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Our Uganda holidays & gorilla safaris give you the chance to track the endangered Mountain Gorilla in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. All our Uganda holidays are provided by operators committed to supporting local people & the environment.
Gorilla Safari & the Masai Mara
Superb safari and trip to see gorillas, from 2999 - 3499 (18 days) inc UK flights
Uganda safari, gorillas, chimps and game
Track the endangered mountain gorillas of Uganda, from 2695 (8 days) ex flights
Rwanda and Uganda wildlife holiday
Rwanda and Uganda adventure, from 2400 - 3500 (14 days) inc UK flights
Uganda wildlife and activity holiday
Experience the Pearl of Africatrue African adventure, from 1600 - 2650 (15 days) ex flights
Uganda wildlife family holiday
The best of Uganda, from 1480 - 2480 (11 days) inc UK flights
Uganda gorilla tracking and wildlife safari holiday
A wonderful gorilla and wild life experience in Uganda, from 1500 (10 days) ex flights
Uganda holiday, gorillas, chimps & game
An 8 day tailor made safari in Uganda, from 3000 (8 days) ex flights
Uganda tailor made holiday
A tailor made Gorilla safari in Uganda, from 3695 (10 days) ex flights
Uganda Gorilla & Game safari holiday
Experience the best of Uganda's highlights -small group trip, from 4370 (10 days) inc UK flights
Uganda gorilla express tour
A six day gorilla safari in Uganda, from 1445 (6 days) ex flights
Uganda tailor made safari
Your dream African wildlife adventure, from 1000 (12 days) ex flights
Uganda Wildlife holiday
This you cannot miss while in Uganda -The wild and beautiful, from 1250 - 2650 (8 days) ex flights
Safari in Kenya and gorillas in Uganda
Everything you want from an African adventure, from 1130 (14 days) ex flights
Gorilla safari and game parks, Uganda
A wildlife experience like no other, from 1790 - 2255 (16 days) ex flights
Kenya & Uganda holiday, Maasai Mara & mountain gorillas
Overland camping to Massai Mara and the mountain Gorillas, from 1499 (14 days) ex flights
Uganda gorilla safari holiday
An 8 day trip tracking Gorillas in the forests of Uganda, from 2245 (8 days) ex flights
Africa overland tour
Take the ultimate Africa safari through 9 countries, from 4224 (73 days) ex flights
Community guest house in Central Uganda
Experience the real Uganda our newly constructed guest house, from US $50 - US $100 per accommodation per night
Cairo to Nairobi overland tour
Overland travel in Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya, from 1675 (9 weeks) ex flights
Uganda arts & crafts volunteer programme
Share your passion for the Arts and make a difference, from 995 (16 weeks) ex flights
Gap year community volunteering project in Uganda
5 week Community Volunteer project in rural Uganda, from 1645 (5 weeks) ex flights
Community water project & safari in Uganda
Experience a unique water safari with a local water project, from 1099 (7 days) ex flights
Kenya and Uganda safari holiday
African overland safari tour and mountain gorilla watching, from 1470 (16 days) ex flights
Uganda small group safari holiday
Uganda gorilla safari with a difference, from 1279 (8 days) ex flights
Gorilla safari in Uganda
Track the endangered mountain gorillas in Uganda, from 3795 (10 days) ex flights
Africa wildlife holiday, Uganda to Zanzibar
Visit gorillas in the Uganda and national parks, from 2414 (26 days) ex flights
Kibale National Park campsite & guest house, Uganda
Stay with us, and feel like home, from US $10 - US $50 per accommodation per night
Gorilla and Rwenzori expedition in Uganda
Discover the beauty in the heights of the Pearl of Africa!!, from 2730 - 3950 (18 days) ex flights
Uganda gorillas and wildlife holiday
An incredible adventure into the heart of Africa, from 3299 - 3699 (12 days) inc UK flights
Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania safari adventure
Unforgettable African safari tour, from 2099 (21 days) ex flights

