Self guided cycling holidays. Tours & holidays in 2016 & 2017

Self guided cycling holidays

Self guided cycling holidays

Many cycling holidays are for groups, however, if you prefer to cycle independently, and at your own pace, there are superb options out there. An organised self-guided cycling holiday takes all the work out of it for you, providing maps, copious notes, accommodation, luggage transfers and food. And of course, bikes. So all you have to do is cycle. Take on the Dordogne or the Danube, Sweden or Sri Lanka, for independent cycling in style.

Burgundy self guided cycling tours, France
Cycle through beautiful Burgundy & taste exquisite wines, from €880 - €955 (8 days) ex flights
Catalonia family self guided cycling holiday, Spain
Customised road cycling tour in Girona, Catalonia, from €288.50 - €399.50 (8 days) ex flights
Spain cycling holiday near Alicante
Alicante mountains bike experience, stunning routes for all, from €200 - €850 (8 days) ex flights
Provence cycling tour, France
Cycling tour of Provence for avid riders, from €1070 - €1410 (8 days) ex flights

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Portugal cycling holidays, self guided
Tranquility cycling holidays, from €549 - €623 (8 days) ex flights
Montenegro mountain biking holidays, self guided
Mountain biking at stunning coast of Montenegro, from €650 (8 days) ex flights
Cycling holiday in Portugal, self guided
A leisurely cycling holiday in the Algarve, from €539 - €623 (7 days) ex flights
Catalonia self guided cycling holiday, Spain
Self guided cycling holiday, from €735 - €875 (8 days) ex flights
Mont Saint Michel self guided cycling tours in Normandy & Brittany
Cycling journey through Brittany to Mont Saint Michel, from €695 - €970 (6 days) ex flights
Self guided cycling holiday Catalonia, Spain
Discover the many aspects of northern Catalonia by bike, from €995 - €1190 (7 days) ex flights
Self guided biking tour in Croatia
Explore the amazing island's coasts, medieval town on bike, from €380 - €690 (8 days) ex flights
Loire cycling holiday, France
Pedal gently along pretty riverbanks and open countryside, from £1259 - £1339 (7 days) inc UK flights
Rural cycling tours in South India
The perfect way to cycle in rural Keralan countryside, from £680 (8 days) ex flights
Cycling holiday in the Maikal Hills, Central India
Cycling tour in the highlands of central India, from Rupee55000 (7 days) ex flights
Self guided cycling holiday in Montenegro
Gems of the coast of Montenegro and Lake Skadar, from €650 (8 days) ex flights
Austrian Lakes cycling holiday, self guided
Spectacular scenic views, gentle shoreline routes and swimming, from £1509 - £1569 (11 days) inc UK flights
Provence self guided cycling tour, Avignon to Cassis
Discover Provence from Avignon to the Mediterranean by bike, from €900 - €1315 (8 days) ex flights
Norway self guided cycling holiday, Rallarvegen route
Rallarvegen, the most popular cycling tour in Norway, from NKr4150 - NKr4500 (3 days) ex flights
Danube cycling holiday, self guided
Discove the compelling history of the Danube, from £1180 (14 days) ex flights
Croatia self guided cycling holiday, Istrian Peninsula
Cycling along the green inland of Istrian Peninsula, from €570 (8 days) ex flights
Dordogne self guided cycling tour, France
The cycling on this tour is varied and packed with interest, from £1397 - £1499 (9 days) inc UK flights
Vietnam, north east cycling holiday
Expedition by bike to Vietnam's most Northernly point, from US $619 (5 days) ex flights
Lofoten Islands self guided cycling holiday, Norway
Lofoten, biking in unique and beatiful scenery, from NKr11850 - NKr13100 (8 days) ex flights
Geneva to Lyon self guided cycling holiday, France
Cycle along the Rhτne River from Geneva to Lyon, from €885 (7 days) ex flights
Cycling holiday in Finland, forests and lakes
Self-guided cycling holiday along on Finnish countryside, from €550 (7 days) ex flights
Gozo self guided cycling holiday, Malta
Coastal vistas and hidden hilltop hamlets, from £1029 - £1448 (7 days) inc UK flights
Western Ghats mountain biking holidays, Southern India
Western Ghats mountain biking, off the beaten track, from £815 (8 days) ex flights
Catalonia holiday, cycling and relaxation
Cycle holiday based from self catering accommodation Calonge, from £290 - £615 (8 days) ex flights
Sweden self guided cycling holiday, Stockholm countryside
Self-guided cycling in Stockholm's picturesque countryside, from SKr6725 - SKr6990 (6 days) ex flights

