Spain special interest holidays and tours, 2014 and 2015

Learn Spanish and walk the Camino de Santiago, Spain
Camino de Santiago in the North of Spain +practical Spanish, from €720 (7 days) ex flights
Spanish course & walking holiday, Picos de Europa, Spain
Spanish classes + stunning hikes in Picos de Europa, from €720 (7 days) ex flights
Photography holiday in Picos de Europa, Spain
Photography in N. Spain's stunning mountains & Costa Verde, from £1185 - £1485 (8 days) ex flights
Luxury fitness holidays in Spain
Luxury weight loss, detox, fitness & wellness retreat Spain, from £1148 - £1298 (7 days) ex flights
Catalonia tours, walking and wine tasting in Spain
Walk one of the most thrilling wine regions in Spain., from £835 (8 days) ex flights
Yoga holidays in Spain
Luxury yoga inspired health retreats in stunning locations., from £550 - £1298 (6 days) ex flights
Painting holiday in Andalucia
Explore your creativity in a delightful Andalucian village, from £799 (8 days) ex flights
Photography holiday in Andalucia, Spain
Photography holidays in beautiful Andalucia, from £699 (8 days) ex flights
Yoga and Pilates holiday in Spain
Yoga and pilates holidays at gorgeous boutique hotels, Spain, from £695 (6 days) ex flights
Learn Spanish in Granada, Andalucia
Spanish courses in Granada, Andalusia, from €225 (5 days) ex flights
Yoga, kayaking & snorkelling holidays in Spain
Yoga & beach water sports in Denia, Alicante., from €625 - €695 (5 days) ex flights
Yoga retreats in Andalucia, Spain
Yoga and meditation in the magical mountains of Andalucia, from €599 - €1099 (6 days) ex flights
Luxury fitness & detox retreat in Spain for women
Detox, get fit and reverse the signs of ageing naturally., from £998 - £1298 (7 days) ex flights
Learn Spanish for travellers, Northern Spain
Learn Spanish enjoying the culture & history of North Spain, from €720 (7 days) ex flights
Photography course and holiday in Andalucia
Take your photography up a level in beautiful Andalucia, from £975 (7 days) ex flights
Andalucia walking & local cuisine holiday
Walking and gastronomy in tranquil and rural Andalucia, from £1088 (8 days) ex flights
Birdwatching holiday in Andalucia
Birdwatching holliday at the southwest of Spain and Portugal, from €550 (7 days) ex flights
North Spain small group holiday, a food adventure
Discover north of Spain food delicacies in Barcelona, Rioja & San Sebastian, from £1445 - £1490 (8 days) ex flights
Creative Spanish cooking holiday, Spain
The secrets of Iberic & Moroccan food in beautiful scenery, from €550 - €900 (8 days) ex flights
Cooking & walking holiday in Andalucia, Spain
Walking and Moro style cooking holiday in Spain, from €680 (7 days) ex flights
Singing holiday in Andalucia, Spain
An uplifting week of choral singing in sunny Andalucia, from £925 (7 days) ex flights
Moorish Spain to Marrakech by rail
Visit villages and Moroccon cities, from £996 - £1075 (11 days) inc UK flights
Learn Spanish in Granada, Spain
A variety of Spanish courses in Granada, from €160 (4 weeks) ex flights
Cooking holiday in Extremadura, Spain
Discover the delicious food and culture of Spain and beyond, from £975 (8 days) ex flights
Health & wellbeing holiday for women, Spain
Luxury women only health & wellness retreat., from £998 (7 days) ex flights
Spain yoga retreat
Alpujarras, Spain yoga week with author Chris Stewart, from €725 - €895 (7 days) ex flights
Learn Spanish & family activity holiday in Spain
Learn Spanish + Outdoor Activities canoe/cave/via ferrata..., from €720 (7 days) ex flights
Northern Spain by rail holiday
A fascinating tour with scenery and experiences, from £1899 (12 days) inc UK flights
Yoga & wellness holiday in Granada, Spain
Yoga, Fitness & Creative Holiday in Granada, Spain, from £699 (7 days) ex flights
Catalonia short break in Spain
3 night Gastronomy and Ballooning in La Garrotxa, Catalonia, from €480 (4 days) ex flights

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Painting holiday in Andalucia
The painting experience and teaching was the most memorable part of the holiday. (more)Luisa Brenta
I found it very enjoyable and relaxing; the organisers were efficient and friendly and created a welcoming environment. The mix of people on the course contributed to an interesting week as there were some serious painters and others who just wanted to dabble (more)Patricia Diango
Meeting a wonderful group of people and being tutored by a fantastic artist was the most memorable part of the holiday.... Also loved staying in local houses and becoming part of a traditional village for a week. (more)Lorraine Rutter
From £799 excluding flights
Photography holiday in Andalucia, Spain
The locations for the photo shoots were excellent - especially Comares and the lake. Good company enjoyed over the varied evening meals. (more)ROB INNIS
Great value for money - informative and friendly tuition, excellent accomodation and hospitality. (more)Louise Goddard
The week was very enjoyable - good photography tips, great locations in Spanish villages and coasts, and with 'staff' that seemed more like old friends than small business operators. And it was excellent value for money. (more)Murray Rudd
From £699 excluding flights
Photography holiday in Picos de Europa, Spain
Great time. Interesting locations. I got a lot of hands on time with the knowledgeable instructors. I ended up looking at certain things I'd never considered before, and have taken that knowledge home with me as I take photos here. (more)Shane Woods
