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Arctic diving & Polar Bear Watching Expedition
Awe-inspiring for divers & non-divers, from £2260 (8 days) ex flights
Self guided cycling holiday in Norway, Sunnhordland fjords
Experience the wonderful Fjords in the westcoast of Norway, from NKr9150 (7 days) ex flights
Northern Lights and whale watching holiday in Norway
Look to the sky for the Lights - to the sea for the whales, from NKr8900 (5 days) ex flights
Norway self guided cycling holiday, Hardangerfjord
Spectacular view of the fjords, mountains and glaciers, from NKr9750 - NKr10400 (7 days) ex flights

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Arctic cruise adventure holiday
Sail from Spitsbergen to Greenland on an arctic adventure, from £3049 - £3499 (15 days) ex flights
Northern Lights & arctic adventure holiday in Norway
Vibrant Tromsø & the wilderness of Kvaløya island, Norway, from £1495 (7 days) ex flights
Sailing cruises in Norway
Sail Troms and Finnmark. A once in a lifetime expedition, from NKr89000 (7 days) ex flights
Northern Lights and dog sledding holiday, Norway
Learn to live as a dog musher in the Arctic under the Aurora, from £1025 (5 days) ex flights
Norway wildlife holiday
Whale watching in Vesterålen Islands in the Norwegian Arctic, from £705 (5 days) ex flights
Mountain peaks hiking holiday in Norway
Walking tour through peaks in Valdres & Jotunheimen, from NKr6600 (5 days) ex flights
Northern Lights luxury short break, Norway
Mountain lodge luxury accommodation and the northern lights, from £1299 (4 days) ex flights
Polar bear watching cruise in Svalbard, Norway
Cruise through the ice looking for polar bears, from £3795 - £7995 (9 days) ex flights
Lofoten Islands summer photography holiday, Norway
Amazing Photogrpahic trip in the beautiful Lofoten Islands, from £2650 (9 days) ex flights
Spitsbergen polar bear watching cruise
Venture into the staggering realm of the King of the Arctic, from £2249 - £5149 (8 days) ex flights
Norway wildlife holiday, walking safari
Camping wildlife holiday and horseback riding, from £400 - £620 (7 days) ex flights
Norway cross country skiing holiday
Ski trail, from Rondane National Park to Lillehammer, from NKr12800 (8 days) ex flights
Norway self guided cycling holiday, Rallarvegen route
Rallarvegen, the most popular cycling tour in Norway, from NKr4150 - NKr4500 (3 days) ex flights
Fjords walking holiday in Norway
Discover a world etched with beauty, from £1899 - £1999 (8 days) inc UK flights
Northern Lights break in Sortland, Norway
Norway active spring watch for the Northern Lights, from £1390 - £1545 (5 days) inc UK flights
Family multi activity holiday in Norway
Family activity, wilderness and wildlife holiday in Norway, from £1100 (8 days) ex flights
Lillehammer bobsled weekend in Norway
Your chance to experience pure adrenaline, from £1049 (4 days) inc UK flights
Northern Lights and wildlife holiday, Norway
Wildlife & dramatic coastal scenery in Sortland, Norway, from £1575 (5 days) inc UK flights
Lofoten Islands self guided cycling holiday, Norway
Lofoten, biking in unique and beatiful scenery, from NKr11850 - NKr13100 (8 days) ex flights
Spitsbergen cruise to the Arctic
Circumnavigate the jewel of the High Arctic, from £3200 - £9500 (11 days) ex flights
Walking holiday in Norway, Dovrefjell National Park
Hiking through Norwegian history, from NKr8800 - NKr9950 (6 days) ex flights
Wildlife cruises to Spitsbergen, Greenland and Iceland
Journey through three spectacular arctic countries, from £5900 - £8200 (14 days) ex flights
Easter skiing and sailing holiday in Norway
Sailing and randonné in the untouched Lofoten-mountains, from €1968 (9 days) ex flights
Northern Lights adventure holiday, Norway
Northern Lights adventure with winter activities and wildlife, from £1999 - £2500 (9 days) ex flights
Lofoten Islands whale watching & fishing holiday, Norway
Tailored holiday in the magical Lofoten Islands of Norway, from £795 (5 days) ex flights