187 reviews for Self guided cycling holidays4 star overall rating

These full and frank independent Self guided cycling holidays reviews are from travellers who have booked directly through Responsible Travel. They are not edited by us or any of the companies we work with. Find the real story, from real travellers below.

Cycling tour in Catalonia for food lovers, Spain
It was great. We could do as much as we wanted. We could have made it as hard or easy as we liked. We loved being active. (more)Liz Wood
Biking in the beautiful country of Spain with my husband and good friends was the most memorable part. It was a wonderful experience, great trails, food and memories to last a lifetime. I am planning my next trip now! (more)Mark Edwards
Everything about this holiday was excellent, and exceeded expectations. We have already recommended this holiday to our friends, and would do it again ourselves! (more)Ashling Swirtz
From €995 - €1190 excluding flights
Catalonia family self guided cycling holiday, Spain
Wonderful holiday for active people who love nature and do not like tourist traps. (more)Dorine van der Vloodt
The most memorable part of the holiday was the 30k mountain bike ride that took in parts of the local scenery that would have remained unseen without the guidance and assistance of our host. (more)Mark Burberry
From €288.50 - €399.50 excluding flights
Self guided biking tour in Croatia
We feel that we got an excellent value for our money and would definitely recommend this trip. (more)Laura A. Janda
Excellent - in terms of scenery, the different locations and the people (more)Karen Brookes
Definitely use Responsible Travel and the tour company again (more)Clive Hancock
From €380 - €690 excluding flights
Montenegro mountain biking holidays, self guided
A great mix of physical activity, relaxation, sunshine and the reassurance that we were being looked after made this a holiday that we would recommend to anyone who also enjoys variety in their days. (more)Nadine Williams
A great trip to a stunning country. (more)Gillian Holley
We loved to be in the area of the Skaddar lake!....As I got commentaries from My friends ( 29 people) , That loved Their holiday in Montιnegro and they are ready to come back as soon as possible. (more)STEPHANE DESOBRY
From €650 excluding flights
Provence self guided cycling tours, Avignon to Camargue
Very well organised and very enjoyable.... The scenery was beautiful, except in the Camargue, and all the villages were very French and full of atmosphere. Cycling through the Montagnettes and Alpilles was lovely. (more)Trish Price
Successfully navigating our way in and out of beautiful little towns being enthusiastically helped with directions and suggestions for great things to see and do by locals even with our absolute lack of French. (more)Jennifer Wright
From €815 - €1205 excluding flights
Pisa to Florence cycling holiday, Italy
Memorable parts? The whole trip was memorable... Tuscany is one of the most beautiful places we have ever been. I think the most exciting part of the trip was when we were biking to Pisa and got our first glimpse of the leaning tower. It was so surreal! Tips? The Tuscany route offered is pretty challenging. When we booked this trip was described as light to moderate in difficulty however after finishing the tour and talking to the tour operator we were told it was one of the hardest... (more)Manpreet Anand
From £640 excluding flights
Provence cycling tour, France
Memorable parts? Cycling up Mont Ventoux. Wow! Its tough, very tough, but worth the effort. Particularly nice to have a really fabulous hotel at the bottom to relax afterwards. Tips? Do try to make the initial meeting with the local rep. We didn't and there were a few issues - for example some of our dinner arrangements - that it would have been better to iron out before they became issues. We were a bit disappointed that we weren't warned in advance that the meeting with the local... (more)Jane Frank
From €1070 - €1410 excluding flights
Cycling holiday in Portugal, self guided
Great, very well organized, good maps, well-considered route. (more)Richard Scott
It was all just wonderful. Great weather, great food, great scenery, great accommodation. The organising of it was first class. (more)Debbie Merrick