Very good, I learned a lot. The small group size was perfect for a photography holiday and despite being very full in terms of activities was also very relaxing. Food very large portions and good range of choice. (more)d smith
The mountainous landscape of the Picos de Europa was stunning...lots of photographic help and advice was available for anyone who wished to take it and each participant was treated as an individual at their own level of expertise. (more)Maureen Fidkin
From £1185 - £1485 excluding flights
Spanish course & walking holiday, Picos de Europa, Spain
Fantastic - just what I needed! If you want to learn Spanish, go on some great hikes and be truly immersed in Spanish all week (both in school and in the local community) - then book it without hesitation! (more)Hazel Tyror
A challenging and rewarding week spent learning new skills and meeting warm, friendly people. (more)Cathryn Priestley
Memorable says it all. It's 5 star as a learning experience . A chance to learn more Spanish in a thoroughly enjoyable, varied and relaxed fashion - on subjects which have real relevance and usage in everyday Spanish life (more)Veronica Thompson
From €720 excluding flights
Learn Spanish and walk the Camino de Santiago, Spain
Just to say how much I enjoyed this trip. Amazing how much you can learn in 15hours beginners course. Caring, responsible and responsive team of teachers and walking guides. Great mountain views, coastal paths... unforgetable visit to the caves to see prehistoric painting - sophisticated. (more)Ethel Kojman
Good...The walks and the Spanish learning were the best parts. (more)Elizabeth Weightman
Excellent opportunity to learn Spanish while having very enjoyable holiday. Would thoroughly recommend it. (more)Barbara Ainger
From €720 excluding flights
Luxury fitness holidays in Spain
Memorable parts? Being able to relax! I had no idea what to expect and met up with a group of 30 - 55 year olds in need of time to relax and unwind. 14 burned out ladies! Gentle yoga, cardio circuits, walks, good food etc contributed to re-energise us. Good massages. Tips? To benefit fully you need to be moderately fit. Local benefits? Not really unless you count local expats as locals ... Overall rating? Good - wish I hadn't been in need to cut myself off to be able... (more)Susan Barnacott
From £1148 - £1298 excluding flights
Luxury fitness & detox retreat in Spain for women
Brilliant! It’s exactly what a lot of women need during stressful times and it’s a fantastic environment to make friends and support other people. There were lots of memorable aspects but the two things that stand out were the varied mixture of activities in the programme, and the cohesion of the group and tutors alike. (more)Jita Shah
The food was absolutely delicious and we were never hungry which was quite a surprise for a detox holiday. The exercise program was just perfect and you could do as much or as you felt able to. The treatments in the SPA were excellent. All around it was a fantastic holiday. (more)Sari Winckworth
From £998 - £1298 excluding flights
Birdwatching holiday in Andalucia
I will always remember the beauty of flamingoes, avocets and stilts close up, and seeing a hoopoe for the first time. The great part about this holiday was learning to identify so many birds in different habitats in springtime Andalusia with the expert assistance of our guide Sergio. (more)Elizabeth and Ross Kalucy
The most memorable thing during this holiday was our easy-going, friendly and very competent guide Sergio. He guided us through different landscapes and could always find us interesting spots with lots of birds and he could also tell us interesting things of what else we were seeing around us. (more)Helena Forss
From €550 excluding flights
Yoga retreats in Andalucia, Spain
Memorable parts? Everything! I had the most incredible, amazing time here - it was everything that I hoped it would be and more. The surroundings are beautiful, the accomodation is clean, homely and comfortable with everything you could need (shower gel, shampoo, herbal teas, books, DVDs etc etc), Namit and Maru are friendly and welcoming and Anna the chef is beyond amazing, her food is incredibly tasty, healthy and just wonderful - I cannot say enough good things about it! The yoga, meditation... (more)Claire Scanlan
From €599 - €1099 excluding flights
Yoga and Pilates holiday in Spain
Memorable parts? The super yoga and pilates classes and the lovely 12k coastal walk. Tips? The taxi from Alicanti to Denia was expensive at 120E, but was much quicker than a 2 hour bus trip where you have to take one bus to Benidorm, wait there half an hour and take another bus to Denia, cost about 20E, but alot of hassle travelling on your own. Local benefits? definitly benefitted local shops and resturants Overall rating? EXCELLANT (more)Lorna FitzGerald
From £695 excluding flights
Yoga, kayaking & snorkelling holidays in Spain
Memorable parts? The fantastic hotel we stayed at and the lovely small touches provided by the girls running the holiday Tips? Its a lovely hotel so booking an extra day or 2 is a great idea. The yoga is not very challenging so if you're very serious about you're yoga practice you may find it frustrating. Local benefits? Yes- it was a locally run small hotel which employed local people. The girls also tried to reduce environmental impact by recycling water bottles. Overall... (more)Tania Constable
