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We offer 37 Tasmania holidays. This Australian island and state is separated by Bass Strait and lies south of the continent. A Tasmanian holiday is a majestic Australian experience. Discover Tasmania’s stunning ancient landscapes, World Heritage wilderness, historic towns such as Hobart, the island's capital and even be lucky enough to spot the renowned Tasmanian Devil. Our Tasmania holidays are the perfect way to explore this unique, heritage-rich island destination.
B&B self drive tour of Tasmania, meet the locals
Self-drive staying in Tasmania's most charming B&Bs, from AU $950 - AU $2950 (7 days) ex flights
Tasmania eco retreat, Freycinet NP
Wild with Style - Accommodation in Freycinet, Tasmania, from AU $250 - AU $440 per accommodation per night
Tasmania East Coast tour, 3 days
Discover the heritage, scenery and wildlife of Tasmania, from AU $500 - AU $840 (3 days) ex flights
Tasmania 7 day tour, Australia
"All-In-One" Tour in 6 days for complete taste of Tasmania, from AU $1295 - AU $2150 (7 days) ex flights

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Tasmania self guided cycling holiday, Australia
Cycling touring holiday along Tasmania's stunning east coast, from AU $1080 - AU $1390 (8 days) ex flights
Tasmania East Coast to Cradle Mountain tour, 4 days
Best of Tasmania in 4 days, a summary tour, from AU $700 - AU $1200 (4 days) ex flights
Tasmania luxury tour, 7 days
Experience Tasmania on this private charter journey, from AU $2995 (7 days) ex flights
Tasmania wildlife tour
Extraordinary encounters with Tasmania's endemic wildlife, from AU $1295 - AU $4500 (15 days) ex flights
Tasmania walking holiday, tailor made
Wilderness walks with Tasmanian guides, from £2625 (12 days) ex flights
Western Tasmania wilderness tour, 3 days
Tasmania's wilderness through the west coast incl Cradle Mt, from AU $515 - AU $915 (3 days) ex flights
Tasmania 6 day tour, Australia
Experience Tasmania’s most famous sights and scenes, from AU $1090 - AU $1950 (6 days) ex flights
Tasmania self-guided cycling holiday, east coast tour
Self guided bike tour along Tasmania´s stunning east coast, from AU $650 - AU $1550 (8 days) ex flights
Tasmania coastal walking holiday, Australia
Guided walking in beautiful Tasmania, from AU $2545 - AU $2595 (7 days) ex flights
Tasmania fishing holiday
Fly fishing holidays in Tasmania for beginners to experts, from AU $2195 - AU $5695 (4 days) ex flights
Cradle Mountain day tour in Tasmania, Australia
World Heritage listed and Tasmania's unique natural wonder, from AU $100 - AU $125 per day (1 day)
Cycling holiday in Tasmania
Bicycle tour with support vehicle in spectacular Tasmania, from AU $1480 - AU $2850 (9 days) ex flights
South Coast Track Tasmania trekking holiday, Australia
Explore spectacular, unspoiled Tasmanian Wilderness, from AU $2295 (9 days) ex flights
Strahan luxury accommodation in Tasmania
Ormiston House at Strahan's west coast of Tasmania, from AU $140 - AU $270 per accommodation per night
Tasmania small group walking holiday
A walking holiday in pristine Tasmanian World Heritage Areas, from AU $1695 (6 days) ex flights
Franklin River rafting holiday in Tasmania
Rafting and conservation on the Franklin River, from £1450 (9 days) ex flights
Tasmania east coast camping & walking tour
Hiking & Luxury camping tour. Tasmanians stunning east coast, from AU $995 - AU $1295 (5 days) ex flights
Maria Island walking tour in Tasmania
Four days gentle guided walk on spectacular Maria Island, from AU $2350 - AU $2400 (4 days) ex flights
Tasmania luxury tour, 4 days
Discover the gems of Tasmania on this small group journey, from AU $1995 (5 days) ex flights
Tasmania wilderness walking holiday in Australia
Explore the fascinating wilderness of Tasmania, from AU $3095 - AU $3195 (8 days) ex flights
Southern Australia & Tasmania tailor made holiday
See Tasmania, Victoria and South Australia, tailor made, from £3895 (15 days) inc UK flights
Tarkine walking & canoeing tour, Tasmania
Serene flat water tour in pedal powered Hobie canoes, from AU $1645 (5 days) ex flights
Tasmania wildlife holiday, Australia
Experience Tasmania's unique and abundant wildlife in style, from AU $3895 (8 days) ex flights
Day tours in Tasmania, tailor made
What would you like to see in Tasmania? We can go anywhere, from AU $180 - AU $500 per day (1 day)
Gourmet tour in Tasmania, Australia
Tasmania's private charter gourmet experience, from AU $2995 - AU $5015 (5 days) ex flights

