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Vietnam to Thailand, small group holiday
A fascinating journey through Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, from 442 - 600 (9 days) ex flights
South East Asia tour, Hanoi to Singapore
Discover a multitude of histories and cultures, from 2739 (43 days) ex flights
Indochina tour, small group
Experience the diversity of Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, from 1105 - 1275 (26 days) ex flights
Northern Thailand small group tour
Temples, ancient ruins & exotic markets of Northern Thailand, from 595 - 690 (8 days) ex flights

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Indochina tours
An awesome adventure Cambodia Laos Thailand & Vietnam, from 2330 - 2715 (30 days) ex flights
Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh City
Thailand to Southern Vietnam via Angkor Wat, from 442 - 600 (9 days) ex flights
Indochina overland tours
Discover the heart and soul of Indochina, from 1869 - 1999 (30 days) ex flights
Indochina overland holiday
The ultimate discovery of South East Asia, from 2999 - 3449 (30 days) inc UK flights
Northern Thailand and hill tribes tour
From gleaming highrises to the remote Thailand's hills, from 479 - 529 (8 days) ex flights
Cycling holiday to Indochina and Angkor Wat
Cross three countries with contrasting recent histories, from 2159 - 2599 (16 days) inc UK flights
Bangkok to Singapore small group tours
Small group adventure tour in Malaysia, Singapore & Thailand, from 879 - 979 (14 days) ex flights
North Thailand group holiday, a food adventure
Experience the freshness, tanginess and spiciness of Thailand, from 665 - 725 (8 days) ex flights
Thailand by rail holiday
Get a real taste of Thailand by travelling the local way, from 798 (13 days) ex flights
Indochina holiday, Hanoi to Bangkok via Angkor
Awesome adventure through Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, from 995 - 1150 (22 days) ex flights
Thailand holiday on a shoestring
An amazing budget introduction to Thailand, from 420 (8 days) ex flights
Thailand activity holiday
Cycle trek and kayak in Thailand, from 1149 - 1279 (14 days) ex flights
Thailand beach tour, West Coast
Clear waters, white sands, swaying palms & a beach bungalow, from 730 - 880 (9 days) ex flights
Thailand family holidays
A fabulous family holiday including the best of Thailand, from 1450 - 1650 (14 days) ex flights
Thailand and Laos adventure holiday
A classic overland journey from Thailand to Laos, from 706 - 955 (13 days) ex flights
Elephant conservation in Thailand
Volunteering with elephants in Thailand, from 450 (7 days) ex flights
Indochina small group adventure holiday
Asia's backroads including the Golden Triangle and Mekong River , from 2399 - 2899 (18 days) inc UK flights
Bangkok to Singapore small group holiday
Soak up traditional cultures and exotic flavours, from 1240 - 1445 (15 days) ex flights
Holidays to Thailand, Classical Thailand
Thailand at a relaxed pace, from 2099 - 2779 (15 days) inc UK flights
Thailand and Laos tour, 9 days
Experience superb Asian foods while exploring local places, from 954 (9 days) ex flights
Vietnam, Cambodia & Thailand overland tour
The very best of Indochina -Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam, from 1510 - 1750 (22 days) ex flights
Thailand tour, north & the west coast
The best of north and south - the definitive Thailand tour, from 1290 - 1535 (16 days) ex flights
Thailand small group tour, 7 day
The perfect introduction to beautiful Thailand, from 663 (7 days) ex flights
Laos, Cambodia and Thailand overland truck tour
Overland through this stunning part of South East Asia, from 1110 (18 days) ex flights
Singapore to Bangkok small group tour
Singapore - Bangkok. Bustling big cities to isolated islands, from 770 - 895 (13 days) ex flights

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Indochina tours
Very good...Walking the Fitzroy track in Patagonia was the most memorable part (more)Carol McKearney
Laos is beautiful and the people are gentle and kind. Vietnam is crazy, hectic with stunning beaches and Halong Bay, Wow...Excellent. (more)Anne Honeyball
