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Orangutan photography in Borneo
Develop your photography skills in Borneo, from 1820 (10 days) ex flights
Northern Lights & killer whales photography holiday, Iceland
Incredible photographic trip in stunning West Iceland, from 1800 (7 days) ex flights
Northern Lights, glaciers and ice photography holiday Iceland
Incredible photographic trip in stunning south/east Iceland, from 2200 - 2300 (8 days) ex flights
South East China holiday, culture & nature
Discover ethnic minorities and natural wonders of China, from 1950 (10 days) ex flights

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Wolverine photography tour in Finland
Photograph & watch wild wolverines, a very elusive species, from 1495 (5 days) ex flights
Photography holiday in Southwest Sri Lanka
Photograph South West Sri Lanka with us, from 2400 (10 days) ex flights
Cambodia photography holiday & Angkor temples
Improve your travel photography on tour in Cambodia, from US $2600 - US $2900 (10 days) ex flights
Burma photography tour
Discover Burma with a professional travel photographer, from 3400 (15 days) inc UK flights
Ladakh photography tour, India
Inspirational photographic expedition to stunning Ladakh, from 2500 - 2650 (17 days) ex flights
Photography holiday in the Spanish Pyrenees
Nature photography holiday in the breathtaking Spanish Pyrenees, from 1095 - 1495 (8 days) ex flights
Photography holiday in Picos de Europa, Spain
Photography in N. Spain's stunning mountains & wild coast, from 2100 (9 days) ex flights
Northern Lights photography holiday in Iceland, coast & ice
Incredible Photogrpahic trip in stunning West & East Iceland, from 2500 - 2600 (10 days) ex flights
Lofoten Islands summer photography holiday, Norway
Amazing Photogrpahic trip in the beautiful Lofoten Islands, from 2650 (9 days) ex flights
Photography holiday in Andalucia, Spain
Photography holidays in beautiful Andalucia, from 775 (8 days) ex flights
Morocco photography holiday
A true Moroccan adventure of Kasbahs, mountains and desert, from 1195 (7 days) ex flights
South East China photography holiday
Discover ethnic minorities and natural wonders of China, from 2340 (10 days) ex flights
Photography course and holiday in Portugal
Take your photography up a level in beautiful surroundings, from 1145 (7 days) ex flights
Photography holiday on Easter Island
Photograph one of the world's most isolated inhabited islands, from 3965 (7 days) ex flights
Lofoten Islands winter photography holiday, Norway
Amazing Photogrpahic trip in the beautiful Lofoten Islands, from 1900 (8 days) ex flights
Photography tour in Laos
A unique photographic tour of remote Laos, from 995 (7 days) ex flights
Burma photography holiday
Burma (Myanmar) travel photography holiday, tour, from 2995 (13 days) ex flights
Photography holiday in Turkey
Cave houses of Cappodocia, back streets of Istanbul, from 2400 (7 days) ex flights
Photography holiday in Malta
Photograph cobalt seas, rich architecture, vibrant colours, from 590 - 750 (6 days) ex flights
Angkor Temples short break photography tours, Cambodia
Four days photography tours of iconic Angkor temples, from US $1150 (5 days) ex flights
Big 5 photography safari in Kenya
The ultimate safari with amazing photography opportunities, from 3200 (7 days) ex flights
Slovenia winter photography holiday
Photograph the most beautiful time in Julian Alps - Winter, from 990 (6 days) ex flights
Photography holiday in The Andes, Bolivia
Bolivian Salt Flats Photography Tour with Gary Latham, from 2700 (15 days) ex flights
Turkey photography holiday
Photograph dramatic landscapes and endearing cultures, from 2100 (15 days) ex flights
Photography tour in Vietnam and Cambodia
A unique photographic tour of Cambodia & Southern Vietnam, from 3100 (18 days) inc UK flights

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Northern Lights photography holiday in Iceland, coast & ice
Fantastic - the tutors were excellent, patient, helpful and very professional. I learnt a lot but realise that I still have a lot to learn (more)Jan Beaty
What was the most memorable part of the holiday? - Everything!...Excellent! (more)Chada Ruangtoowagoon
Fabulous, never to be forgotten...the excitement of 'getting' the Northern Lights was really great. (more)Doreen Kelly
From 2500 - 2600 excluding flights
Orangutan photography in Borneo
Overall just absolutely amazing. As a nature lover, traveller and with an interest in knowing new cultures and interacting with local people I really appreciated the program of the trip. As a beginner in photography I really appreciated the patient and willing attitude that Ian had on this tour. (more)Henriette Hradocka
Staff excellent and very friendly and helpful. (more)Greg Morrison
This is a great holiday. Whether you are a first time photographer or experienced photographer you will love this holiday and will come back with great photos and memories, as well as having learned a lot. (more)Mark Edwards
From 1820 excluding flights
South East China photography holiday
It was a wonderful holiday/experience The weather was perfect, We had a very good choice of food. Beer very good. Wine ghastly. Excellent company we laughed a lot. Oktay helped us with any camera problems and gave us some very good advice. He went to the trouble of following us up after our return to see if he could help us with our photo's (more)SIMONA doyle
