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Our Uzbekistan holidays take in the best sites & off the beaten track places along the Great Silk Route, from Tashkent to the seemingly endless desert. All our Uzbekistan holidays are provided by operators committed to supporting local people & the environment.
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Uzbekistan & Turkmenistan holiday, Silk Road explorer
Discover the fascinating ancient history of the Silk Road, from 1825 (14 days) ex flights
Uzbekistan holidays, tailor made
Meet and experience the life of the rural Uzbeks, from 1757 (14 days) ex flights
Istanbul to Ulaanbaatar Silk route overland truck tour
Overland the entire Silk Road and then head up to Mongolia, from 6890 - 6940 (120 days) ex flights
Silk Road overland tour, Tashkent to Bishkek
Explore the mountainous overlanding paradise of Kyrgyzstan, from 960 (16 days) ex flights

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Tashkent to Bishkek Silk Road holiday, tailor made
Travel the Silk Road from Tashkent to Bishkek, from 2600 (14 days) ex flights
Silk Road tour, cities of the Silk Road
Journey through Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, from 2650 (14 days) ex flights
Silk Road holidays, Central Asia
Journey along the Old Silk Road, from 3295 (23 days) ex flights
Silk Road cultural holiday
See spectacular mountain scenery on this Silk Road journey, from 2295 (16 days) ex flights
Silk Road overland truck tour
Overland through Central Asia's highlights, from 1845 - 1850 (30 days) ex flights
London to Beijing overland tour
Join us on this epic journey, travelling Overland from London to Beijing, visiting 17 countries, from 4649 (17 weeks) ex flights
Uzbekistan cultural holiday, people of the Silk Road
A fascinating introduction to Uzbekistan, from 1399 (11 days) ex flights
Uzbekistan Silk Road tour
Discover the enchanting architecture of Uzbekistan, from 1395 (10 days) ex flights
Silk Road overland holiday
Once in a lifetime Trans-Asian Silk Road Adventure, from 9500 (7 weeks) ex flights
Silk Road highlights tour
Discover ancient cities, steeped in history and legend, from 749 (20 days) ex flights
Uzbekistan holiday, silk road and desert
Fascinating cultural adventure to the heart of the Silk Road, from 1895 (11 days) ex flights
The Silk Road small group tour
Discover the Silk Road in Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and China, from 2299 - 9129 (16 days) inc UK flights
Silk Road holiday, small group
Silk Road cities, stunning scenery and quirky Ashgabat, from 1995 (15 days) ex flights
Uzbekistan holiday, small group tour
Explore cities and landscapes of the ancient Silk Road , from 1699 - 1779 (12 days) inc UK flights
Central Asia highlights tour
An incredible journey through the heart of Central Asia, from 4795 (27 days) ex flights
The Silk Route, Beijing to Tashkent
Travel from China to Central Asia on this historic journey, from 3690 (27 days) ex flights
Silk Road overland tour, Istanbul to Beijing
Travel the entire length of the Silk Road overland, from 5645 - 5660 (96 days) ex flights
Tehran to Tashkent Silk Road tour, tailor made
Combine ancient, medieval and modern Silk Road cities, from 3370 (17 days) ex flights

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Silk Road holidays, Central Asia
Most memorable? It has to be Kyrgyzstan. The landscape, the people, sleeping in yurts - even the food. All fantastic. (more)Sue Noble
Seeing the breathtaking mountain views in Kyrgyzstan was the most memorable part of this holiday. (more)Jayne Hanlin
The most memroabel part of the holiday was the yurt stay in Son Kul and Tash Rabat and Samarkand. (more)Karen O'Driscoll
From 3295 including domestic flights only
The Silk Route, Beijing to Tashkent
Memorable parts? The sights and experience was truly magnificient, hard to pinpoint as there were so many. Had the most wonderful travelling companions, and though we got stuck in no man's land between China and Kyrghistan, nobody complained. Tips? To travel as light as possible, to keep an open mind in case something unforeseen happens and to enjoy all the wonderful people you come across everywhere. A smile goes such a long way and gives so much in return ! Local benefits? We... (more)Gunilla Westerlund
From 3690 excluding flights
Silk Road holiday, small group
Memorable parts? New country, different culture Tips? check what medicines you can take into the country with a doctors prescription info, otherwise may have problems at boarder control. Local benefits? yes, very much so Overall rating? very good, learnt lots and as only a small group we all got on very well (more)Anne Higgins
From 1995 excluding flights
Silk Road cultural holiday
One of the best trips I have been on !! (more)Joan Godman
A series of memorable experiences that will continue to be thought about in the weeks and months to come. (more)Roger Slade
From 2295 including domestic flights only
Silk Road tour, cities of the Silk Road
Excellent. Our tour leader, Jude, was knowledgeable, unflappable and always encouraging and helpful. She really made the holiday. (more)Ann Rix
Seeing the Darvaza gas crater at night was the most memorable part. A good trip to an interesting part of the world. (more)Simon Emery
From 2650 including domestic flights only
Uzbekistan holiday, silk road and desert
Memorable parts? Experiencing a rare storm in the desert on the journey to the shores of the Aral Sea. The tracks soon turned into raging streams, there was thunder and lightning and even hail. We had been prepared for dust but the 4X4 drivers quickly adapted to floods and mud so we had an exciting off road experience. Tips? The wild camping and spending a night in a yurt contrast well with sightseeing in the fabulous cities of Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand. Be adaptable and enjoy... (more)Diana Rybinski
From 1895 including domestic flights only
Uzbekistan holiday, small group tour
Memorable parts? The whole trip was memorable but plov night really sticks in the mind. The locals were very friendly which added a bit of magic. Tips? Take your own tonic it is not available anywhere in the country! Local benefits? We certainly put some investment into the country not sure how much benefit it was. Environmentally no idea of our impact. Overall rating? Great, nice group, well rounded tour (more)Dominic Long
From 1699 - 1779 including UK flights
Uzbekistan Silk Road tour
Memorable parts? Visit to desert fortresses north of Urgench. Tips? Relax and enjoy the people and country but make sure your drivers and guides understand your itinerary and interests. Local benefits? Yes although one does wonder about the use of cars in certain environments. Overall rating? Excellent! (more)John Bird
From 1395 excluding flights
Uzbekistan holidays, tailor made
Very well organised, fascinating, memorable and packed with thought-provoking information. Feel I've been on a rollercoaster history lesson from 500 BC to the 21st century. Highly recommended. (more)Caroline Gant
Most memorable was the flight in the Russian helicopter to base camp, the cycling & horse riding through amazing scenery, Emma's cooking and great travelling companions. (more)Penny Bulbaczynskyj
The buildings and culture are out of this world but don't go for the cuisine....It was a totally different experience, challenging on occassions (the roads) but absolutely well worth it. (more)Tony Canning
From 1757 excluding flights
The Silk Road small group tour
Memorable parts? The livestock market at Kashgar. Tips? It was very hot throughout, so take loose, cool clothing. Local benefits? Supported local people by eating in some homes. Overall rating? It was very interesting, with an insight into post Russian life. The scenery in Kyrgyzstan was spectacular. The only downside was the guide in China was poor and we didn't spend enough time in the market. (more)Gillian Urro
From 2299 - 9129 including UK flights

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