was one of the best trips I have ever done. We experienced all kinds of travel, visited many amazing sites and learned more in one month than most people do in a lifetime. The most memorable part was the homestay where we experienced what life really is for the locals who were so welcoming and friendly to us. (more)Sarah Beddow
From 2330 - 2715 excluding flights
Indochina overland holiday
Our guides Ant, V & Kinal were so considerate they went out of their way to show us the best of each country & more. Fantastic! (more)Annie Koppi
Excellent holiday. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Would recommend to others....An excellent way to see Indochina - airport to airport guided tour - with everything taken care of - excursions, hotels, transport, etc. The people are amazingly friendly, the scenery is superb, all very refreshing. Halong Bay and Angkor Wat stick out just a bit above the rest of the places we visited. (more)Vinod Mehta
From 2999 - 3449 including UK flights
South East Asia tour, Hanoi to Singapore
Snorkelling for the first time in Nha Trang (and second time in Ko Phi Phi!) was fantastic, jungle trekking in both Thailand and Malaysia was awesome...Outstanding - varied, educational and stacks of fun. (more)Matt Williams
There were so many highlights to this holiday which covered so many countries... Staying the night in a hilltribe village in northern Thailand, snorkling on the coral reefs around Ko Phi Phi, 4x4 driving, drinking tea in a tea plantation in the Cameron highlands...exploring great cities like KL and Singapore. Fantastic, but tough going at times! (more)Bridie Brittain
From 2739 excluding flights
Vietnam to Thailand, small group holiday
This trip was packed full of adventure. Every day welcomed a memorable experience. (more)Caroline Hamilton
All the tour has been exciting. (more)Terry Basilico
From 442 - 600 excluding flights
Thailand activity holiday, bike, hike & raft
Memorable parts? The first village stay on the hill tribe trek - we were the first group to stay in this village, and the kids were so excited to see us that I think we became a free babysitting service to the whole village for the entire night! Tips? Be prepared to 'rough it' and bring a sense of adventure with you. Many of the nights accommodation involve some form of shared accommodation with the whole group - think home stays, bamboo huts when trekking, house boats, and sleeper... (more)Hannah Gausden
From 846 - 1085 excluding flights
Thailand activity holiday
Memorable parts? Trekking in the hill area around Chang Mai, and staying in the tree house. The kayaking from beautiful beaches and the many historical buildings were also very memorable Tips? Definitely take a rucksack. For those who didn't it was a hassle. We did not really need water bottles as water provision was excellent Local benefits? Yes, especially in the less traditionally tourist areas. This was less soon the beach areas where tourism seemed more well established. Overall... (more)Ruth Leese
From 1149 - 1279 excluding flights
Bangkok to Singapore small group tours
Memorable parts? I love Cameron Highlands and the trekking experience Tips? Do some research on the places to visit. When packing, take outfit and shoes for a night out at bars and clubs but also pack some warm clothes and a light waterproof jacket Avoid street food and tap water as you may end up with a bad stomach. This include avoiding fresh fruit and salad that have been washed with tap water. Carry some tablets for loose stool When going out, avoid carrying all your money with... (more)Pratima Bisto
From 879 - 979 excluding flights
Thailand family holidays
Amazing vacation. Such a great experience filled with memories that are sure to last a lifetime! (more)Sumi Mazzarolo
We had the most amazing holiday and all of us thoroughly enjoyed the "local" experiences we had, from giving alms to the monks to riding through rice fields on bikes. We really enjoyed meeting real Thai people and seeing different sides to Thailand. (more)Rayner McKenzie
From 1450 - 1650 excluding flights
Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh City
I was very pleased with my vacation. It was non-stop activity, but our guide made sure it was worry-free. (more)Cristi Combe
Excellent...Angkor Wat was the memorable part. (more)Elodie Maria Sube
Superb! Guide was excellent and itinerary was perfect. Sunrise at Angkor Wat will take your breath away! (more)Ian Young
