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We offer 5 Swimming holidays. Swim in some of the world's most pristine and stunning natural lakes, rivers and oceans on a responsible swimming holiday. From untouched lakes to pristine rivers, our swimming holidays are a great way to get fit, unwind and experience the stunning beauty of the lakes and rivers of the world, and have an unforgettable holiday at the same time!

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Slovenia lakes swimming holiday
Swim in the stunning lakes of Slovenia, Italy, Austria, from 550 (4 days) ex flights
Swimming with wild dolphins in the Azores
Live a dream and swim with wild dolphins, from 580 (8 days) ex flights
Swimming with Humpback whales, Tonga
Join us & the spectacular South Pacific Humpback whales of Tonga, from AU $4800 - AU $4950 (8 days) ex flights
Cycling & triathlon holidays for beginners, Spain
Beginner Triathlon and /or Cycling camps, All levels welcome, from 995 (8 days) ex flights
Swim with whales in Tonga
Swim with humpback whales in the beautiful islands of Tonga, from AU $3500 - AU $3900 (10 days) ex flights

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Swimming with Humpback whales, Tonga
I thought it was an amazing trip, we spent most of our days on the water so it was nice to return to our lovely resort after an incredible day of whale swimming, with my own beach room. I could even see whales passing by from my porch and I could hear them in the evening on one occasion. (more)Claire Bartlett
Most memorable would definitely be the first time that you slip in the water and your eyes take in the huge picture in front of you that is the humpback whales. Phenomenal, breathtaking, hard to describe to anyone who has not seen it. (more)Jenaya Bailey
Getting into the water for the first time with the whales. I really didn't think that we would be so close so to see a mother and calf just hanging in the water right in front of us was truly amazing. It was an honour to be allowed to enter their world and to get just a glimpse if them in the wild. (more)Deborah Marzohl
From AU $4800 - AU $4950 excluding flights
Swimming with wild dolphins in the Azores
We loved it so much we are going to do it again. It's a week of being somewhere completely amazing. peaceful and different - underwater - and everyone and everything helped us to concentrate on that and have a terrific time. (more)Lynda Bailey
Just four words, really: out of this world. Oh - and unforgettable....The first time the dolphins came close to us in the water: being able to hear the clicks and squeaks as they sussed us out, seeing the bubbles they blew at us and watching them look us in the eye as they shimmied past. (more)Lisa Newman
Superb. All I had hoped and was good to be somewhere relatively free of tourism, and with a company which proactively thinks about limiting impact on the natural life and the environment...this philosophy helped make the experience special. (more)Suzie Palmer
From 580 excluding flights
Slovenia lakes swimming holiday
Brilliant, I will go again providing they are prepared to out up with my lack of speed. I really fancy the Costion sea trip. A superb holiday and I promise you won't think about work once. (more)Craig Thomson
The swimming holiday was absolutely amazing and I feel super fortunate to have won it...Slovenia is a most beautiful country. The landscape is superb and the lakes we swam in were clear and magical. (more)Kate Fox Evans
From 550 excluding flights

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I am reborn! Simply the best holiday I have ever been on
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Some great stories to tell the grandchildren. Would recommend to a friend
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It was OK
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A bit disappointing really
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