Adventure holidays in Tanzania. Tours & holidays in 2016 & 2017

Tanzania adventure holidays

Tanzania adventure holidays

Names such as Kilimanjaro, the Serengeti and the Great Migration just buzz with adventure. Camping safaris are a particularly intrepid way to discover these from ice-clad mountain slopes to the wildlife-packed Ngorongoro Crater. Our Tanzania adventure holidays take you from Maasai villages in the north to the rarely traversed south, where wilderness takes on a truly different meaning.

Private tailor made Kilimanjaro climb and Zanzibar
Private tailor made Kilimanjaro Climb & Zanzibar beach trip, from 1699 - 1899 (12 days) ex flights
Selous safari & Mafia Islands diving holiday
Africa's largest game park, from 3180 (13 days) inc UK flights
Tanzania camping safari
Your tailor-made Tanzanian camping safari, from 1375 - 1690 (8 days) ex flights
Tanzania expedition, Rufiji River descent
Private adventure penetrating deep into the African bush, from 2195 (13 days) ex flights

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Rongai Route Kilimanjaro climb and Tanzania safari
Kilimanjaro via the little used Rongai Route, from 2899 - 3249 (12 days) inc UK flights
Kilimanjaro Climb, safari & Zanzibar holiday
Roof Top of Africa & Palm fringed Island of Zanzibar, from US $4550 - US $5850 (15 days) ex flights
Kilimanjaro climb, Machame Route
One of the most scenic routes to trek, from 1450 (8 days) ex flights
Kilimanjaro climb, Rongai route
Ascend Mt Kilimanjaro's Rongai Route, from 2249 - 3129 (10 days) inc UK flights
Climb Kilimanjaro, Machame Route
Machame Route to Kilimajaro plus visit a community project, from 1599 (9 days) ex flights
Serengeti Trail, Kenya & Tanzania safari
Overland truck safari, from 960 - 1125 (8 days) ex flights
Kilimanjaro Machame Trek, 8 Days
Topography of the route is conducive to good acclimatisation, from US $1950 - US $2550 (8 days) ex flights
Lemosho route Kilimanjaro climb and safari
A unique climb and a classic Tanzania safari, from 3899 - 4249 (15 days) inc UK flights
Kenya & Tanzania wildlife tour, Masai to Serengeti
Experience the ultimate wildlife adventure in 10 days, from 849 (10 days) ex flights
Tanzania solar eclipse 2016 and wildlife holiday
Unique opportunity to view eclipse from best location, from 3699 (10 days) inc UK flights
Camping safari in Tanzania
Authentic camping trip to Tanzania, from 2750 (9 days) ex flights
Kilimanjaro Machame Route trek
Trek the amazing Machame Route to the summit of Kilimanjaro, from 2145 - 2385 (9 days) ex flights
Kilimanjaro & Meru trekking holiday
An incomparable African odyssey for the dauntless trekker, from 2450 - 3000 (15 days) ex flights
Private tailor made Kilimanjaro, Machame route
Private tailor made Kilimanjaro climb: Machame route, from 1349 - 1899 (9 days) ex flights
Kilimanjaro trek, Lemosho route
Trek the less trodden Lemosho route to Kili's peak, from 1125 - 1335 (9 days) ex flights
Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, tailor made
A challenging trek tailormade, from 1295 (8 days) ex flights
Kilimanjaro trek, Rongai Route
See Africa from the peaks of Mt Kilimanjaro, from 1855 - 2005 (8 days) ex flights
Whale Shark conservation holiday in Tanzania
Whale Shark Conservation in the stunning island of Mafia, from 1355 - 5205 (14 days) ex flights
Climb Kilimanjaro, Rongai Route
Summit the highest peak in Africa, from 1595 (8 days) ex flights
Private tailor made Kilimanjaro climb and safari
Private Kilimanjaro Climb and Great Migration Safari, from 3248 - 4698 (14 days) ex flights
Mafia Island holiday
Off beaten track treehouse beach stay on Tanzania's coast, from 1100 - 1395 (8 days) ex flights
Tanzania holiday
A stunning and remarkable journey across Tanzania, from 5190 - 6285 (16 days) ex flights
Kilimanjaro trekking holiday, Machame route
Kilimanjaro 10-day climb through scenic Machame Route, from 1245 (10 days) ex flights
Tanzania holiday, Kilimanjaro trek, safari & beach
The incomparable, complete, Tanzanian adventure holiday, from 3450 - 5000 (21 days) ex flights