75 reviews for Uganda holidays4.5 star overall rating

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Gorilla Safari & the Masai Mara
Every day was fabulous always something different... travelling with like minded people was also a good thing. (more)Valerie Koppi
Gorillas!!!!!. Interacting with them was the most exceptional experience elf my life and the biggest adrenaline rush I have ever had. Its is without comparison. The Masai Mara was amazing, will decamping was a buzz and White water rafting on the Nile was an amazing experience but being close to the African people(especially the happy kids) and not isolated in 5 star resorts made the trip a once in a lifetime experience. (more)Mark Asquith
It was excellent. I would go again tomorrow... it was such a fabulous trip from the start in Kigali to the end in Nairobi. Seeing the gorillas was obviously so special and memorable and the rafting in jinja was an unexpected highlight. Also the people in my group and our fabulous exodus team who were to efficient, friendly, patient and organised. (more)Sally Knowles-Jackson
From 2999 - 3499 including UK flights
Rwanda and Uganda wildlife holiday
From email communication to booking to arriving to meeting our driver/guide to exploring wonderful Rwanda to meeting the mountain gorillas and many more animals to staying in comfortable places to returning to the airport, it was all just perfect and smooth. (more)Julian King
Tops!!!! No problems, no hitches, well organized, great guide! It was one of those vacations where almost every single moment is memorable. Certainly meeting the mountain gorillas is a very big deal, but I was also just driving through villages and watching warthogs dig in the grass. (more)Lori Blumenthal
I definitely feel as if the holiday benefited local people and supported conservation. The gorilla permits may be expensive, but that money is certainly helping to secure the future of an endangered animal. And on one trek in particular the guide explained how money generated from tourism in the area was used to get local people involved in agricultural projects. To get so close to these amazing animals in their natural habitat is such a unique, unforgettable experience. (more)Siofra Brennan
From 2400 - 3500 including UK flights
Uganda safari, gorillas, chimps and game
Memorable parts? Spending time with Mountain Gorillas Tips? Combine seeing Mountain Gorillas with Safari in Uganda. Why waste time flying around? Local benefits? Yes. We were able to visit community projects and provide support direct as well as via local organisations. Overall rating? The very best wildlife experience! Not exactly reborn!! (more)Liz Green
From 2695 excluding flights
Overland tour of Kenya to Rwanda, gorillas and gameparks
Memorable parts? Seeing the gorillas. Visiting the Pygmy village. Tips? Bring long trousers and T-shirts to cover up in Uganda. Pack lightly as there is laundry at the campsite. Local benefits? Yes, particularly when visiting the Pygmy village and the Kenyan school. My trip was the first 19 days of a longer 75 day tour. Whilst I did not go on this activity I know that later in the longer tour they go on a lion walk. I would urge you to research the company that runs this... (more)Genevieve Isherwood
From 495 excluding flights
Holidays to Uganda
Memorable parts? Getting close to gorillas in their forest home will be unforgettable. The Nile boat trips are excellent also. Tips? Just go. Don't expect to see lots of big cats (although we did see some lions and leopards) - but seeing the gorillas is very special and the rest of the wildlife is great also. Local benefits? Benefits local people only in so far that hotels and guiding provide jobs. Benefits the environment because visitors create a reason for the national... (more)Gerard O'Hanlon
From 2350 - 2395 excluding flights
Cairo to Cape Town overland tour
Very good for the adventurous and independent type! (more)Ferry Lubis
Seeing Victoria Falls and all the wildlife in Africa was the most memorable part of the holiday...Fantastic. (more)Andrew Service
From 2750 excluding flights
Uganda wildlife and activity holiday
This was the perfect trip: great places, great people, good value for money. We couldn't have wished for anything more. (more)Sabine Mosch
This was a once in a life time experience which has created many lasting memories. (more)Jennifer Thomson
From 1600 - 2650 excluding flights
Health care & sports volunteering in Uganda
Memorable parts? When I was marking out straight lines of the village's football pitch, the local community joined in to help. it showed me that little things can make a difference and put smile's on people's faces. Tips? Just go and throw yourself fully into the whole experience, the projects you help with and the people you share the house with. Also just relax, things are at a much slower pace so timings can be a issue, but its not really a big deal when you can go look outside... (more)James Bloomfield
From 995 excluding flights
Small group adventure holiday in Uganda
The entire holiday was memorable. There are countless experiences that I will always remember. Having the opportunity to track and then spend an hour with the mountain gorillas was perhaps the most memorable. (more)Robert Roberto
Spotting the Gorillas in The Bwindi Impenetrable Forest was the most memorable part...I travelled alone and as a 50 something year old female felt totally at ease throughout the trip. (more)Kathy Hammond
From 990 - 1650 excluding flights
Community volunteering in rural Uganda
The best part of my holiday was meeting the local people. I was inspired by the vision that many of the local people had, and their commitment to helping the community climb out of poverty. It was amazing to see first hand how a micro credit project can empower people to develop a profitable business. (more)Peter Harrison
Amazing holiday. It felt like such a privilege to be able to get to know the local community in this way. The people of Uganda are so warm and welcoming - and this family and community are a great example of this. (more)Liz Charsley
From 200 - 500 excluding flights
Uganda volunteering projects, Bwindi National Park
The most memorable part of the holiday was being in a community without feeling like an outsider. Everyone was willing to help and also be open about their lives. I loved everything about the experience. (more)Christina Hanazawa
The most memorable parts were the women I met and worked with as a volunteer in Uganda. The women were strong, resilient, courageous, determined and inspirational. They were also welcoming of a white woman from Australia - making me feel one of them as we walked or sat in a circle to meet and explore opportunities. (more)Cheryl Phillips
Our two weeks voluntary work in Uganda flew by with so many highlights, it is impossible to name even a few. The people, their positive attitudes and their willingness to learn, the scenery and of course the gorillas. (more)Jennifer Soddy
From 995 excluding flights
Gorilla safari in Uganda
The whole holiday was memorable for all the best reasons but probably the most outstanding were the 2 days spent with the Mountain Gorillas. A memory that will live with me 'til the end of my days! (more)Judith Towell
Unforgettable experience in country very different from my own. I met some very gentle and helpful people who added much to my enjoyment. All travel arrangements went smoothly and as expected. Given the chance, I would love to return to Rwanda. (more)Patrick Taylor
The whole of our week in Rwanda was extraordinary and memorable... and we lost our hearts to this small and extremely beautiful country. We had two days gorilla tracking which were wonderful - not least because of the great organisation and knowledge of the local guides and trackers. (more)Caroline Gant
From 3795 excluding flights
Gorilla safari and game parks, Uganda
A great holiday for viewing wildlife. The campsites had much better facilities than I was expecting and the food and guides were excellent. (more)Michele Bowers
It was all fantastic. Of course one of the highlights was coming face to face with the beautiful mountain gorilla. (more)Vicky Brownlie
From 1790 - 2255 excluding flights