10 out of 10. We could not fault any part of the holiday. The rides were routed through beautiful landscapes, visiting interesting villages and all felt very safe. The accommodation was clean, friendly and in wonderful locations. The personal service provided was great which meant that the holiday met our needs perfectly without any worry at all. (more)Sally Forster
From €539 - €623 excluding flights
Catalonia self guided cycling holiday, Spain
Loved the fact that this worked so well for my husband and I - he's a serious recreational cyclist and I'm an avid cyclist but more casual in my approach. We're '50 something's' and found this all very enjoyable. (more)Beth from Canada
What a fantastic holiday! Cycling each day down a new route, through vineyards, small hamlets, to the beach! A holiday quite different to anything we had both been on before. (more)Claire Hermolle
It was well organised. (more)Jane Coward
From €735 - €875 excluding flights
Burgundy self guided cycling tours, France
Memorable parts? Cycling at our own pace through stunning, varied countryside and finding places that we would have missed in a car. Tips? Be prepared for more than just undulating vineyards - there are some hills and you should have a decent level of fitness. (However, we managed and are in our more senior years!) The hire bikes were excellent, sturdy machines and there was technical back-up if required. (Luckily not needed! ) Local benefits? Staying at comfortable,... (more)Neil Crawley
From €880 - €955 excluding flights
Self guided cycling holiday Catalonia, Spain
Best bit: Visiting a new part of Spain. (more)Alan Spencer
Very good...La Rectoria accommodation: comfortable ease, nothing a problem, beautiful rural location, delightful hosts and delicious food. (more)Lorna McCourt
We loved the flexibility of this trip - Alan and Vivian were happy to tailor the trip to our needs and always ready to offer advice or ideas. The trip they planned allowed us to see Catalonia and stay in some fantastic places without the hassle of sorting everything out ourselves. (more)Bennet Summers
From €995 - €1190 excluding flights
Cycling holiday in the Maikal Hills, Central India
Memorable parts? My wife and I went on this trip with our 17 year-old son. Even as seasoned travellers to India, we would never have been able to do this trip on our own because this part of central India really doesn't have much tourist/traveller infrastructure. Cycling from village to village was absolutely fantastic. Our wonderful guide, Saurabh, based in Raipur, was not only brilliantly organised and wonderfully knowledgeable about wildlife, architure, people, plants, birds, customs etc.... (more)Jonathan Drori
From Rupee55000 excluding flights
Spain cycling holiday near Alicante
The area and the landscape are very fascinating. Also to live locally in a small relaxed village was something I enjoyed a lot. (more)jarmo kaariainen
Go on holiday here. You will not regret it. Brilliant mountain biking, superb food, incredibly friendly and helpful hosts. Also the silence in the village and the beautiful scenery! I think this is responsible travel at it's peak. (more)Krystyna Holder
From €200 - €850 excluding flights
Sweden self guided cycling holiday, Stockholm countryside
Memorable parts? There were too many to count. But many great bike rides. We did a 5 day ride near Stockholm. A second trip was done in the islands around Stockholm. Tips? I would extend the Gotland part of the trip by 1 day. Local benefits? We had a lot of contact with many local people and they were great. Overall rating? It was a great trip. We did 2 back to back self guided bike trips near Stockholm. It was planned and supported beautifully by Carmen. I love recommending... (more)Ed Weiner
From SKr6725 - SKr6990 excluding flights
Lofoten Islands self guided cycling holiday, Norway
Memorable parts? Boat trip to Nusfjord Tips? Make sure you have full waterproof kit and warm clothes! Local benefits? Yes-tourism seems to be very important to the islands. Overall rating? Great. (more)Simon Storvik
From NKr11850 - NKr13100 excluding flights
Geneva to Lyon self guided cycling holiday, France
