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From the significant and poignant sites of Warsaw and Krakow to trekking in the Carpathians and High Tatras mountains, Poland holidays never fail to touch and inspire in equal measures. Wildlife watching is definitely worth taking into consideration if you’re intending to explore a little deeper with bison, elk, beavers and wolves all appearing amongst the protected areas of Bialowieza Forest and Biebrza Marshes.
Vienna to Budapest tour
Travel five countries for memories to last a lifetime, from £1076 - £1550 (15 days) ex flights
Poland walking holiday in the High Tatras
Rugged mountains and the historic city of Krakow, from £899 - £999 (9 days) inc UK flights
Poland winter wildlife holiday, Bialowieza & Biebrza
See wild European Bison, Elk, Beavers and Otters, from £1040 (8 days) ex flights
Poland wildlife holiday, elk safari & beaver watching
Short break wildlife adventure in the Biebrza Marshes, from £560 (4 days) ex flights

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Baltic holiday, North Eastern Europe
Capture the history of this less discovered corner of Europe, from £429 (7 days) ex flights
Poland winter wildlife holiday, elks, beavers & otters
Short break wildlife adventure in the Biebrza Marshes, from £560 (4 days) ex flights
Poland bison safari and wolf tracking holiday, Winter
Short break wildlife adventure in the Bialowieza Forest, from £560 (4 days) ex flights
North Eastern Europe motorcycle tours
Enjoy North Eastern Europe with friendly guides + good bikes, from €6298 (18 days) ex flights
Poland holiday, wildlife in Spring
Wildlife tour in Bialowieza Forest and Biebrza Marshes, from £1040 (8 days) ex flights
Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland family tour
Action-packed Eastern European family week, from €859 (8 days) ex flights
Poland & Slovakia cycling holiday
Bike Tour from Poland to Slovakia across the Tatras, from €949 (8 days) ex flights
Poland wildlife holiday, Autumn birds & mammals
Wildlife tour in Bialowieza Forest and Biebrza Marshes, from £1040 (8 days) ex flights
Central European tours
A fascinating and varied journey through the heart of Europe, from £1399 - £1499 (14 days) inc UK flights
Wildlife holiday in Poland, Summer nature
Wildlife tour in Bialowieza Forest and Biebrza Marshes, from £1040 (8 days) ex flights
Eastern Europe tour, the Baltic experience
Experience the diverse delights of the Baltic states, from £1449 - £1770 (15 days) ex flights
Poland bison & wolf holiday, Spring to Autumn
Short break wildlife adventure in the Bialowieza Forest, from £560 (4 days) ex flights
Berlin to Venice small group holiday
Adventure-filled Central Europe tour from Germany to Italy, from £1024 - £1395 (15 days) ex flights

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Vienna to Budapest tour
The most memorable for me was waking through the sandstone canyons in the Teplice National Park. (more)David Simpson
I loved the Czech Republic in particular and also walking in the Tatra mountians. I will be telling everyone that if they want to ski they should try Slovakia as a skiing destination. Cesky Krumlov and Prague are the most fascinating cities and I will definitely be returning to visit them again. (more)Helen Spooner
Well thought out - good mix of free time and planned activities. V.good trip notes and information - really useful for planning what to see and how to get there. (more)fenella williams
From £1076 - £1550 excluding flights
Poland holiday, wildlife in Spring
Memorable parts? There were so many wonderful moments its hard to choose, the beaver boat trip was very special for a few reasons tho Tips? If it advices you to take wellington boots then do take them Local benefits? Yes very much so, Overall rating? Poland is a beautiful country with amazing accessible wildlife and is a must for any animal/bird enthusiast, put this together with the guides who were very passionate and knowledgeable about their country and forests... (more)Rosemary Richards
From £1040 excluding flights
Eastern Europe tour, the Baltic experience
Memorable parts? Cycling in Tallinn, testing fresh food in central market of Riga, kayaking and pick mushrooms in the Aukstaitija National Park. Dinning in Warsaw and the very lovely sunny tour leader. Tips? Travel light, ready to walk up to twenty minutes and claim stairs with all your luggage. Be well prepared with tourist information in all places, as the tour leader is not a tour guide, only gives out limited local information and may leave you behind if you walk too slow. Local... (more)Xiaoling Wang
From £1449 - £1770 excluding flights

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I am reborn! Simply the best holiday I have ever been on
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Some great stories to tell the grandchildren. Would recommend to a friend
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Very enjoyable
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A bit disappointing really

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Pass through the heavy oaken gate into the Strict Nature Reserve (SNR) in Poland's Bialowieza Forest National Park and you step back in time. This is a forest such as you have never seen before, a true fairy tale forest, the Wildwood of 7,000 years ago. Oak and ash, lime, spruce and hornbeam soar to 40 metres and more. Cathedral pillars of trees, branchless until they form the canopy far above, "Some people come expecting the eerily dark taiga forest they have in Russia." my guide, Stawek Marczuk, remarked. "Bialowieza is not like that, it is a Robin Hood forest." And he is right, there is none of the forbidding atmosphere experienced in some forests, this is a friendly place. One of the most unusual aspects of the Strict Nature Reserve is the amount of timber on the ground. Ever since the National Park was established in 1932 fallen trees have been allowed to lie where they dropped except where this is across tracks and paths. Then they are sawn by hand and dragged clear with horses. No powered machinery is allowed. A dead oak may last for a hundred years and each soon acquires a wonderful hanging garden of mosses, soft woodland grasses, small flowers and mysterious fungi. Having Europe's largest remaining herd of free ranging bison is probably what makes Bialowieza most famous. They were exterminated here in 1919 and a re-introduction programme using zoo stock was begun in 1929. The first bison were released in 1952 and the herd is now maintained at around 260 animals. Ironically, being grazers, they prefer to live in the exploited forest outside the national park because the felling of trees leaves clearings where grass can grow for a while. They have been fed in the winter since 1810 in order to prevent unnecessary damage to trees and this is when they are easiest to find. Spotting them in summer is almost impossible and, although a poor substitute, the captive animals in the Bison Reserve close to Bialowieza village enable you to appreciate the scale of Europe's largest land mammal. Certainly they could give you a nasty nudge! Bialowieza Forest covers 1,500 square kilometres but only 40% is in Poland. I say 'only' but it still means travelling through continuous forest for a minimum of twelve miles in order to reach Bialowieza village. Of this the national park is limited to just a sixth and only part of that is SNR. The remainder is exploited forest, unprotected and still containing a significant but declining number of soaring old growth trees which are gradually being cut. The remaining 60% is in Belaruse where it has all been protected as the State National Park Belovezhskaya Puscha. These two national parks were additionally given UNESCO World Heritage Site status in 1992, one of a handful of European transfrontier sites. Read more about Poland in this Poland article.

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