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5 stars
I am reborn! Simply the best holiday I have ever been on
4 stars
Some great stories to tell the grandchildren. Would recommend to a friend
3 stars
Very enjoyable
2 stars
It was OK
1 star
A bit disappointing really
Mountain gorillas infographic

Mountain gorilla Key facts:

The mountain gorilla can be found in Uganda and Rwanda and DRC and are critically endangered due to logging, political unrest and poaching. The largest of the species, these giants can grow to 6 ft tall and prefer dense open canopy forests.

When to go
The best months for gorilla trekking are June October and December - February

Get your permit early to avoid disappointment!
All gorilla trekking requires a permit and each park has a maximum it allows per day:
  • Bwindi National Park, Uganda: allows 32 a day
  • Mgahinga National Park, Uganda: allows 6 a day
  • Parc National Des Volcans, Rwanda: allows 38 a day
The permits can be bought up to a year in advance and can be arranged by your tour operator. The costs vary but you can expect to pay between $350 and $700 US Dollars.

There are a few basic regulations you need to consider before booking a gorilla holiday;
  • You have to be over 15 years of age
  • You cannot be sick or have any infectious disease
  • Trekkers must be fit as reaching the gorillas can take anything between 2 and 5 hours trekking
  • Trekkers must be well equipped, which includes warm clothing for the wet cool climate high in the mountains
Our top selling gorilla safaris
5 day gorilla holiday in Rwanda
11 day gorilla holiday and safari, Uganda
10 day gorilla trek & safari, Uganda
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