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Giving something back to the world can be a highly rewarding & life changing experience. Our volunteer travel options & volunteering holidays are with specialist and responsible operators committed to supporting local communities & the environment

Volunteer with elephants in Cambodia
Work with elephants & build homes for the disadvantaged, from AU $1995 (14 days) ex flights
Marine conservation project in Seychelles
Underwater research and diving in the tropical Seychelles, from £1950 - £3750 (4 weeks) ex flights
Endangered wildlife conservation in South Africa
Some of the most exciting conservation work in Africa, from Ä950 - Ä1700 (14 days) ex flights
Marine conservation holiday in Thailand
Join in a fantastic marine conservation project on a tropical island, from £695 (7 days) ex flights
Rainforest conservation in the Amazon, Peru
Conservation in the Amazon, from £1195 (14 days) ex flights
India sports coaching volunteering
Coach a variety of sports to children in India, from £895 (14 days) ex flights
Seychelles Island conservation expedition
Support conservation efforts on a remote tropical island, from £1395 - £2995 (4 weeks) ex flights
Marine conservation holiday in Mauritius
Study dolphins and whales in beautiful Mauritius, from £1675 (21 days) ex flights
Turtle conservation in Sri Lanka
Raise and release turtles on the beautiful Sri Lankan coast, from £699 - £899 (14 days) ex flights
Volunteering with bears in Romania
Volunteer at a bear sanctuary in the Romanian mountains, from £1145 (14 days) ex flights
Rainforest expedition in Costa Rica
Live steps from the beach and work on wildlife conservation, from £1460 - £3100 (4 weeks) ex flights
Namibia Big Cat conservation holiday
Get hands-on experience of cheetah conservaton with AfriCat, from £2595 (10 days) ex flights
Marine conservation in Belize
Monitor reefs in the Caribbean, from £780 - £5925 (5 days) ex flights
Belize wildlife conservation holiday
Join the best little zoo in the world!, from £795 (14 days) ex flights
Shark conservation in South Africa
Research sharks above & below the water, from £1145 (14 days) ex flights
Whale & dolphin research in Ligurian Sea, Italy
Whale and dolphin conservation trip, from Ä799 - Ä886 (6 days) ex flights
South Africa wildlife reserves conservation expedition
The Big 5 game reserve expedition, from £730 - £2920 (14 days) ex flights
Wildlife conservation holiday in South Africa
Assist with research in a Big 5 area, from £1395 (4 weeks) ex flights
Wildlife volunteering in Malawi, with Zambia safari
Experience the wild side of Africa, from £950 (15 days) ex flights
Gap year expedition in Kenya
Take time for yourself to see what the world, from £1710 - £3140 (4 weeks) ex flights
Marine conservation diving in Raja Ampat, Indonesia
Marine conservation in the diving heaven of Raja Ampat, from £1000 (14 days) ex flights
Mountain gorilla project in Uganda
Work towards conservation of the majestic gorilla in Uganda, from £2695 (14 days) ex flights
Health care & sports volunteering in Uganda
Teach and promote health and wellbeing in rural Uganda, from £995 (16 weeks) ex flights
Namibia wildlife sanctuary volunteering holiday
Care for rescued animals in Namibia, from £795 - £2395 (14 days) ex flights

245 reviews for volunteer travel holidays4 star overall rating

These full and frank independent volunteer travel holidays reviews are from travellers who have booked directly through responsibletravel.com. They are not edited by us or any of the companies we work with. Find the real story, from real travellers below.