Memorable parts? Probably the most memorable part was riding into St Emelion. The town is magnificent. Tips? This is a fabulous sightseeing trip go enjoy. Suitable for all levels of cyclists. Local benefits? Probably all three. Overall rating? Great, energetic, peaceful,l wonderful scenery. We covered a lot of miles but bikes were easy to ride. Hotels we stayed in were very good,comfortable and generally good food. Highly recommend this holiday. (more)marieanna howard
From €885 excluding flights
Alentejo & Algarve self guided cycling holiday, Portugal
Memorable parts? Discovering the Vicentina coast and its marvellous beaches and blue sea for the first time. Marvellous landscape, kindness and smiles of the people met all along the trip. Spotless accommodation, very charming small hotels. Tips? Local benefits? Yes, it did because we were always staying at small hotels run by Portuguese - in most of the places, they could hardly speak in English or French. Overall rating? Perfect, even better than expected (more)Muriel Deladriθre
From €600 - €650 excluding flights
Alentejo self guided cycling holiday, Portugal
Memorable parts? My most memorable part of he holiday in Portugal was cycling along the high cliffs of Alentejo by the sea with 60 km winds at my back, even though one needed to be mindful with the wind on cycling so close to the edge of the cliff on a sandy track! The 10 percent grade for seemingly endless kms from Alejur to Monchique was a challenge that I felt really good about having accomplished in my 80th year. It made me feel blessed for the health and strength that I have. Tips? Feel... (more)Arnold Nickel
From €800 - €900 excluding flights
Cambodia cycling tour, tailor made
Sensational!...Our guides were fantastic and it great to be able to get to know them - would not have been able to do this with a big group. (more)Valerie Smith
Getting off the beaten track and seeing what Cambodia was really like. (more)Jen Delane
Excellent. Our wonderful guide, Noi, and the cycling element were the best. (more)Caroline O
From £1325 excluding flights
Self guided cycling holiday in Montenegro
It was an excellent holiday and we will return to Montenegro in due course. The company was very good to deal with and had chosen a good itinerary for this particular tour. (more)Jane Cowan
Excellent! Montenegro is an amazing country and still relatively unspoilt, with no crowds. Delicious food & wine for very reasonable prices. (more)Olivia Wolff
EXCELLENT (more)George Harper
From €650 excluding flights
Laconia cycling holiday in Greece
Would highly recommend, this was our eleventh biking trip around Europe, we go same time each year, the first week in May, the group (seven mates) have rated this in the top three. (more)martin mitchell
Good fun, we felt we were well off the beaten tourist track at times. Scenery impressive. (more)Hilary Thomas
Everything about the trip was excellent. The operator has done meticulous research to map out the cycling routes and provides directions that are informative and easy to follow. The equipment provided - the bike and the GPS - were top notch. (more)Andrew Wallace
From €735 excluding flights
Greece cycling holiday, archaeology tour
Cycling through quiet countryside and seeing rural life, miles of apple, orange and olive trees, sheep and goats grazing, beehives everywhere, wild flowers, birds, lots of opportunities for sitting and drawing or dreaming. (more)Fiona Eccles
Excellent- marvellous landscape, lots to see, good bicycle rides, meeting some special people, smooth service, many moving conversations and the pleasure of Greek life. (more)Helen Wells
Excellent. Good hotels, reasonably priced food, well maintained cycles (The best cycles we have ever hired). The sites of interest on our journey were better and better everyday. The holiday operator Christos was very knowledgeable and took us on a mini tour of The Corinthian Canal on our way back to the airport as a bonus on his own initiative. (more)Christine Mitchell
From €698 - €728 excluding flights
Rural cycling tours in South India
Cycling through the tea plantations, sleeping and awaking on the houseboat in the backwaters, stand up early in the morning to listen to birds or the elephants trumpeting far in the valley. (more)Manuela Vismara
Cycling and trekking through the tea plantations at Munnar were the most memorable parts of the holiday. (more)Howard Rossman
From £680 excluding flights
Catalonia self guided cycling tour, Spain