79 reviews for Adventure holidays in Tanzania4.5 star overall rating

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Kilimanjaro Climb, safari & Zanzibar holiday
Memorable parts? Too many to mention! Highlights - getting to the top of Kilimanjaro and Serengeti safari! Tips? Do your research. We tweaked our holiday quite a bit and the main aim was to climb Kilimanjaro - had we not researched and as such altered the original itinerary by adding an extra day - we would NOT have made it to the top - which would have soured the rest of the trip which was to go on safari and finish in Zanzibar. Local benefits? Yes - we had sixteen people... (more)Angie Koufou
From US $4550 - US $5850 excluding flights
Tanzania holidays, Selous, Zanzibar & the coast
It's actually pretty hard to describe this trip in a few words - it was truly magical and inspirational! (more)Nina Szewczak
Way better than I ever could have imagined. I will be going again! (more)Carole Artis
Absolutely amazing. The most memorable holiday ever. (more)Michael Moulsley
From 1895 excluding flights
Lemosho Route Kilimanjaro Climb
Excellent experience but very tough. (more)Mair James
The most memorable and exciting part of the holiday was of course the ascent of Kilimanjaro on summit day. It was exhilarating arriving at the peak after all the lead up to it and the views were fantastic. (more)Jane Walker
Getting to the summit of Kilimanjaro with all my friends - old and new was most memorable...Do it! And take the Lemosho route - it is the best one. 10/10. (more)Annika Ratcliffe
From 2679 - 3499 including UK flights
Kilimanjaro climb, Rongai route
Even the tipping ceremony was wonderful, but the last day of the trek was probably the best. Beautiful surroundings and walking easily down hill with new friends knowing that Kilimanjaro had been achieved. (more)Marleen James
The entire trip was truly a once in a lifetime adventure - every day was exciting... Fantastic! (more)Jasmin Roman
7/10...Yes my adventure benefited local people. (more)Mussarat Khan
From 2249 - 3129 including UK flights
Mafia Island holiday
Snorkelling and diving amongst a myriad of fish in all colours and sizes was the most memorable part. (more)Stephen Kearney
The highlights were staying in the tree houses. Scuba diving in Chole and Chumbe (more)Sunna Altnoder
The resort, people and everything were just perfect, we couldn't have had a better time and hope to return there in the future. The staff of this operator have just been amazing and we can't praise Louise enough, so thank you. (more)Mr and Mrs Horsey
From 1100 - 1395 excluding flights
Kilimanjaro climb, Machame Route
Memorable parts? The joy and relief of reaching the top of kili, timed to perfection as the sun broke through the horizon. Tips? If you want a challenge this is the trip for you and do the 7 day your body will thank you for it. Local benefits? Yes, we brought money and employment to the area, the mountain set up was great, the only visible sign is where people had left rubbish on route. (more)Daniel Waller
From 1450 excluding flights
Serengeti Trail, Kenya & Tanzania safari
Memorable parts? Wildlife drives. Local benefits? Yes. Overall rating? Excellent. (more)Anne Brautigam
From 960 - 1125 excluding flights
Tanzania camping safari
Memorable parts? Seeing the great migration, thousands of wildebeest crossing a river while making a "snoring" sound. We stayed their watching them for several hours. Wonderful. Tips? Think about the fact that you want to go camping or prefer staying in a lodge. The bathroom-facilities on the camping sites are basic. Local benefits? Our guide was really concerned with respecting the natural habits and behaviours of the animals and he always put this before trying to fulfil... (more)Suzy Mentens
From 1375 - 1690 excluding flights
Kilimanjaro Shira Route climb
The highlight was the day we reached Uhuru Peak. What an unforgettable experience!!! (more)Emma Recchia
The most memorable part of the climb was probably the feeling of accomplishment when reaching the peak. I felt like I could accomplish anything in life now that I had made this trek successfully. (more)Kurtis Welton
From 1990 excluding flights
Kilimanjaro Climb, Serengeti safari and Zanzibar
Train as much as possible. Pack wisely (more)Jodie Baldy
A highlight was the way the experience of safari, Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar combined to give a really enjoyable flavour of East Africa. (more)Mike Sage
Absolutely amazing - super balance of safari, mountain climbing and relaxing at the beach in one trip. Don't think it can be beaten! (more)Amy-Jane Valender
From 3699 including UK flights
Climbing Kilimanjaro, Machame Route 7 days
The whole trip was wonderful. I was passionate about wanting to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and got 2 friends to agree and with the added incentive of raising money for a charity...Just do it! It is an experience and if you like trekking it is absolutely fantastic....would love to do it again. (more)Chetana Parmar
Some of the best experiences I am ever likely to have.... (more)Graeme Cooper
Great holiday - I was travelling alone and have not done much walking before so was a little worried - the guides, office and porters were really supportive. Route was stunning - really good - can't fault it. Thanks !!! (more)Adam Dearnley
From US $1895 - US $2820 excluding flights
Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, tailor made
Wonderful hike up Kili and safari (more)Berenice Belizaire
The most memorable and exciting part of my holiday was Kilimanjaro - reaching the summit despite the cold! (more)Carla Almeida
From 1295 excluding flights
Your own group trip up Kilimanjaro
Memorable parts? The last night in the bar when we all made it. Tips? Leave more stuff back at the hotel before leaving for the climb. Beware you need to bring cash with you and let your bank know your travelling or they may stop your cash point card. Local benefits? Yes it did. Overall rating? 9 out of 10. (more)Brendan Hayes
From 1313 - 1713 excluding flights
Climb Kilimanjaro, Rongai Route
An amazing experience, as I celebrated my 50th birthday at the summit with Hashim, the guide that supported me throughout the summit night, ensuring my safety. I have some brilliant photographs and met some lovely people! (more)Anne Marshallsay
Reaching Uhuru Peak. This was most memorable. (more)Abdi Ali
Excellent. It was difficult to foresee exactly how things would be, but in general it was an enjoyable challenge and very rewarding in meeting other like minded people as well as the kind and hard working porters and guides. (more)Neil Robdale
From 1595 excluding flights

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