Northern Thailand holidays and tours, 2015 and 2016

Take a Northern Thailand holiday and enjoy the fabulous Thai food, rich history and culture, visit Chiang Mai, temples and museums. See the mountainous Northern areas, national parks, beautiful waterfalls and scenery in this very rural part of Thailand.
Life coaching & spa holiday in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Destressing, relaxing or re-energizing in Northern Thailand, from 689 (8 days) ex flights
Northern Thailand and hill tribes tour
From gleaming highrises to the remote Thailand's hills, from 449 (8 days) ex flights
Thailand activity holiday, bike, hike & raft
Outdoor activity in true paradise, from 870 - 975 (12 days) ex flights
Northern Thailand small group tour
Temples, ancient ruins & exotic markets of Northern Thailand, from 485 - 625 (8 days) ex flights
Thailand activity holiday
Cycle trek and kayak in Thailand, from 872 - 1249 (14 days) ex flights
Family adventure holiday in Thailand
Hill tribes and fantastic scenery in N Thailand, from 1750 - 1950 (14 days) inc UK flights
Timeless Thailand holiday
Unearth the exquisite 'land of smiles' in style, from 885 - 1165 (10 days) ex flights
Thailand tour, Bangkok and Chiang Mai
An adventurous tour to the North and South of Thailand, from 999 - 1099 (18 days) ex flights
Northern Thailand tour, 7 days
An exciting one week tour of Northern Thailand, from 575 - 875 (7 days) ex flights
Holidays to Thailand, Classical Thailand
Thailand at a relaxed pace, from 2199 - 2799 (16 days) inc UK flights
Thailand holiday, Northern Mountains, Southern Beaches
A great introduction to diverse Thailand, from 2900 - 3000 (22 days) inc UK flights
Life coaching and cultural holiday in Chiang Mai
Enjoy a cultural holiday in the luxurious setting of Chiang Mai, from 745 (8 days) ex flights
Community adult volunteering in Thailand
Full cultural immersion bespoke volunteering in Thailand, from 407 (7 days) ex flights
Thailand small group holiday, cities & beaches
This is the definitive Thailand tour from north to south, from 1120 - 1330 (16 days) ex flights
Gap year volunteer teaching in Thailand
5week Community Volunteer project in rural northern Thailand, from 1645 (5 weeks) ex flights
Northern Thailand tailor made holiday
An action packed adventure in the land of smiles, from 1090 - 1690 (11 days) ex flights
Northern Thailand holiday, Hilltribes & homestay
Hike among hilltribes & sail along rivers, from 774 - 1020 (15 days) ex flights
Budget tour of Northern Thailand
Meet saffron-robed monks & visit hilltribe villages, from 749 - 799 (12 days) ex flights
Northern Thailand tour
Off the beaten track exploration of Northern Thailand, from 1750 - 1950 (14 days) inc UK flights
Thailand budget holiday
Discover the cities, jungles and hill-tribes of Thailand, from 799 (12 days) ex flights
Thailand tours, discovery
Experience essential Thailand on this small group tour, from 1230 - 1700 (10 days) ex flights
Thailand family holiday
Beach sightseeing and culture, from 1639 - 1904 (14 days ) inc UK flights
Hilltribes honeymoon in Thailand
Exploring Thailand's Golden Triangle, from 1000 (12 days) ex flights
Thailand tour, north & the west coast
The best of north and south - the definitive Thailand tour, from 1120 - 1265 (16 days) ex flights
Karen homestay, Thailand
Experience the day-to-day life of the Karen people, from US $189 (3 days) ex flights
Chiang Mai holiday villa, Thailand
The place to be for complete relaxation, from 100 per house per night
Chiang Mai resort, Northern Thailand
Styled ecolodge in Chiang mai countryside, from Baht2000 - Baht3500 per room per night
Life coaching holiday in Northern Thailand
Take time out in the beautiful setting of Chiang Mai, from 524 (8 days) ex flights
Weddings in Thailand, Buddhist & Christian ceremonies
Traditional Thai weddings, from Baht49000 per ceremony
Northen Thailand local community tours
Local living, Lasting impact, from 19 - 95 per tour