Memorable parts? My daughter and I stayed here at the beginning of July. We found the accomodation was amazing and very well kept. Being able to cycle, self guided to some wonderful and challenging locations and experience the local culture was wonderful. Sharing meals with the other guests when we ate was fantastic to be able to meet other like minded people. Gareth and Fiona were always on hand to help us plan routes etc and also take us out to local towns in the evening when the kitchens... (more)sue bound
From €288.50 - €638 excluding flights
Catalonia holiday, cycling and relaxation
Excellent - beautiful accommodation, spotlessly clean and with lovely extra thoughtful touches. The bicycles were perfect - very comfortable and trustworthy. (more)Margaret Steventon
We all had a brilliant time and I can't thank Alan and Vivian enough for the warm welcome we received and the thoughtfulness they demonstrated while we were there. They are super hosts and really did think of everything we might have needed. (more)Jane Edwards
It was an unexpected delight. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anybody. (more)Lisa Kirkhope
From £290 - £615 excluding flights
Cycling holidays in Kerala
From start to finish, we had a ball! Vipin and Rodger were great guides, full of encouragement and knowledge about all things Indian (more)lindsay innes
Wonderful memories....The organisation of our two week cycling holiday in Kerala with the operator was excellent. Additional activities, our accommodation, our driver support, bike guide and equipment were all well chosen and provided an excellent introduction to Keralan life. (more)Stevan Johl
To join a Hindu marriage, included to experience the hospitality and kindness towards us. Thanks Jerry! (more)Niels Revsgaard
From £1180 excluding flights
Dordogne cycling tour, France
Memorable parts? Sarlat - we just loved wandering around the medieval part of town. Tips? Pack as light as possible, but for all temps (the caves were quite cold). If you want to visit lots of attractions, you'd need to be a very strong rider to have enough time to do this. Local benefits? Absolutely. Overall rating? Almost perfect...4 1/2 stars. Just a couple of comments if you want to make this a 5 star holiday: A map of Rocamadour showing where our hotel was (as... (more)Deborah Palacios
From €825 - €1960 excluding flights
Portugal cycling holidays, self guided
Cycling through the countryside is a wonderful way to reduce your environmental impact while at the same time maximizing your experience with local flora and fauna. Everyone we encountered was so friendly and helpful. We found the directions to be explicit and easy to follow and appreciated the many routes that took us off the beaten path. (more)Karin Liimatta
Very good. I would, and already have, recommended Responsible Travel to people. Knowing that having a very enjoyable experience supports local communities makes it so much better. Thanks once again. (more)Alan Spencer
We had a great time. All six of us enjoyed the rides, and think the perspective we enjoyed from the seat of a bike was special. (more)bob sagor
From €549 - €623 excluding flights
Self guided cycling holiday in Brittany, France
Memorable parts? Riding the bike and seeing Mont Saint-Michel for the first time close up. Tips? Don't pack too much luggage. Local benefits? We went to small villages and and enjoyed there hospitality, as we always cruise on holiday this cycling hol must benefit the environment. Overall rating? It was a very good holiday, the routes were good and interesting, the bikes a little heavy from what I am used to, and a couple of the hotels we thought were tired, one was... (more)John Parker
From £910 excluding flights
Cycling holiday in Finland, forests and lakes
Memorable parts? The vast feeling of space and peacefulness. Staying in cabins on the shore of the lake and some great cycling. Tips? It was the mosquito season and they were voracious, so bring plenty of repellent! Local benefits? It certainly benefited local people who ran small guest houses where we stayed. Overall rating? Very, very highly. It certainly was one of the best cycling holidays we have ever done. (more)Paul Scott
From €550 excluding flights

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I am reborn! Simply the best holiday I have ever been on
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