From €625 - €695 excluding flights
Catalonia self guided walking holiday
Memorable parts? Most memorable - the variety of experiences: interesting coastal & mountain hiking, various culinary experiences (olive oil & wine tastings at vineyards, rural kitchen tasting & 33 course tasting at 2 star Michelin restaurant, daily picnics with local produce). Tips? The operator does a great job of helping you individualize your trip - through Tracy in the office & Callum who does the much of the guiding and "legwork" for the various routes. They are innovative... (more)Ruth Huneke
From £890 excluding flights
Singing holiday in Andalucia, Spain
Memorable parts? Very hard to say - it was all really good - excellent location,organisation, opportunity to meet like minded people, whole experience Tips? Make the most of every opportunity - go on the trips as they are well planned. Local benefits? It supported a local hotel and some local businesses. Our concert was free with collections going towards the community Overall rating? Outstanding in every way (more)Veronica Shaw
From £925 excluding flights
Learn Spanish in Granada, Andalucia
Memorable parts? The school is very well run. The staff and teachers are extremely professional and experienced. The two teachers I had were excellent, which I think make all the difference, and contributed to a wonderful experience. The school also organised a trip to see a stage performance of "Poet in New York" which was amazing. It was set in the Alhambra gardens which are beautiful and had a great atmosphere! Tips? Try and maximise your time in the school. The teachers recommend... (more)Craig Gibbons
From €225 excluding flights
Moorish Spain to Marrakech by rail
Travelling through Morocco was wonderful and it would be difficult to choose just one part, but the trip to the High Atlas is definitely one of the most impressive. (more)danila marinaro
Excellent value - excellent itinerary..The entire trip was exciting and memorable, but if i had to pick just a couple of items: Train trips, Fez walking tour and Marrakech main square at night. (more)Peta Rofe
Trekking in High Atlas mountains; ferry across from Algeciras to Tangiers; the Medina in Fez; Semana Santa in Malaga were the most memorable parts. (more)Miriam O'Keeffe
From £996 - £1075 including UK flights
Learn Spanish in Granada, Spain
Stepping out on the terrace and facing the magnificence of the Al Hambra Palaces in the sunshine. It’s one of those wonderful places you spend your whole life gazing at in pictures, but when you see it for yourself it is far more than any picture can portray. (more)Negla Salem
Excellent, the school and it's staff were well organised, encouraging and excellent value for money. The accommodation offered at the school site was basic but enjoyable for the company. (more)Maureen Perkins
It is so good, I am still here - have arranged to stay an extra week! (more)June King
From €160 excluding flights
Yoga holidays in Spain
The yoga fit holiday was a great mix of fitness activities. Although I did not expect to, I enjoyed the body toning. But the yoga stood out as the most memorable of the activities. (more)Carol Taylor
Great! just wish it had been longer than 6 days, 10 days would have been perfect. (more)Jai Lescieur
Great yoga in a lovely light and quiet studio within the hotel courtyard. Interesting hotel that wasn't far away from the beach, marina, tapas bars and lovely restaurants...I would definitely go again. Already looking at Nicole and Gary's Altea holiday. (more)Jo Channing
From £550 - £1298 excluding flights
Learn Spanish & family activity holiday in Spain
Memorable parts? The adventure activities - especially the canyoning in Picos de Europe. Tips? The Via Ferrata is not for the faint hearted. The guide, Jesus, is brilliant but you have to be reasonably fit and be able to pull you body weight up the ladders. Local benefits? Yes - benefitted local people. Overall rating? The language learning was a bit hard going. The area is very beautiful and great for outdoor types. (more)Kate Wykes
From €720 excluding flights
Valencia vegetarian B&B, Spain
Memorable parts? Visiting and discovering a new area and staying with like-minded people. Tips? Stay for longer! Local benefits? Yes, solar power, re-cycling water in a dry area and eating vegetarian food sourced locally or grown in the garden and an overall ecological ethos were just what we were looking for. Overall rating? Very, very good. (more)Jimmy James
From €22 - €32 per accommodation per night
Asturias country hotel, Spain
The beautiful Asturian house seemed part of the stunning surrounding countryside. From the hotel you could see both high peaks and gentle pasture land. It was a very peaceful stay - at night, the sound of the cow bells lulled you to sleep... (more)Helen Ryan-Atkin
It was so much more amazing than I'd ever expected. To start with the hotel, it's set in a breathtaking area of Asturias with dramatic mountains and serene meadows...It was amazing and exceeded my expectations. I would visit again in a heartbeat. (more)Rebecca Kraemer
It was truly excellent!... (more)John Holmwood
From €62 - €75 per double room per night

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