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South Africa safari holiday, 14 days
Award winning safari in South Africa, from £2250 - £2850 (14 days) ex flights
South Africa and Swaziland safari
Lodge safari all encompassing South Africa & Swaziland, from £1405 (17 days) ex flights
Ten day wildlife safari, South Africa
Award winning wildlife safaris in South Africa, from £1740 - £2170 (10 days) ex flights
KwaZulu Natal holiday, South Africa
Kruger Park, Swaziland to Coast family adventure holiday, from £1965 (11 days) ex flights

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Three Reserve safari in South Africa
Best value, high quality stunning big game safari, from £1495 - £1695 (10 days) ex flights
South Africa Scenic Route small group camping safari
Camping safari through South Africa, Swaziland and Lesotho, from £1295 (18 days) ex flights
South Africa vista lodge safari
Classic Journey northern South Africa, Kruger private lodge, from £1850 (12 days) ex flights
Wildlife safari and whale watching in South Africa
5 day Whale watching South Africa add to your safari, from £990 - £1050 (5 days) ex flights
South Africa wildlife & culture holiday
Unique responsible South African round trip, from £967 (16 days) ex flights
South Africa safari & Victoria Falls
4 day Victoria Falls package, from £765 - £990 (4 days) ex flights
Mozambique marine conservation & Kruger safari
Moz Marine conservation & Kruger, from US $4136 (5 weeks) ex flights
Wildlife conservation project in Swaziland, South Africa
Savannah Conservation Project, from US $1902 - US $4343 (14 days) ex flights
Ceramics holiday in South Africa
Get fired up! South Africa's diverse, dynamic ceramics scene, from R49700 (10 days) ex flights
Cape Town to Victoria Falls small group camping safari
"Overland" camping safari to Namibia, Botswana & Zimbabwe, from £1740 (21 days) ex flights
South Africa wildlife reserves conservation expedition
The Big 5 game reserve expedition, from £730 - £2920 (14 days) ex flights
The Grand South Africa tour
The Ultimate South African Round Trip!, from £1389 (24 days) ex flights
Cape Town to Victoria Falls overland tour
Cape Town to Victoria Falls small group photographic tour, from £2230 (21 days) ex flights
Cape to Windhoek Namib desert small group camping safari
Camping safari from Cape Town to Namibia, Sossusvlei, Etosha, from Ä1850 (14 days) ex flights
South Africa volunteering holiday, Kruger to coast
Kruger 2 coast expedition, from US $3058 - US $3291 (4 weeks) ex flights
Mozambique, Zululand & beach small group safari
Relaxing Beach & Bush safari through South Africa Mozambique, from Ä1680 (14 days) ex flights
Swaziland to Cape Town volunteer expedition
Swazi to Cape, from US $5739 (12 weeks) ex flights
Western Cape tour in South Africa
Find the hidden gems of the Western Cape on this tour, from £836 (11 days) ex flights
South Africa history tour
Track South Africa's turbulent past via historical hotspots, from R81200 (11 days) ex flights
Community preschool volunteering in South Africa
Assist Preschool teachers in rural South Africa, from US $1591 (4 weeks) ex flights
Gardens of South Africa tour
Discover jewels of the Cape Floral Kingdom in spring time, from R83700 (12 days) ex flights
Cycling day tours in Cape Town
A locally guided cycling tour of a township in Cape Town, from R950 - R2300 per half day
South Africa gourmet tour
Savour the culinary flavours & wines of the Cape and Karoo, from R49000 (8 days) ex flights
Cape to Windhoek Namibia Desert small group lodge tour
Lodge safari from Cape Town to Namibia, Sossusvlei Etosha, from Ä2190 (13 days) ex flights
Nairobi to Cape Town overland tour
Travel from Kenya to the Southern tip of Africa via Victoria Falls, from £4850 (8 weeks) ex flights

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Cape Town to Victoria Falls small group lodge tour
Remember that this is Africa and everything does not work all the time. Be patient and positive and make friends along the way. (more)Louis Carroll
The most memorable part was driving with Makoros (traditional wood boot) to our wild camping in the Okavango Delta observed by hippos. (more)Sigrid Pach
From Ä3170 excluding flights
South Africa safari holiday, 14 days
Excellent, without question. The entire holiday exceeded our expectations. We saw much more wildlife than we imagined, and we experienced the bush in a direct, personal way. (more)Bruce Marsland
If you are looking for a first class small group safari experience which has the added benefits of a more hands approach to the wild life and conservation, culture, and people of South Africa and all at a reasonable cost, this is the ideal package. (more)Adele Struyck-Ismay
Five stars! It was, as stated, the adventure of a lifetime, which we were expecting, but we did not plan to gain so much more, in the way of making friends and feeling a part of missions that transcended mere tourism. (more)Tania Modleski
