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Small group tour of Turkey
The perfect introduction to cosmopolitan and memorial Turkey, from £475 - £679 (8 days) ex flights
Eastern Europe cultural tour
Descend to the dark ages on this tour of Dracula's country, from £854 - £949 (15 days) ex flights
Active holiday in Turkey
Forge a path through unexplored terrain into the historical heart of Turkey, from £698 - £995 (12 days) ex flights
Kayaking in Turkey, Turquoise coast
Some of the best kayaking in Europe, from £969 - £1149 (8 days) inc UK flights

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Turkey small group tour
Discover the wonders of Turkey on this 10 day tour, from £580 - £929 (10 days) ex flights
Taurus Mountains walking holiday, Turkey
Explore ancient sites on this walk in the Taurus Mountains, from £895 (8 days) ex flights
Lycian Way walking tour in Turkey
Hike Turkey's coastline, from £799 - £999 (8 days) inc UK flights
Turkey small group holiday, a food adventure
Exotic 2 week culinary and cultural tour of Turkey, from £816 - £1065 (10 days) ex flights
Cappadocia walking holiday in Turkey
Trek the unique and fairytale landscape of Cappadocia, from £979 - £1099 (8 days) inc UK flights
Budapest to Istanbul rail tour
come away with a real feel for this lesser-explored corner of Europe, from £1199 - £1299 (13 days) ex flights
Silk Road overland tour, Istanbul to Beijing
Travel the entire length of the Silk Road overland, from £5645 - £5660 (96 days) ex flights
Gulet cruise and walking holiday in Turkey
A walking and sailing trip in Turkey, from £980 (8 days) ex flights
Turkey tour, small group
Combine beaches, man-made wonders & natural phenomena, from £999 - £1099 (15 days) ex flights
London to Istanbul rail tour
Check out the dramatic landscapes across Europe, from £3099 - £3499 (25 days) ex flights
Turkey winter tour, small group
Combine man-made wonders and natural phenomena, from £999 (15 days) ex flights
Turkey & Greek Islands small group holiday
Turkey & Greek Islands, from £1077 - £1539 (14 days) ex flights
Eastern provinces tour of Turkey
Explore Turkey’s remote eastern provinces, from £3099 (15 days) ex flights
Turkey small group holiday
Experience stunning sights & tantalising tastes of Turkey, from £1044 - £1510 (15 days) ex flights
Family adventure holiday to Turkey
Centre based activities, from £849 - £999 (8 days) inc UK flights
Turkey cultural tour holiday
Grand tour of Turkey's spectacular landscape and culture, from £1350 - £1600 (15 days) ex flights
Turkey cultural tour
Savour the highlights of fascinating Turkey, from £525 - £785 (10 days) ex flights
Turkey small group tours
A comprehensive small group tour of classical Turkey, from £860 - £1229 (15 days) ex flights
Turkey adventure holiday
Explore the mysterious land of the Ottomans, from £802 - £1155 (15 days) ex flights
Cappadocia and Lycia adventure holiday in Turkey
Journey through spellbinding Cappadocia to the coast of Lycia, from £949 - £999 (8 days) inc UK flights
Budapest to Istanbul tour
Travel in romantic Eastern Europe from Hungary to Turkey, from £646 - £845 (8 days) ex flights

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Kayaking in Turkey, Turquoise coast
This was a fabulous holiday with amazing people. As my first small group holiday, I was a bit unsure about what to expect but as soon as I arrived I felt comfortable and started having fun! Turkey is simply beautiful... (more)Fran Armitage
8-10 (more)Stefania Timanti
Excellent. Each day seem to get better and better. The guide was brilliant and we also had a good bunch of people which helped. (more)Kelvin Bell
From £969 - £1149 including UK flights
Turkey adventure holiday
Memorable parts? Cappadocia - the hot air ballooning and the walk through to our new home stay Ortahisar. Tips? Ensure the guide offers competitive prices. I think that the price of the hot air ballooning was potentially double/more than what another group offered but we were "on the spot" with the decision and there was no comparative pricing and the marketing push was that everyone including all the other groups were fully booked. It was a very expensive trip. The cheaper tour... (more)Robyn Chalmers
From £802 - £1155 excluding flights
Turkey small group tour
Local people definitely benefited from the tourism both on our trip and from the many others, obviously on the same circuit as us. Our guide, Perihan Asan, was very informative and lively and made the holiday so enjoyable. (more)Lesley McManus
I loved the balloon ride over Capodocchia, and found Galipoli very moving. I thought it ticked all the boxes as they say. (more)Gillian Willcocks
Cappadocia and balloon flight were the most memorable parts of the holiday (more)Judith and Alan Hepburn
From £580 - £929 excluding flights
Eastern Europe cultural tour
Memorable parts? Travelling to new countries others have not heard of or still think are in a war zone. Unspoilt, beautiful countryside and towns with people who have not caught up with the greed of tourism. Tips? This trip is full board and your have the company guide who looks after you, then you have a local guide who speaks good English and a driver for each country. The tour is full on with lots to see and do but not much free time if you want to do your own thing. Although... (more)Anne Higgins
From £855 - £949 excluding flights
Small group tour of Turkey
We enjoyed the trip. It was well organized. It was a good example of small group travel in an interesting place. The most memorable things were the amazing historical sites and the excellent Turkish food. (more)Barry Singer
Going to Troy, even for too short a time was the most memorable part og the holiday (more)Mary Brown
From £475 - £679 excluding flights
Turkey cultural tour holiday
There were many highlights of our holiday. Istanbul was an interesting and colourful city to visit, especially the Blue Mosque and Grand Bazaar. Cirali Beach was quiet and very relaxing. We went on a boat trip on day, spending 8 hours out, exploring different bays, swimming in the clear blue sea and eating a fresh fish dinner on board. (more)Jean Tallis
The scenery was fascinating - from the calcium pools in Pamukkale, through high mountains to the wonderful landscape of Cappadocia. (more)Rosemary Shippard
The itinerary was well done and we had the opportunity of visiting a variety of natural and historical sites and learn about life in present and past Turkey, which is a very diversified country with a lot to offer (more)Antonio Matos
From £1350 - £1600 excluding flights
Family adventure holiday to Turkey
Memorable parts? Day spent gorge walking, then tubing followed by a quick tour of the ancient sites at Patara then a beer and a swim at Patara beach - it doesn't get much better! Tips? You need water shoes to navigate the rocky beaches and particularly if you want to go to Saklikent gorge, which you should. Local benefits? I think the holiday was as responsible as it could be given that any human contact with these ancient sites and natural environments are damaging. I liked... (more)Sally McEnallay
From £849 - £999 including UK flights
Lycian Way walking tour in Turkey
Memorable parts? The campsite the night before climbing Mt Olympus, with its beautiful location. Tips? Be prepared for some undulating and fairly sweaty walking. The terrain is fairly consistently pine forestry; it isn’t all coastal views as you might expect. All around a nice slice of Turkey, with the rest day in an idyllic location at the beach on Cirali. Local benefits? I really enjoyed getting to know the guides. However there was not too much interaction with other local... (more)Holly Hutton
From £799 - £999 including UK flights

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