This trip offers so many great memories which get even better as I reflect on them following my return. A great experience, with a great host and an invaluable local guide. (more)Jenny Abbott
I enjoyed the whole trip. I think it was well planned, even leaving it open to changes, tour leaders know their way around well and we had plenty of interesting photo opps. and they are always available and helpful. I would rate it 10 out of 10. (more)VIVIANE VAMMALLE
From 2340 excluding flights
Northern Lights & killer whales photography holiday, Iceland
Got to see a pod of eight orca whales including a baby on a whale watching cruise from grundurfordur. (more)Craig Hamilton
We had a 24hr period where everything just went right. Killer Whales, dolphins and a surprise display of a fantastic Aurora...It was a fantastic holiday. (more)Jenny Lacey
The most memorable parts were seeing the Orca swim under the bridge we were standing on and the grade 5 Aurora Borealis - painting the sky in technicolour! (more)Keith Muir
From 1800 excluding flights
Photography holiday in Andalucia, Spain
it was best vacation I've had. I will definitely use responsible vacations again. I was very pleased (more)Katie hartwig
Fabulous - wonderful hosts and tutors in a spectacular environment. (more)Margaret Renaud
The locations for the photo shoots were excellent - especially Comares and the lake. Good company enjoyed over the varied evening meals. (more)ROB INNIS
From 775 excluding flights
Northern Lights, glaciers and ice photography holiday Iceland
It was fantastic. The tour guides were very responsive to local conditions and flexible to the interests of the group. They were very well organized and knew which sites would be good at different times of day for photography. The group had people at different levels of photography experience, but the common interest brought people together. (more)Christopher Gawronski
Excellent. Inspiring. Exhausting. I would do it all again tomorrow. (more)Tania Skye
Totally memorable, for all the best reasons!...We would unhesitatingly recommend this Holiday. (more)Suzanne de Pelsenaire
From 2200 - 2300 excluding flights
Photography holiday in Picos de Europa, Spain
Great time. Interesting locations. I got a lot of hands on time with the knowledgeable instructors. I ended up looking at certain things I'd never considered before, and have taken that knowledge home with me as I take photos here. (more)Shane Woods
Very good, I learned a lot. The small group size was perfect for a photography holiday and despite being very full in terms of activities was also very relaxing. Food very large portions and good range of choice. (more)D Smith
The mountainous landscape of the Picos de Europa was stunning...lots of photographic help and advice was available for anyone who wished to take it and each participant was treated as an individual at their own level of expertise. (more)Maureen Fidkin
From 2100 excluding flights
Burma photography tour
The most memorable moment of the trip was the balloon flight over Bagan! (more)David Tiley
Excellent small group led by an experienced photographer who showed us many different ways of using light and lenses and who was also relaxed and fun to be with. Our experiences felt real. (more)elizabeth McCormick
Having Nathan Horton on the trip gave a very interesting slant to an already enjoyable holiday. Nathan had a flair for taking the group to places which were not on the tourist trail and this was very much appreciated. (more)John Martin
From 3400 including UK flights
South East China holiday, culture & nature
Memorable parts? The minority villages as not many westerners get to see this part of China. They welcome you into their houses and although they have very little they gave us some oranges. We also visited a primary school which was great fun as we taught the children hopscotch and a few words of English. Tips? You will have a wonderful time. You have to be prepared to rough it a bit but its well worth it. A fascinating journey. Local benefits? Absolutely Overall... (more)Phil Linley
From 1950 excluding flights
Photography holiday in The Andes, Bolivia
Memorable parts? Going in the silver mine in potosi to see the Tio (devil statue) Tips? Prepare for the altitude at one time or another all three of us passengers were sick in most part due to the altitude. Local benefits? Yes we ate at local restraints and cafes, and used three different local drivers over the course of the trip Overall rating? On the ground in Bolivia was great, only trouble was with the tours office in London, they gave each of us three passengers... (more)Craig Hamilton
From 2700 excluding flights
Morocco photography holiday
10/10 I would love to go on another trip! (more)Samantha Harrison
I think the trip around the Sahara stands out after nearly a year but every stop had huge merit. (more)Denise Cobb
I have recommended this trip to a number of my photography friends - great organisation fantastic practical advise that will benefit photographers of all standards. I learnt so much and advice I received changed the way I look at things and widened my skills and perspectives. Difficult to imagine how it could have been better........many be an extra week! (more)David Holroyd
From 1195 excluding flights
Cambodia travel photography tour
The perfect holiday. (more)Susanne Kempf
Excellent, memorable, wonderful. (more)liz mcmanus
From 2325 excluding flights
Cambodia photography holiday
The whole trip is something I will remember for a lifetime for all the right reasons, the people, the places, the adventure....10 out of 10, now got to start saving for the next one. (more)Jon Lane
I am pleased to say that sunrise at Angkor Wat was as spine tingling as I had hoped...Without exaggeration, this trip has caused me to rethink my photography as well as my holidays in general. (more)Phillip Edwards
The most memorable part was making our way to Angkor Wat early morning ...As the sky gradually lit up we were able to pick out the shape of Angkor Wat and focused our cameras as the sky gradually lit up - very exciting. (more)Peggy Mckenzie
From 2300 including UK flights
Burma photography holiday
Memorable parts? Many memorable highlights from sunrise to sunset photo sessions, city life, rural life, train ride, boat ride, not forgetting the horse and carriage ride through the dusty plains of Bagan. Tips? Take a laptop or at least an external hard drive with you, invaluable for the "show & tell" sessions. Local benefits? Yes. Overall rating? Excellent - Well thought through itinerary staying long enough to explore each base. Excellent - personal photographic... (more)Alison Caviezel
From 2995 including domestic flights only
Photography holiday in the Spanish Pyrenees
One of my favourite ever holidays.! I would heartily recommend the place and the area to either walkers or photographers, or to anyone else for that matter. It is a hidden corner of Spain unknown to almost all visitors who flock to the sunbeds on the costas. (more)Colin Barclay
Each day was different, an adventure so difficult to point to any one specific highlight. Suffice to say this was one of the more memorable Photography Workshops I have been on. (more)Bert Hand
This is definitely one of the best holidays I have been on, such a wonderful mix of things, and it will definitely push you to your limits, well at least for me it did! (more)Marie-Louise Garratt
From 1095 - 1495 excluding flights
Wolverine photography tour in Finland
Memorable parts? Seeing a total of 5 different wolverines up close in a few hours - amazing when there are only about 150 in the whole country. Tips? Take plenty of memory cards because you'll need them if you are as lucky as I was. Local benefits? Yes - the money went towards the cost of providing a feeding station throughout the year. This feeding station not only supported wolverines but also bears, ravens and other wildlife. Overall rating? Fantastic - the wildlife... (more)Christine Cheney
From 1495 excluding flights
Slovenia and Croatia photography tour
Memorable parts? Our local guide, Luka, was able to take us to places that were not on the usual tourist routes or at times when each place was at its best, as a result we saw much more than we would have done if we had travelled there on our own. Tips? This was tailored to our specific requirements, the tour company were very flexible, changing plans as we went along due to weather conditions, individual requests etc. So I think if you are flexible to try new experiences and change... (more)Amanda Moon
From 2950 - 3350 excluding flights
Wildlife photography holiday in India
What was the most memorable or exciting part of your holiday? Actually seeing a tiger (more)Derek Trendell
Everything went smoothly and was very well organized...never to be forgotten experience...You won't regret it! (more)Elaine Carter
Most memorable? It would have to be seeing FIVE tigers however the whole holiday was fantastic. India is certainly a challenge especially the train stations. (more)Gillian Ash
From 630 - 810 excluding flights
Victoria Falls to Nairobi overland tour
Memorable parts? Seeing the big 5 in Ngangongoro; watching a leopard hunt in South Luangwa. Tips? You are on the move a lot and if you sit in the back of the truck, you will be shaken about a lot. So not recommended for anyone with back problems. Don't pack too many things, as you are in a different location almost every night (though you will have plenty of storage room either way, in contrast to some other operators). Local benefits? Yes, we did some things that benefited... (more)Susanne Irving
From 2080 excluding flights
Nairobi to Victoria Falls overland travel
I can't really say that I have returned relaxed and refresh... was really tired (in the last days did abseil, rafting, micro light, travelled for 36 hours,..) but really enjoyed it! Memorable parts? Saw a lion on a tree, the lake with hippos in new year, the new friends. Tips? Be prepared for the rain (yes, it rains in Africa) and for long hours on the truck. Local benefits? We didn't have too much contact with local people since we stayed in private camping, but I think... (more)Carla Almeida
From 2600 excluding flights

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I am reborn! Simply the best holiday I have ever been on
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Some great stories to tell the grandchildren. Would recommend to a friend
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