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B&B self drive tour of Tasmania, meet the locals
Memorable parts? Encountering the Tassie wildlife from close-up, in many cases. Eagles, echidnas, platypodes, wallabies, pademelons, superb fairy wrens. We greatly enjoy being in the presence of animals and observing their behaviour so that was a real highlight! Tips? Make sure payment details are well sorted ahead of time, and allow lots more driving time than indicated - as there are lots of worthwhile stopping spots along the way. Some advice regarding restaurants in Tassie: Many... (more)Sandra Mendenhall
From AU $950 - AU $2950 excluding flights

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Cliff jump, South coast Wombats Bay of Fires Tasmania app

Tasmania adventure holidays

Adventure experiences in Tasmania can be like the island’s spectacular landscape – unspoiled and deeply personal. With one of the last great temperate wilderness areas on Earth, Tasmania is a huge outdoor playground. The island is about the same size as the Republic of Ireland yet offers a fiercely diverse environment, from sweeping beaches to alpine tarns and ancient rainforests. It is a paradise that is shared with visitors in an environmentally friendly way through more than 300 adventure and eco-tours.

Walking in Tasmania

Tasmania has spectacular scenery, of which over a third is protected National Park or World Heritage area. Perched below mainland Australia, Tasmania is an ancient and diverse landscape, moderated by its temperate maritime climate. Its many walks will take you deep into 60 million year old rain forests, up jagged mountain peaks and along stunning sea cliffs, white sands and pristine waters. Best of all, you’re more likely to bump into some of Tasmania’s weird and wonderful wildlife than the ubiquitous hordes of people found on so many of the world’s walking trails.

Tasmania wildlife

Tasmania has many unique animals. Some, like the Tasmanian devil are well-known. Others, such as the Pademelon, Eastern Quoll or Bettong are less well known but equally fascinating. Many of the species you will see in Tasmania have become extinct or are on the verge of extinction on mainland Australia. The lack of introduced predators and high level of habitat protection on the island and inpenetrable terrain make Tasmania a final refuge - a last chance - for many species.

Wilderness holidays in Tasmania

Tasmania’s western wilderness is one of the world’s most mesmerising UNESCO World landscapes. One of the largest tracts of cool temperate rain forest in the world this 60 million year old landscape covers an area roughly the size of Yorkshire and is home to huge numbers of endemic flora and fauna including the tallest flowering trees in the world and the sadly endangered Tasmanian devil and Orange Bellied Parrot.

The Western Wilderness gained UNESCO World Heritage status in 1982 after a long battle to stop the majestic Gordon River being dammed and was ultimately the birth of the green movement in Australia, having toppled the local government and paved the way for the Green Party. Today, it is one of the last true wildernesses on earth. Raft its tannin stained rivers, walk along its empty beaches or simply marvel in awe at the size of its trees.

Tasmania food & drink

Tasmania has built a reputation over recent decades as Australia’s gourmet island. Outstanding seafood, a range of more than 100 specialty cheeses, world-famous honey, excellent meat and crisp, fresh vegetables attract buyers and fastidious consumers to the islands in the Southern Ocean. Now global negatives are adding a positive local impetus. Concerns about food safety in an increasingly polluted world have focused attention on Tasmania’s famously clean air, ample supplies of clean water and freedom from many of the outside world’s pests and diseases. Tasmanian farmers have no need to use certain chemicals that are routinely applied to food crops in other regions. Because food is GM-free and artificial hormones and antibiotics are not used to promote livestock growth, it is as safe as it is delicious.

Celebrate 30 years of Tasmanian World Heritage Wilderness
with this Free Tasmania app for iPhone

30 years ago the Tasmanian Southwest Wilderness was listed as a World Heritage Site, the only place on earth to fulfil seven out of the ten criteria, bringing to a successful conclusion a world wide campaign that saw environmental activists protesting to save Tasmania's natural heritage from being sold down the river.

To celebrate this landmark decision that put Tasmania on the eco-tourism map, Tourism Tasmania (in association with is inviting travellers to explore the diverse natural wilderness with a unique iPhone app that showcases the best that Tassie has to offer. Scan the QR code (right) or download the app here
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