20 reviews for Northern Thailand holidays4 star overall rating

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Thailand holiday, Northern Mountains, Southern Beaches
Imaginatively devised, well planned and executed. The best parts were the visit to the Sakai tribe, Sukhotai World Heritage Site, the longboat trip down the Kok River & the trek to the Northern hill tribes. (more)Charles Moberly
The elephant riding and the Thai cooking was the most memorable part. (more)Sarah Morton
From 2900 - 3000 including UK flights
Life coaching & spa holiday in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin everyday. When you live in Scotland this rarely happens! (more)Emma Gunter
The operator was wonderful with helping people who are stuck in life or who just want to change (more)Cherry Lihou
From 689 excluding flights
Family adventure holiday in Thailand
Wonderful. Travelling in a small group as a family with such a dedicated guide allowed us to see more & interact more. We were able to eat at small road side cafes and at the Phetchaburi night market, and wander around the Sangklaburi floating houses (more)Simon Daniels
We all have different highlights, but generally agree that the day we had a boat trip down the Maekok river, followed by an elephant ride where we got to ride the elephants like a mahout and then spent a night in an Akha village, was our most memorable day. (more)Taru Jones
Most memorable was walking in the rainforest following local guide in his shower cap and Wellingtons and meeting the jungle dwelling Sakai, and swimming in pool at top of huge and remote waterfall. (more)Jane Giles
From 1750 - 1950 including UK flights
Timeless Thailand holiday
The temples in Angkor Wat / Siem Reap were incredible. The roads in Cambodia were pretty memorable as well [though for a completely different reason!]. (more)Candy Owens
Great country, fantastic guide, very friendly and welcoming local people. Would book another trip with same company but especially Thailand if I could get the same guide as she really helped the group come together and made sure everything went as smoothly and was as much fun as possible. (more)Louise Massen
From 885 - 1165 excluding flights
Thailand activity holiday, bike, hike & raft
Memorable parts? The first village stay on the hill tribe trek - we were the first group to stay in this village, and the kids were so excited to see us that I think we became a free babysitting service to the whole village for the entire night! Tips? Be prepared to 'rough it' and bring a sense of adventure with you. Many of the nights accommodation involve some form of shared accommodation with the whole group - think home stays, bamboo huts when trekking, house boats, and sleeper... (more)Hannah Gausden
From 870 - 975 excluding flights
Thailand activity holiday
Memorable parts? Trekking in the hill area around Chang Mai, and staying in the tree house. The kayaking from beautiful beaches and the many historical buildings were also very memorable Tips? Definitely take a rucksack. For those who didn't it was a hassle. We did not really need water bottles as water provision was excellent Local benefits? Yes, especially in the less traditionally tourist areas. This was less soon the beach areas where tourism seemed more well established. Overall... (more)Ruth Leese
From 872 - 1249 excluding flights
Weddings in Thailand, Buddhist & Christian ceremonies
Memorable parts? This was a specialist holiday - a wedding so the most excting part was clear, and organised to perfection. Tips? Trust Somchit to deal with everything better than you could even imagine it yourself. Local benefits? Very much a 'local' feel. Everything - from music to flowers - was sourced locally. Overall rating? Both guests and us, the happy couple, enjoyed every second. (more)Tim English
From Baht49000 per ceremony
Life coaching and cultural holiday in Chiang Mai
Excellent. This was a memorable (and life changing!) experience. The most memorable part was the actual one to one life coaching sessions and being able to do these at a comfortable and relaxing hotel. (more)Karen Gorham
The most memorable part of the holiday was the life coaching that we had and, a fantastic highlight, the excursion to the elephant sanctuary. (more)Kirsten Stolz
From 745 excluding flights
Northern Thailand tour
The most memorable part of this holiday were the great guides. Both Wi and Aor were great company and very knowledgeable. (more)Lorrie Marchington
Most memorable? The warm welcome from all the people we met, the fun everyone was having at the Thai New Year festival, the variety of experience each day, and being able to see so much of the country. (more)Laura Woodhead
From 1750 - 1950 including UK flights
Holidays to Thailand, Classical Thailand
Memorable parts? The cookery course at Cooking at Home. The railway and war cemetary at Kanchanaburi, elephant training centre. Time to "chill" Tips? Think about booking an extra night before/after the trip. The hotel in Bangkok is close to the markets of Banglampu and Thawet and the best shopping was in Bangkok. Be prepared for the heat/humidity. Up to 40 degrees in March. However this is a very leisurely trip and most of the accommodation was very comfortable so it was more than... (more)deborah lloyd
From 2199 - 2799 including UK flights
Thailand family holiday
Trekking in the hills of Northern Thailand and staying in a traditional Hilltribe Village home were the most memorable parts. (more)Suzi Drew
Most memorable were the stay with Karen hill tribe and the seclusion of the beach in koh samet. (more)Farrukh Alam
Fantastic holiday enjoyed by all the family... Riding elephants and jet boating down the canals were real highlights. (more)Lisa Beckenham
From 1639 - 1904 including UK flights

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