Turkey unusual holidays and tours, 2014 and 2015

Beach holiday in Cirali, Turkey
A boutique beach front hotel with rustic charm, from 495 - 550 (7 days)
Cirali beach accommodation, Turkey
Luxurious beach bungalows on Cirali's stunning beach front, from 650 - 700 per person per week
Yoga Gulet cruise in Turkey
Enjoy Yoga in the blue Aegean on board a traditional Gulet, from 625 (7 days) ex flights
Cirali beach holiday, Turkey
Rustic beach chalets just 250m from Cirali's stunning beach, from 570 - 630 (7 days)
Yoga Gulet cruise in Greece
Yoga and Sailing in the blue waters around the Greek Islands, from 625 (7 days) ex flights
Cave hotel in Cappadocia, Turkey
Exquisitely restored Byzantine monastic retreat cave hotel, from 175 - 1200 per room per night
Village homestays in Turkey
Join in milking the sheep and making the bread, from 12 per person per night incl breakfast
Hoyran heritage hotel resort , Turkey
Eco-friendly family run hotel in Demre-Kekova Antalya/Turkey, from 100 - 180 per couple per night

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Beach holiday in Cirali, Turkey
It's a very special place and we had a fabulous holiday - it will be hard to beat. (more)Su Winsbury
Exceptional, unforgettable...The people at the hotel, the peace and solitude of the place, nature (more)Olga Coulton-Shaw
Probably one of the best holidays we have ever had. If you're looking for somewhere to relax, good food, wonderful people, as little or as much to do and see as you like then book now! (more)Kathryn Spalding
From 495 - 550
Cirali beach accommodation, Turkey
Really excellent...The best thigs were the warm sea. the quiet. the beautiful mountains above the beach. Great food, reading books in the shade. (more)Sarah Gray
The beach, accommodations, food and friendly people were outstanding. (more)Joanne Albright
The absolute peace & tranquillity of the destination was the most memorable part of the holiday..Superb. (more)Doris Monsell
From 650 - 700 per person per week
Cirali beach holiday, Turkey
Excellent. Just what we needed and wanted. (more)Ruth Bond
One of the main reasons we picked Cirali as our holiday destinations was to see the sea turtles, or as the locals know them, the Caretta...We were honoured to watch the turtle's arduous journey down to the sea, just as the sun was beginning to rise. It was exactly like the natural history documentaries, only without the commentary from David Attenborough! (more)Amy Pickard
Most memorable was sitting in the shade having a fantastic breakfast looking straight out onto the beach in glorious sunshine and swimming with turtles on a day out in a local fisherman's boat (more)Anna Bradley
From 570 - 630
Yoga Gulet cruise in Turkey
Memorable parts? The whole trip was memorable, on a beautiful boat, in a stunning coastal location with delicious food. The YOGA was an excellent and challenging partner to the trip and enhanced one's appreciation of where we were. Tips? Think CAPSULE wardrobe! Cabins are bijou on board and storage is at a premium. So minimal is good! Local benefits? Apart from the British owner, the three crew were local, the food was all locally sourced. Waste water and rubbish was collected... (more)deborah Hancock
From 625 excluding flights
Cave hotel in Cappadocia, Turkey
Memorable parts? Everything was memorable, starting with the emails from Abdullah from the hotel whilst we were planning our trip, then the welcome we received on arrival at 11.00pm at night, the meal that had been prepared for us at that late hour, the rooms that we and our 2 friends stayed in, the amazing buffet breakfast each morning, Fathi the waiter who happily laid up a table for us on the terrace for dinner on warmer evenings & always emphasised that Gamirasu was our home, then there... (more)Sue Ivey
From 175 - 1200 per room per night
Village homestays in Turkey
For a burnt out, stressed westerner, the village home stay gave me a much more therapeutic experience than checking into a 5 star spa hotel, for a few days. The simplicity, ancient resonances of the village and slower pace of life quickly made stress melt away. (more)Maggie Gale
Meeting the nomads was unreal...This has been an amazing and humbling experience. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would not hesitate to return. (more)Ann Brown
From 12 per person per night incl breakfast

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Turkey travel information

At the crossroads of Asia and Europe, Turkey is rich in cultural heritage. As Constantinople and later Istanbul, the capital city was at the heart of both the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, and fabulous monuments include early churches with fine mosaics and grand domes, towering mosques and oriental bazaars. The vast central plateau of Anatolia was the cradle of Hittite and Phrygian civilisations, and there are also rich remains from Pontic, Roman and Seljuk empires.

Cappadocia is an almost surreal landscape of pink cones, pinnacles and ravines, the soft volcanic rock having been hewn into elaborate cave systems for more than 5000 years. The Mediterranean and Aegean waters of Asia Minor were busy in Classical times, with Roman galleys, Greek triremes, Phoenician merchantmen and Egyptian dhows plying their trade between some of the most famous cities of the ancient world. Ephesus, Miletus, Knidos, Caunos are some of the most beautiful and well-preserved sites of the ancient world.

Country facts for Turkey holidays

Aegean and Mediterranean coastal areas enjoy the typical Mediterranean climate. There is hardly a drop of rain during the sunny and hot summer (May to October). Winters are mild and rainy in these regions. The water temperature in the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas is warm during the long summer season (May to October) which constitutes the swimming season and fluctuates between 23 and 28C from north to south.

The Marmara region around the Sea of Marmara, including Istanbul, has a transitional climate between an oceanic climate and a semi-Mediterranean climate, but it does rain, albeit not a lot, during the very warm summer (as showers which tend to last for 15-30 minutes). Its winters are colder than those of the western and southern coasts. The water temperature in the Sea of Marmara is also colder than the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas, with the water temperature reaching only between 20 and 24C during the summer (June, July and August) and the swimming season is restricted to those summer months.

The Black Sea region has an oceanic climate (thanks to the protective shield effect of Caucasus mountains) with the greatest amount of precipitation and is the only region of Turkey that receives high precipitation throughout the year. Summers are warm and humid while the winters are cool and damp. The water temperature in the whole Turkish Black Sea coast is always cool and fluctuates between 10 and 20C throughout the year, and is even less suitable for swimming during the summer than in the Sea of Marmara.

The official language of Turkey is Turkish, but some Turkish residents speak Kurdish and/or Arabic.

From 2005 through 2008, Turkey's currency was called the New Turkish Lira (Yeni Trk Lirasi, YTL or TRY). As of January 1, 2009, the "New" (Yeni) has been dropped. The currency is again simply the Turkish Lira.

Time zone
Turkey is in the Eastern European Time Zone. Eastern European Standard Time (EET) is 2 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+2).
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