Belize wildlife conservation holiday
It was a very positive experience being in a country that treasures the natural environment and it is government policy to protect at least 40% of the land for nature. I felt that after 3 weeks I had only scratched the surface of what there is to find out about Belize and definitely plan on returning. (more)Cathy Bisset
Once in a life time experience...meeting all the wild animals was the most exciting part of the trip. (more)Kerry Sedman
From £795 excluding flights
Marine conservation in Belize
The most memorable part was diving with like minded staff and guests who love and appreciate the ocean and contributing to research and conservation...Excellent opportunity and experience. (more)Michelle Lamarca
Tom Owens Caye was a magic location for a chilled week diving in Belize. Polly, Patty and the team were generous hosts. The food was delicious with the lionfish and banana pancakes particular highlights! Diving was excellent. Still feeling good about the lobster survey! (more)Karen Whitham
Excellent diving with a lot of attention for safety. Fantastic reef diving. Great care and knowledge of reef. (more)erica van baalen
From £780 - £5925 excluding flights
Endangered wildlife conservation in South Africa
The most memorable part was all the time we spent in the bush - at least 10h per day. To see the other side of the safari - i.e. not being in a traditional tourist vehicle. (more)Karin van Volen
Amazing!! Words cannot describe this adventure- over 1500 photos taken and a million memories. (more)Emma Clifford
Brilliant experience...We were in a Private Game Reserve with no tourists so it was really peaceful and secluded. The scenery was wonderful and the animals were amazing to see. I was also lucky enough to share my experience with a great bunch of people which made the trip even more memorable (more)Pankaj Bhudia
From Ä950 - Ä1700 excluding flights
Marine conservation project in Seychelles
Great staff, professional, very helpful and great fun! (more)N Prinssen
Very hard work, but worth the effort. I've seen some amazing things that I'm not likely to see anywhere else in the world...our work was mostly focused on monitoring nesting sea turtles and the protection of their nests, as well as conducting a census of the Coco De Mer tree and Giant Tortoises. (more)Naomi Parker
This is one of the most awesome adventures I've had and can't wait to go back. (more)Una Gallinetti
From £1950 - £3750 excluding flights
South Africa wildlife conservation expedition
Memorable parts? Too many to list, but if I had to pick one it would be finding a leopard and her cub with a 4.5m python that they had just killed. The python was swollen with a small antelope that it had just killed. Working at the Karongwe Game Reserve was a truly amazing experience. Tips? Dive in. Do as much as you can. Enthusiasm will be rewarded with an amazing experience. Come prepared for the weather and some sacrifices in creature comforts, but it's all worth it. Local... (more)Ralph Perrella
From £1145 - £3445 excluding flights
Carpathian Mountains holiday, conservation & culture
Absolutely excellent, awesome experience, briliant hospitality from the local agent and excellent guiding. Very good accomodation that exceeded our expectations. Very friendly group of travellers that really gelled through the holiday. Will certainly be considering other holidays from this operator for the future. Our 16 year old daughter had a brilliant time too. (more)Stephen Miller
An excellent holiday, a good destination and range of activities. One of the best group holidays I have been on, everyone got on well from the start... I would say that the holiday was sensitive to the environment and local culture and gave a good insight into rural Romania. (more)Sheila Knight
Stunning views, great group, friendly locals. (more)Claire Irving
From £1079 - £1129 including UK flights
Jungle conservation & research, Peru
Memorable parts? Getting to spend time walking through the jungle and seeing so many great animals and birds. The best moments were the tree frogs, manu poison frog and the rainbow boa! I really enjoyed the construction of the bird hides and biogarden even though sometimes it was really hard work! Pancakes for breakfast were great! Tips? There was a lot of walking and physical activity so itís really important to expect to do lots when you get there and probably need reasonable fitness! Local... (more)Melanie Veal
From £995 excluding flights
Volunteer & holiday in Costa Rica
10/10. A great holiday, very easy, no hassle, various options available whilst at destinations. The most memorable parts of the holiday were ziplining through the rainforest, night hike in Monteverde and the group of people I met. (more)Tracy Suff
I enjoyed the tour, had a great tour leader and was with a good bunch of people. (more)Sue Sanders
From £699 excluding flights
Teaching projects in Southern India
Memorable parts? Living in Madurai was exciting as I really felt like I was living in India and experiencing every day life there and seeing how the locals lived. Also working at the orphanage was a life changing experience and I will remember the lovely kids always! