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Our wide choice of Venezuela holidays take you from the Caribbean beaches to the Andean Mountains. All of our Venezuela holidays are from leading companies committed to supporting local people & the environment.
Venezuela holiday, small group
Natural wonders, superb architecture and wildlife encounters, from 2899 (16 days) ex flights
Rio de Janeiro to Quito overland tour
An expedition through the heart of South America, from 2595 (92 days) ex flights
Colombia and Venezuela holiday
Caribbean coastlines, Wayu culture and Colonial towns, from 2245 (15 days) ex flights
Venezuela trekking holiday, lost world & Angel Falls
Trekking in Venezuela's stunning table mountains, from 2799 - 3099 (15 days) inc UK flights

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Tailor made holiday in Venezuela
From beach to jungle, mountain to flat plains, from 3495 (14 days) inc UK flights
Guyana adventure holiday, off the beaten track
Explore the path less travelled in Guyana, Venezuela and Suriname, from 4090 (18 days) ex flights
Venezuela wildlife holiday
Join experts and track down Green Anacondas in Venezuela, from 1895 - 2575 (10 days) ex flights
Venezuela holiday, 18 day itinerary
Venezuelan adventure - natural wonders, wildlife, local people, from 2595 (18 days) ex flights

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Venezuela travel information

The spectacular natural heritage of Venezuela encompasses high Andean peaks, expansive horizons of the Llanos grasslands, rich marine ecosystems of coral islands, and immense tropical rainforests of the mighty Orinoco basin. The south-eastern highlands are covered in immensely rich forests and savannahs and it is here that the world's two highest waterfalls are found, the most famous of which is the spectacular Angel Falls.

Venezuelans are descended from centuries of integration between indigenous peoples, Afro-Caribbeans and European settlers, the dominant religion is Roman Catholic and the official language is Spanish, although some 25 other languages are also spoken. Venezuela's geographic and climatic diversity lends itself to a range of activities form jungle trekking and mountain walking to river trips and snorkelling.

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