43 reviews for Norway holidays4.5 star overall rating

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Arctic diving & Polar Bear Watching Expedition
Memorable parts? All of it! The extremes of weather, the diversity of animals, the quality of the accommodation and facilities, and something you can't plan for - new found friends! Tips? Don't set your heart on seeing anything specific. Be prepared for the changes in weather. It's not as challenging as I expected - to take account of the huge spectrum of ages and abilities. But most of all HAVE FUN! Local benefits? Not so much the local people, though we did buy a lot... (more)Lisa Thomas
From £2260 excluding flights
Northern Lights and whale watching holiday in Norway
A wonderful time. One of our best, most memorable holidays. Not a single negative comment. (more)Daniel Roussel
It was an amazing experience. I enjoyed it. Thanks. (more)Carol Ryan
A special experience - would love to do it again. (more)Lucy Chard
From NKr8900 excluding flights
Spitsbergen wildlife cruises
Memorable parts? Seeing a mother polar bear and her two cubs walking on the ice floes walking along them then diving in and swimming to the next one. The cubs following on behind her. Fabulous! Tips? Be warm but also have some smart casual clothes to wear in the evening. When inside of the boat you can be relatively warm - have those layers for going out on deck where it can be cooler but you can watch the midnight sun or enjoy the on deck BBQ. If you want good photographs make sure... (more)Susie Barrett
From £2349 - £2399 excluding flights
Polar bear watching cruise in Svalbard, Norway
Memorable parts? The whole thing was amazing, being able to go out to parts of Svalbard that other ships can't get to was fantastic, and the wildlife that we saw there was the overall highlight. Tips? Book directly with the operator (the actual company that runs the trip - rather than an agent) to ensure that you get the correct packing list, pick-up information, flights, etc. Local benefits? Yes definitely, the operator are obviously very concerned with preserving the nature... (more)Renny Gye
From £3795 - £7995 excluding flights
Sailing cruises in Norway
Excellent, I would highly recommend this to anyone who loves wilderness, culture, the landscape, interesting people, sailing, fishing, visiting a part of the world with great beauty, yet harshness, dramatic scenery, art (optional!) and getting away from our crowded world for a brief moment of paradise in a different climate. (more)Sally Sheppard
We had traditional saunas, hot-tubs, tried all the local foods, mostly prepared by our guide. We went walking, crab fishing on a restored traditional fishing boat, saw sea eagles, went to several museums learning about sami culture and the German occupation... I could go on... and even time to just sit and take it all in! (more)Sue Freestone
Most memorable was the endless views and complete quiet and relaxation. The sea eagles and SWARMS of puffins round Bird island. Charles' soups. (more)John Loder
From NKr89000 excluding flights
Lofoten Islands self guided cycling holiday, Norway
Memorable parts? Boat trip to Nusfjord Tips? Make sure you have full waterproof kit and warm clothes! Local benefits? Yes-tourism seems to be very important to the islands. Overall rating? Great. (more)Simon Storvik
From NKr11850 - NKr13100 excluding flights
Norway wildlife holiday
Memorable parts? Seeing the Northern Lights - we were lucky to see them as both the night before and after the skies had been too cloudy, it was a very surreal experience - they were so ethereal and beautiful. Tips? Try and keep a spare night free in case you fail to see the lights the first time you try, Tromso has numerous places that offer tours but some are cons so check them out carefully before parting with your money (I was lucky). Local benefits? The dog sledding... (more)Amandeep Manget
From £705 excluding flights
Arctic cruise adventure holiday
Memorable parts? The holiday was great throughout but the highlight has to be seeing our first polar bear with 2 cubs! The scenery was also spectacular Tips? Take a range of clothes for all temperatures. I did not expect it to be high 20s 200 miles north of the Arctic circle! but I wasn;t complaining! Local benefits? All efforts were made to reduce environmental impact. Overall rating? Excellent trip, good mix of activities and high standard of food and accommodation (more)judith olsen
From £3049 - £3499 excluding flights
Northern Lights luxury short break, Norway
Very good....Swishing through the forest in a blizzard with head torches in the dark on the back of a speeding dog sled. (more)Anne Blagden
Every day was memorable but husky dog sledding was most exciting. (more)Sue McGahan
My holiday was perfect, I really enjoyed it...The most memorable thing of the holiday was the location. The lodge was a perfect place to stay indoors, and also the perfect place to enjoy the nature. (more)Marta Bindi
From £1299 excluding flights
Cross country skiing in Norway
The scenery In Norway is beautiful especially after having a meter of snow the day before we arrived. It made the cross - country skiing area very beautiful. (more)Linda White
The place and the people that participated on the trip. The instruction from Ilsa was excellent, the lodge was very clean and well kept and hte food was first class. (more)Ellen Tarquinio
The friendliness and expertise of the leaders, the scenery and plenty of good food were the most memorable. (more)Catherine Harris
From £1249 including UK flights
Self guided cycling holiday in Norway, Sunnhordland fjords
Memorable parts? Scenery of biking. Tips? Maps for cycling should be better. Local benefits? Local tourism. Overall rating? 6.5/10. (more)Gail Rivett
From NKr9150 excluding flights
Northern lights winter holiday, Norway
Memorable parts? All of it, ice hotel, dog sled ride, meeting reindeer and seeing the northern lights 3 nights running. Tips? Book a northern lights photo tour, learn how to spot them and the skills to photograph them. Plenty of layers -29.5degrees centigrade at night. Local benefits? Yes, camp Ripan is very environmentally aware. The guides on the tour all respected the environment. Overall rating? Amazing. (more)Sylvia Darigala
From £1450 excluding flights
Sami people winter holiday in Norway with ice hotel
Memorable parts? As we came out of the woodland and onto the frozen lake, the thrill of running a team of 8 huskies gave way to awe at the sheer magical beauty of the landscape. The trees were heavy with snow, everything was white, touched by the light of the low sun. I have never felt so alive. Tips? Don't skimp on the layers! Although the Sami guides don't expect tips, we took some of our own produce (honey) to give as a thank you gift. This went down extremely well! Norway is... (more)Matt McCabe
From £1749 excluding flights
Wildlife cruises to Spitsbergen, Greenland and Iceland
Memorable parts? The wildlife, the scenery, the ice, basically all of it Tips? Spend as much time on deck, you never know when you may see something, really take in every moment we are privelidged to be able to travel and see such wonders. Local benefits? I am sure any form of tourism,brings money into the local economy, and as travellers we see the impacts and changes on our planet ,If we trully open our eyes and take it on board, then in any way we can and however small... (more)Paul Lee
From £5900 - £8200 excluding flights

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