From 442 - 600 excluding flights
Cycling holiday to Indochina and Angkor Wat
Excellent - thank you very much. All provisions and services were provided by locals and the relationship the guide had with them was obviously due to good relationships in place. (more)Ian MacEachern
I really enjoyed the experince. Getting to see three countries off the beaten track was an experience and we were all the time active on the holiday (more)Tom Mc Conalogue
Cycling in Thailand was the most memorable part. (more)Fon Atang
From 2159 - 2599 including UK flights
Central Thailand cycling & culture tour
Excellent! The most memorable part was seeing the huge water monitor near where we were cycling. (more)Claudia Mueller
An awesome time. Insightful, and picturesque. Stimulating and relaxing. (more)Tom Pearson
Riding on the back roads and seeing life outside of Bangkok was amazing! The riding was relaxing and we could stay longer at places that we were especially interested in. (more)Ami Christensen
From US $666 excluding flights
Timeless Thailand holiday
The temples in Angkor Wat / Siem Reap were incredible. The roads in Cambodia were pretty memorable as well [though for a completely different reason!]. (more)Candy Owens
Great country, fantastic guide, very friendly and welcoming local people. Would book another trip with same company but especially Thailand if I could get the same guide as she really helped the group come together and made sure everything went as smoothly and was as much fun as possible. (more)Louise Massen
From 836 - 1260 excluding flights
Elephant conservation in Thailand
Loved each second of it. 10/10. (more)Sarah Marsden
My holiday was the best experience of my life, so much so I wasn't ready to leave and got very upset when the time came to leave. I fell in love my elephant Campion and Boonma and his family welcomed me with open arms. Such good hearted people. The experience with them added to my amazing experience and I would recommend anyone try this experience. I would give this experience 10 out of 10 there was nothing I feel could of been better except for me booking longer! (more)Debbie Field
Thoroughly enjoyed - The baby elephant playing-a real privilege to see! (more)Amanda Patrick
From 450 excluding flights
Holidays to Thailand, Classical Thailand
Memorable parts? The cookery course at Cooking at Home. The railway and war cemetary at Kanchanaburi, elephant training centre. Time to "chill" Tips? Think about booking an extra night before/after the trip. The hotel in Bangkok is close to the markets of Banglampu and Thawet and the best shopping was in Bangkok. Be prepared for the heat/humidity. Up to 40 degrees in March. However this is a very leisurely trip and most of the accommodation was very comfortable so it was more than... (more)deborah lloyd
From 2099 - 2779 including UK flights
Indochina small group adventure holiday
Memorable parts? The Angkor temples - If this was just one temple it would probably not be as majestic, but the plethora of temples, their architecture and engineering and the area they cover is simply breathtaking! Tips? It's a trip easily coordinated on your own and you do not need to pay an agency premium for it, unless you are pressed for time. Allow at least 3 days in Angkor. Try flying as much as you can and avoid road travelling as the roads and driving are rather bad - spoiling... (more)Yianna Loizou
From 2399 - 2899 including UK flights
Thailand and Laos adventure holiday
Memorable parts? I enjoyed the homestay the most as I felt like we got to understand a little bit about the people and managed to keep fit with the kids :) Tips? Plan for a few days in Singapore at the start. Local benefits? Yes, the homestay. Overall rating? I enjoyed it a lot. (more)Dave Wood
From 706 - 955 excluding flights
Thailand family holiday
Trekking in the hills of Northern Thailand and staying in a traditional Hilltribe Village home were the most memorable parts. (more)Suzi Drew
Most memorable were the stay with Karen hill tribe and the seclusion of the beach in koh samet. (more)Farrukh Alam
Fantastic holiday enjoyed by all the family... Riding elephants and jet boating down the canals were real highlights. (more)Lisa Beckenham
From 1609 - 1959 including UK flights

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