Responsible Hotels of the World holidays and tours, 2015 and 2016

Responsible Hotels of the World is a unique collection of stunning hotels across the world. Every hotel has demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to providing a distinctive, high quality customer experience, in keeping with the traditions of their community and country, whilst working within strict environmental guidelines to preserve the destination and culture for future generations. Put simply, they are some of the most amazing responsible hotels to enjoy an authentic holiday experience.
Flinders Range accommodation in South Australia
Stunning wilderness retreat in Australia, from AU $370 - AU $510 per room per night
Nevis beach resort in the Caribbean
Romantic caribbean resort and hotel, from US $365 - US $625 per double room per night
Koh Lanta luxury resort, Thailand
Spectacular beachfront resort in Thailand, from Baht6200 - Baht10800 per room per night
Lamu Island hotel, Kenya Coast
A unique beach hotel with tropical gardens, from 160 - 180 per room per night (sleeps 2)
Grenada boutique hotel in St George
A luxury getaway with dazzling ocean views, from US $288 - US $707 per villa per night (sleeps 4)
Grenada hotel, Blue Horizons resort
A charming resort providing luxurious accommodations, from 949 - 1069 per person per week
Pirates Point Resort, Little Cayman
Get away from the crowd in Little Cayman, from US $1747 - US $2323 per person per week
El Nido Resorts, Lagen Island, Philippines
Stay in a lush forest with magnificent bay views, from US $330 per room per night
El Nido Resorts, Miniloc Island, Philippines
Crystal clear waters, from US $240 per room per night
Chumbe Island luxury eco lodge in Tanzania
Marine park accommodation on Chumbe Island, from US $500 - US $540 per room per night
Maldives luxury beach resort
Private island, large villas, great diving and snorkeling, from US $477 - US $4752 per villa per night (sleeps 2)
Krabi luxury beach resort in Thailand
Relaxing luxury beach resort with beautiful tropical gardens, from Baht4100 per person for 2 nights
Luxury resort in Phuket, Thailand
A luxury resort on the stunning Phuket island, from Baht4500 - Baht47000 per room per night
Costa Maya beach resort in Yucatan, Mexico
B&B beach hotel, from US $70 - US $100 per accommodation per night (sleeps 2-4)
Thailand holiday resort in Chanthaburi
Relax on your very own pavilion terrace in Thailand, from Baht1360 per villa per night (sleeps 2)
El Nido Resorts, Apulit Island, Philippines
Nestled within a private cove, from US $266 - US $462 per person per night

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Costa Maya beach resort in Yucatan, Mexico
Memorable parts? Slowing down and taking the time to watch the antics of the little crabs on the beautiful beach. Tips? Be prepared to relax and enjoy the ambience of the beach. Local benefits? All employees are local residents. Electrical power is generated on site using wind and solar equipment. Toilets are composting. Overall rating? Excellent! (more)Robert Beck
From US $70 - US $100 per accommodation per night (sleeps 2-4)
Thailand holiday resort in Chanthaburi
We have had a wonderfully relaxing and peaceful time and have enjoyed exploring the local area and swimming in the pool. This was the perfect place for us to stay and we have been made really welcome, almost like a homestay but with our own bungalow and separate meals. (more)Anna Hughes Corden
I left having had a superb chill in a place of beauty and tranquility in which I constantly felt was special and giving (more)Martin Ruddock
From Baht1360 per villa per night (sleeps 2)
Pirates Point Resort, Little Cayman
Every day was wonderful. Divemasters very experienced. Wonderful wildlife both on land (reptiles and birds) and in the sea. Outstanding staff with remarkable social skills. Outstanding food, varied, excellent quality, you can control your own servings. (more)Katherine Lippel
I had some of the best snorkels of the last 10 years on the Bloody Bay wall. Reefs and the fish environment are in really good shape. The resort is delightful - small, excellent food and a really friendly environment. (more)Anne Charlton
From US $1747 - US $2323 per person per week
Maldives luxury beach resort
Memorable parts? The snorkelling was fantastic - and the 'home' reef was just right there, almost ON the beach! We saw so many wonderfully coloured fish, plus sea urchins, starfish and (although we weren't in the water at the time) 3 small reef sharks and 4 or 5 rays. Great! Tips? This is a fabulous 'resort', but it IS a long way from Male - an hour in a small plane and then 30 minutes in a speedboat. It is also beginning to look a little weary, and in the off season (October =... (more)Lesley Durston
From US $477 - US $4752 per villa per night (sleeps 2)

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I am reborn! Simply the best holiday I have ever been on
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Some great stories to tell the grandchildren. Would recommend to a friend
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Responsible Hotels of the World collection

Star fish on the beach, responsible hotels of the world For us, the essence of a responsible holiday is having an experience that encapsulates the destination you are in. One which is true to its culture; which embraces and engages local people and food; which is dedicated to preserving the indigenous natural world for future generations.

There is great work going on by hoteliers around the world, raising the standard of responsibility in hotels of all kinds, which we wholeheartedly endorse and celebrate. But we wanted to create a unique collection which offers not just the highest standards of responsible practice, but gives you a more truly distinctive and authentic holiday.

A tall order for a hotel and we know that they can't all be perfect. We believe that each of these responsible hotels goes a long way to achieving this distinctive experience.

Keeping standards high
Every one of our hotels has fulfilled our strict criteria and they write and publish a section on how they make a difference on their hotel page here on the site. We operate a very successful and independent review system that asks travellers to let us know about their holidays and to let people know if they really live up to the standards they claim.
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