From £2250 - £2850 excluding flights
Endangered wildlife conservation in South Africa
It is really hard to decide of many of the memorable and exciting experiences on this holiday which one stands out the most for me. Everyday it seemed that I saw something different in the bush, unexpectedly two male cheetahs appeared one morning, then there was the cheetah with her cub, there were rhinos and rhino babies, one interesting experience for me personally was a close encounter with an Assasin Bug(reduviidae, heteroptera). (more)Cathy Bisset
The most memorable part was all the time we spent in the bush - at least 10h per day. To see the other side of the safari - i.e. not being in a traditional tourist vehicle. (more)Karin van Volen
Amazing!! Words cannot describe this adventure- over 1500 photos taken and a million memories. (more)Emma Clifford
From Ä950 - Ä1700 excluding flights
Self drive holiday in Cape Town and the Garden Route
The Safari in Amakala was the most memorable part of the holiday (more)Lucy Williamson
Brilliant. We did so many things in two weeks that the holiday felt as though we'd been away much longer. Thoroughly recommend this company, and we would use them again. (more)David Campbell
From £1245 - £1580 excluding flights
7 day big five safari in South Africa
Excellent - a truly amazing holiday for all the family! We met some wonderful, dedicated people, learnt an awful lot, saw some incredible wildlife- large and small - and have returned home with some amazing memories. (more)Rachel Gray
This was one of the best holidays we have experienced. The animal sightings were brilliant, the information we received about the bush was exceptional and above all, the friendliness of all the guides and staff and their desire to consider our every need resulted in a truly memorable holiday. (more)kim plumb
Individual highlights are too many to mention but one consistent one was the look on the girls faces when we found something special on a game drive...Fantastic, well organised and great value for money. (more)Neil Wilson
From £1425 - £1695 excluding flights
South Africa wildlife reserves conservation expedition
Memorable parts? Monitoring and tracking the wild dogs was a most memorable experience. We'd get up early in the morning and sit in the back of an open jeep and roar off to the last sighting. It was winter. It was cold. It didn't matter as it was a big adventure and the not knowing would we find them or not? Waiting and watching for the next time. Really great fun. Tips? For the winter, take lots of warm clothing layers as you can peel off as the weather warms up. Follow the list... (more)Keith Costelloe
From £730 - £2920 excluding flights
Cape Town to Victoria Falls small group camping safari
Memorable parts? Every day was a different wonder but the two days wild camping at the Okavanga Delta were really special. Tips? Be prepared for very early starts and not much relaxing times. Local benefits? Yes, local guides were used in a number of locations but obviously driving such long distances is not exactly environmentally friendly. Overall rating? Excellent. (more)christina monson
From £1740 excluding flights
South Africa self drive holiday, Northern experience
Memorable parts? There were many moments, but if i had to choose it was whilst driving through Kruger Park a group of five elephants crossed the road, we stopped the car and waited for them to pass. The last elephant before crossing altogether raised its trunk at us as a sign of thank you for letting them cross. It was fantastic. Tips? Well you have to be adventurous, there is a lot of driving to do to see the various attractions since some are at quite a distance but the scenery... (more)Anthony Ellul
From £574 excluding flights
Cycling day tours in Cape Town
Memorable parts? We did the cycling tour of Masiphumelele township and most memorable was our guide, Zwai, who was really knowledgeable with a great sense of humour. Lunch at Nonniís was not only very tasty but also very interesting as she shared her insights and views on life in present day South Africa. All of the people we met were very welcoming and travelling by bike it didnít feel too voyeuristic as it allowed for more interaction. We didnít see any other tourists and I think that,... (more)Claire Martin
From R950 - R2300 per half day
Ten day wildlife safari, South Africa
This was an exquisite holiday! (more)Sandy Schuler
Absolutely fantastic! I have been on several safari holidays both self arranged and commercial in the past, but the highly professional, personal, helpful, and friendly service provided by our hosts and their team surpasses anything I had previously experienced. They made us feel like family. (more)Lena Hughes
Excellent. Will be back! (more)Trish Russell
From £1740 - £2170 excluding flights
South Africa and Swaziland safari
