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Rainforest holidays

Rainforest holidays
Madagascar tailor made holiday, Reef and Rainforest
An easy two-week lemur-rich rainforest & beach holiday, from £2980 - £3650 (12 days) inc UK flights
Cloudforest holiday to Manu National Park
Simple lodge and camping hut tours, Manu National Park, Peru, from US $1480 (7 days) ex flights
Sabah & Langkawi holiday, tailor made
A wonderful wildlife tour in Borneo & Langkawi, from £2950 (15 days) inc UK flights
Costa Rica holiday, Rainforest adventure
Explore the incredible biodiversity of Costa Rica, from £1350 (13 days) ex flights
Malaysia rainforest bungalows near Kuala Lumpur
A small orchard resort on the edge of the rainforest, from MYR400 - MYR1000 per accommodation per night
Peru holiday, Machu Picchu and the Amazon
Customisable tour of Inca Ruins and the Amazon Rainforest., from £860 (8 days) ex flights
Manu National Park tour, Peru
Adventure exploring the awe-inspiring Manu National Park, from US $1700 - US $1950 (6 days) ex flights
Tanjung Puting orangutan holiday, Borneo
Off the beaten track orangutan adventure in Borneo, from £1995 (7 days) ex flights
Peru rainforest ecolodge
Comfortable lodge in Tambopata National Reserve in Peru, from US $685 per person for 3 nights
Venezuela holiday
Exceptional non-trekking trip in Venezuela, from £2680 - £2760 (15 days) inc UK flights
Daintree rainforest accommodation
Stay in an exotic fruit farm in Australia, from AU $140 - AU $160 per room per night
Costa Rica wildlife tour
Experience Costa Rica's incredible wildlife and wilderness, from £1995 (14 days) ex flights
Costa Rica rainforest ecolodge
Rainforest eco lodge accommodation in Coast Rica, from US $79 - US $99 per room per night
Costa Rica vacation, Southern Rainforest & Coast
Off the beaten track in Costa Rica's primeval wildernesses., from US $3998 (8 days) ex flights
Adventure tour of Manu National Park, Peru
All the essentials of a trip to the Amazon Rainforest, from US $690 - US $1020 (5 days) ex flights
Kapawi Eco Lodge in Ecuador
Visit the Achuar tribe at Kapawi, Ecuador Amazon rainforest, from US $1495 (5 days) ex flights
Volunteering in Malaysia, rainforest experience
Jungle Trekking and community project in Malaysia, from £785 (14 days) ex flights
Dominica holiday accommodation
Panoramic views of the mountains and sea, from US $156 per accommodation per night (sleeps 2-4)
Amazon rainforest cruise, Peru
Luxury cruising on the Peruvian Amazonas, from US $3649 - US $3849 (5 days) ex flights
Ecuador wildlife holiday, Galapagos & Amazon
Nature all around in the Galapagos and Ecuadorian Amazon, from £3735 - £4500 (15 days) ex flights
Jungle lodge in the Amazon, Peru
Experience the Amazon Rainforest (3 - 6 days), from PEN1160 - PEN1984 per accommodation per night
Amazon rainforest conservation holiday in Peru
Short for time come and volunteer for a week in Manu Peru!, from US $1090 - US $1150 (7 days) ex flights
Costa Rica tailor made holiday
Explore wild beaches, cloud forests,, volcanoes and springs., from £3290 (13 days) inc UK flights
Palawan expedition, Philippines
A stunning island hopping adventure in a forgotten Paradise, from £2375 (12 days) ex flights

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23 reviews for Rainforest holidays4 star overall rating

