Trans Siberian Express travel guide

Whether you’re heading from Beijing to Moscow or vice versa, a Trans Siberian Railway holiday will stay with you until you’re as old and gnarly as that provodnik you met in Irkutsk. The jump on/jump off nature of an organised tour allows you to experience the best of both worlds with constantly moving lake, forest and village scenes blending with insightful overnight stays in traditional ger camps and guesthouses. Not only will you get to experience the landscapes of Russia, Mongolia and China but you’ll also meet the people too. Students returning home from university, construction workers moving between projects and families visiting elderly Siberian relatives, you really never know who you’ll bump into over the course of your journey. Cards, chess, language lessons and the occasional vodka challenge; however you choose to spend your time, this is one train ride you’ll never forget – tickets please!

Is a Trans Siberian Railway holiday for you?


Go on the Trans Siberian Railway if...

… you’re happy spending time with others. Conditions can get cramped with up to six passengers per carriage so bear this in mind if you’re keen on personal space and ‘me time’.

…you’re a fan of Charades and Pictionary. Fellow passengers will often have no grasp of English but are more than happy to work with you when it comes to conversing via drawings, smiles and wild gesticulations.

you want to tie two continents together. Passing from Europe to Asia, no matter which direction, provides ever-changing scenery that reflects in the people and the customs that you’ll encounter en-route.

you like keeping a diary. Writing down your thoughts and sticking in tickets, flyers and language exchanges can lead to one of the best pieces of memorabilia that money can’t buy.

Don't go on the Trans Siberian Railway if...

… you find it hard to occupy your time. Books, stretching, watching films; these activities can all fill a few hours but be aware that sometimes you’ll need to fend off boredom levels for just a little bit longer than usual.

... you’re a strict vegetarian. Sometimes veggie dishes maybe cooked with meat and sometimes they may even contain meat. Be prepared to pick out or pack your own products.

you’re kinda squeamish sharing the facilities. People use the loo and sometimes on a jerky jumpy railway they can miss and ‘forget’ to clear it up. Just saying!

you love a daily power shower. The only shower hose is to be found on the Trans-Mongolian Moscow–Beijing train in a small shared washroom between the deluxe first-class cabins.
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Best time to take the Trans Siberian Express


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Travelling during the winter offers an affordable and more authentic alternative to the summer. Not only will you encounter fewer Westerners but you’ll also be much more likely to meet Chinese travelling to or from work. Although winter conditions are harsh, with little or no chance of stopping to see the sights due to the cold and lack of daylight, your carriage will have a small heater and Siberia covered in snow definitely makes a cool addition to any photo album.
Photo credits: [Siberia in winter: Tom O'Malley]
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