A totally amazing and uplifting experience. A lot of fun, a lot of new things learnt, a new appreciation of another country and it's culture, and new friends made. (more)Cathy McCall
We went to some utterly stunning places, purely magical. The tour leaders couldn't have been better- humorous, brimming with knowledge and stories, fantastic chefs...I could go on (more)Christina Stephenson
Cape Town is truly a wonder of the world and the beaches on the Wild Coast were spectacular...This was one of the best trips I have ever been on. (more)Patricia Ruble
From £1405 excluding flights
South Africa wildlife & culture holiday
Seeing so many wild animals in their natural habitat was probably the best part of this experience and there were many opportunities to do this. We also enjoyed driving ourselves for most of the time so we could go at our own pace, but it was also excellent to have a driver for our day at Kruger. It would be difficult to know how to improve this holiday. (more)Barb Rooke
South Africa was more than we had hoped. So beautiful. Lovely people. Great food. Easy driving. Although we thought we might have given ourselves too much travelling to do it was fine - and felt very relaxed.. (more)cara foord
From £967 excluding flights
Research volunteering with leopards in South Africa
Memorable parts? The entire trip was memorable: sleeping in a tent and cooking over open fire, seeing the diversity of life on a daily basis, being immersed in the bush, hearing the roaring thunder bounce off the mountain walls, and doing my part for the conservation of the Thabo Thalo nature reserve. However, I think the most impactful part of the trip for me was when Tara and I went to see a local farmer whose goat herd had been attacked. The fact that we were called at all shows... (more)Julia Luxemburger
From £495 - £900 excluding flights
South Africa safari & Victoria Falls
Memorable parts? Being looked after by people that really care about the habitat and the wildlife within, who were happy to part their knowledge so that you got the most out of your trip, learning new skills in tracking wildlife and reading the bush and how the weather and time of the day effects all around you. Did enjoy the bush senses test ! Seeing more smaller and nocturnal animals, which were just as interesting as the big 5. Tips? Go with an open mind and you will learn new... (more)steve Harris
From £765 - £990 including domestic flights only
Three Reserve safari in South Africa
Don't concentrate on the big 5. There are plenty of other animals, birds and plant life to see and learn about. (more)Graham Lamb
This was the perfect safari for anyone who wanted to experience a variety within South Africa and didnít have time to set it up! (more)Jenny Sherwood
From £1495 - £1695 excluding flights
South Africa walking holiday
Memorable parts? Has to be Kruger National Park game drives but every day offered something exciting. Tips? Be aware that if you are British you may be the only English first language speaker as this company don't seem to sell many holidays to the UK - don't know why as they are great. Local benefits? Yes but it wasn't a main theme Overall rating? Excellent value, great fun,exciting (more)Hilary Cooper
From Ä1780 excluding flights
South Africa Scenic Route small group camping safari
Memorable parts? The animals! We had lots of opportunity to see them up close. Tips? It can be challenging. It is real camping where you have to set up and take down tents. To see the animals and also to cover the great distances that we did (over 3500 km), we had to get up early many mornings. Some days we ate breakfast standing up. Even at the best of times, we sat on small fold up canvass chairs. Some days involved sitting most of the day in a mini bus. The hikes were also often... (more)Lee Farnworth
From £1295 excluding flights
Camping safari in Southern Africa
Memorable parts? Most memorable moments were the sunset cruise and land safari at Chobe National Park in Botswana. Also camping at Elephant Sands where you can see elephants at a waterhole for hours. Tips? By all means go to southern Africa but do NOT book with this holiday provider. Before I booked I asked about what vehicle would be used on this trip. I was told about their great safari truck but for Game Trails both camping and accommodation trips they only use a minivan. It was... (more)Nancy Wiesenfeld
From £1250 excluding flights
Vic falls to Cape Town overland tour in 4 weeks
Memorable parts? Seeing hippos up close after travelling by mokoro ( canoe) in Okavango delta Tips? Come with open mind and interest in photography - be prepared to muck in but better than most overland trips in that we had a cook spacious vehicle and tents . Local benefits? Benefited local people when we visited Himba tribe and employed locals as porters and boaters . Overall rating? Very enjoyable and great range of locations (more)wendy taylor
From £2420 excluding flights

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