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Madagascar tailor made holiday, Reef and Rainforest
Brilliant, eye opening, once in a lifetime experience...Seeing and hearing the Indri in Andasibe was breathtaking and our guide was brilliant. (more)Anita Chapman
This was an absolutely superb adventure, great people, amazing wildlife, stunning scenery. (more)Claudia Biedert
Excellent...Seeing lemurs in the wild was the most memorable part. (more)Hilary Wilson
From £2980 - £3650 including UK flights
Malaysia rainforest bungalows near Kuala Lumpur
This was an excellent short stay. I wish we could have had at least one extra night - but they were full !. We will go back. (more)Bill Blakemore
Everything was memorable from the the open Malaysian Hut we stayed in, the tropical rain, Fireflies, the swimming pool overlooking the rainforest and friendly staff through to the delicious food the chef prepared and we barbecued over the open fire. (more)Joshua Bacon
A hike in the jungle with a local guide from the aboriginal people was the most memorable part of the holiday (more)Robert Hale
From MYR400 - MYR1000 per accommodation per night
Sabah & Langkawi holiday, tailor made
Fantastic trip. Ngala safari lodge & game drives were wonderful! (more)Rachael Hardman Rigby
We had a wonderful holiday. Every step of the way went smoothly and we saw some amazing wildlife. The accommadation was good, excellent in some cases, and the staff always polite, helpful and friendly. (more)Susan Spiller
From £2950 including UK flights
Wildlife holiday in Indonesia
Excellent...Observing the orangutans in the wild was the most memorable part (more)Dawn Schultz
Seeing the wildlife, orangutan's, gibbons (the sound of them calling was truly magical), Macauques, Silver Langur, Proboscis monkeys, water monitors, crocodiles, snakes, lizards varying types, komoda dragons wild boar and deer... (more)Jane Gannon
The most memorable part of the holiday was the wildlife: Orangutans, Komodo Dragaons, and the sincerity and hospitality of the lndonesian people. (more)Penny Madanick
From £2695 - £2995 including domestic flights only
Sri Lanka eco lodge accommodation
I don´t think that I've ever felt so relaxed. Staying in a simple (but clean and neat) hut in the jungle and listening to the sounds of birds and sometimes even elephants made me feel very, very, very happy and close to nature. (more)Camilla Berndtson
The whole experience of staying here was memorable, from the incredibly warm welcome through to the amazing food prepared by local staff on an open fire. (more)Rachel Morgans
It was everything we hoped it would be, so far away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of Sri Lanka. The accommodation is very comfortable and really well thought out. (more)Annabel Smith
From US $110 - US $140 per person per night
Adventure tour of Manu National Park, Peru
Memorable parts? This was my first time in Peru and to the Amazon region. I loved the journey from Cusco down to Manu. We got to see so many different types of communities, habitats, scenery, weather. The contrast of the stark upland farms to the lush river basin. The birds and sounds of the rainforest were memorable. Our guide was excellent and I learned so much about the area and culture. The tour operator staff shared their passion for the projects and research. Tips? Bring layers.... (more)Dawn Hein
From US $690 - US $1020 excluding flights
Guyana jungle accommodation
Memorable parts? A kayak, a small island to swim to, and fruit trees all over the property was a dream vacation for us. The host Ian is a very cultured Brit and former professor, and his wife is a local named Malika. The two of them did everything possible to help us feel at home in their residence. We requested that our stay include meals, and the food was amazing! But our favorite part of the trip was our stay in the bush. We hiked deep into the woods where Ian has set up a shelter and... (more)Nicole Bure
From £50 - £80 per person per night
Osa Peninsula ecolodge, Costa Rica
Memorable parts? All of it - it was really a beautiful lodge, wonderful staff, food, kayaking, yoga, massages. I totally loved it. Also, the other guests were great. Tips? Be ready for very hot and humid. Also, don't overpack - tank tops, shorts, bathing suits. Not too buggy at night, so long pants aren't needed (at least in March) Local benefits? Yes, very much. The whole philosophy is sustainable - gardens, advocating to block a tuna farm, etc. Overall rating? Superfabulous. (more)Nancy Gubman
From US $225 - US $496 per person per night
Thailand rainforest eco bungalows
Memorable parts? The most memorable part of my holiday was spending the day in the school. Seeing the kids' smiling faces while enjoying learning was awesome. It appears that the operator knows that every child has the ability and right to learn. They've created a space for these children to do just that and it is obviously the kids feel like it is "their" place. The teachers were equally inspiring and I learned a lot from observing them. They engaged the children and everyone had fun during... (more)Kate Birbilis
From Baht200 - Baht1000 per accommodation per night
Costa Rica jungle accommodation
Memorable parts? Being away from it all. The solitude is incredible as is the flora and fauna. Tips? Take a really bright flashlight if you are staying in the tents so you can see any snakes and such on the track when you walk back in the dark. Leave your goretex hiking boots at home and pick up some comfortable boots that you don't mind getting covered in thick mud. Oh, and take snacks that you don't want to live without - like chocolate. Go scuba diving at Isla del Cano to see sharks... (more)Tracey Reed
From US $135 - US $150 per person per night

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