday were tea with Fatima, great group atmosphere, wonderful scenery, simply just getting away from it all! (more)Linda Sankey
Great - just what I needed...the benefits (economically) were shared out across the community and local villages with different families involved in different ways. (more)Kerrie Buhagiar
Absolutely great....The first night we had exceptionally clear skies - I've never seen anywhere near as many stars. Beautiful! (more)Tammo Schuelke
From £599 - £779 including UK flights
Family tour to Morocco
The most memorable part was the camping trip into the Sahara Desert and the nights at Tazzarine Campsite - home of Said and his family. (more)Meriel Griffiths
This was an amazing experience. The trip was suitable for all ages and it was culturally challenging. I would recommend the trip for families. The most memorable part of the holiday was camping in the desert and sleeping under the stars! Amazing! (more)Tania Knight
A great fun family adventure. Kids loved it and didn't mind the travelling...the best part was trekking with camels in the desert and camping under the stars (more)Susan Gregory
From £819 - £884 including UK flights
Tailor made Morocco family adventure holiday
We really enjoyed the whole experience, and it was excellent with three teenagers too. They enjoyed all the different aspects of our trip and we feel that they learnt about the Moroccan culture along the way. Highly recommended. (more)Charles Redfern
The holiday was really nice, all of it, but probably the best memory has been staying in Denmate and walking around those hills/mountains. It was just amazing, maybe because it was not peak season we were alone and loved every minute of it! (more)Maria Verdecchia
We loved the Sahara Desert, the High Atlas Mountains, the zest of Marrakesh city, and our cooking class. Our children loved the sand boarding, decorating pottery with henna, the music and jokes around the campfire and the unique opportunity to actually collect fossils from a hill range. (more)Fiona Milligan
From £600 excluding flights
Morocco holiday, tailor made
excellent (more)Alice Leftley
Most memorable part? There were many: the hike up towards Jebel Toubkal; the old medina in Fez; the call to prayer of the muezzin; stepping into the intricate interiors hidden behind the facades... (more)Peter John Massyn
All the Moroccans that we met were friendly welcoming and smiling. (more)Bill Jowett
From £995 including UK flights
Kasbah du Toubkal in the Atlas Mountains
Absolutely brilliant...The hospitality and friendliness of the staff at Kasbah du Toukbal. The stunning views from the dining room. The amazing lunches high on the mountains and relaxing on a mattress after lunch before continuing the trek. Great guide and a schedule tailored completely to our needs. We were looked after so well. (more)James Osborn
Excellent -- would thoroughly recommend it! (more)Faizullah Parkar
Very interesting and mostly enjoyable, it felt good not to be mere spectator tourists, but to feel we were contributing to their environment albeit for a short time. (more)Alison Fowles
From €65 - €220 per person per night
Luxury trekking holiday in the Atlas Mountains
It was a wonderful holiday, the staff, guide, locals and countryside were great. (more)Colin Ingram
Stunning location and great service from all staff involved (more)Shireen Kassam
Excellent....The lunch we were served on our trek to the Trekking Lodge was truly special. A bed (with pillows) was made up in the shade and we were encouraged to remove our boots and have a nap while lunch was being prepared. The food was amazing. (more)Joan Regan
From €888 excluding flights
Morocco holiday, Atlas mountains and Marrakech
Marrakech is a very exciting busy city great fun for a couple of days but it was lovely to enjoy the peace and beauty of the mountains after. (more)Fiona Waldon
We had a wonderful time, saw many beautiful sights, ate excellent food and experienced a new culture. (more)Kirsty Syder
Most memorable was the fact that we had such a variety of landscapes and experiences without actually having to travel too far. (more)Jan Cameron
From €518 excluding flights
Exciting family holiday in Morocco
Memorable parts? Train journey accross Morocco, visit to Volubilis Roman ruins, lunch with Berber family in Ouirgane. Tips? Don't eat the salad. Do not bother with a guide in Fez; they are simply taking you on a heavily overpriced shopping trip. The Lonely Planet Guide is excellent, spot on in all instances for food, DIY tours and really good maps. Do your shopping in Marrakesh airport on the way home; they sell all the same stuff at the same prices. Take earplugs (5.30 muezzin every... (more)Emily Lusty
From £1295 - £1335 excluding flights
Sahara Desert astronomy tour in Morocco
Memorable parts? There were many memorable moments – drinking mint tea amongst locals, eating in local restaurants, picnicking in the shade, staying in exotic riads, choosing and haggling over the prices of fossils, scenic drives (e.g. through the Dades Gorge) and spotting shooting stars in the desert. We were struck by the Moroccan hospitality -- we were offered a plate of very nice dates by an elderly man who had been supervising the harvesting of dates. We were only there for some mint... (more)Ian Thomas
From €2300 excluding flights
Moroccan adventure holiday
Essaouira - good seafood and nice market. Fresh orange juice for 4 Dirhams in Marrakesh. (more)L.V
Fantastic. Mourad was a great guide, he went out of his way to help us make the most of the trip and was a lot of fun. We were able to see and learn much about this beautiful country in a short space of time. I would recommend this trip to anyone. (more)Jessica Thistleton
What made Morocco so wonderful for me was the local people. Almost everyone that we encountered during the course of the tour was so welcoming and clearly happy to see people from other countries who were interested in their country. (more)Dawn Gibson
From £575 - £670 excluding flights

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