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There are some fabulous islands to choose from on Philippines holidays with untold snorkelling, swimming and mountain trekking to keep you happy and active all day long. Aside from the activity levels you’ll find an agricultural pace with rice terraces and organic farms both hives of industry as women, mainly, work the land whilst the men fish the sea against stunning sunsets and crystal clear waters.
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Philippines scuba diving holiday
Shark diving and island hopping in the Philippines, from £2145 (12 days) ex flights
Palawan expedition, Philippines
A stunning island hopping adventure in a forgotten Paradise, from £2525 (12 days) ex flights
Philippines holiday, small group adventure
Discover the Philippines off the main tourist trails, from £2199 (15 days) ex flights
Philippines holiday, kayaking, trekking & culture
Discover this Jewel in the Philippines, from US $2990 (14 days) ex flights

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Marine conservation diving holiday in Malapascua, Philippines
Join the people of Malapascua in protecting their seas, from £770 (14 days) ex flights

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Philippines travel information

There are more than 7,000 islands in the Philippine archipelago, volcanic in origin and forming part of the Pacific 'Ring of Fire'. The climate is tropical with heavy rainfall and dense forest, and the terrain is mountainous with large coastal plains where sugar can, hemp, copra and tobacco are grown. The two largest islands are Luzon in the north and Mindanao to the south, with the capital Manila on the southern coast of Luzon. The Philippines' clear waters, tropical climate, abundant coral reefs and varied marine life make them an excellent destination for snorkelling and diving, and among the many projects of the Philippine Reef and Rainforest Conservation Foundation is a project in which volunteers can participate in the south of Luzon.

Successive waves of immigration account for the country's ethnic diversity, with native Aetas and Igorots being joined by Malay and Indonesian peoples between the 24th century BC and 11th century AD, and a significant number of Chinese traders establishing themselves by the 15th century at which time there was an influx of Islamic communities from Borneo. Spanish colonists arrived in the 16th century with US colonisation following after 1898. Filipino religions, languages and traditions reflect this diversity, although the most evident and widespread are the Spanish and US influences.
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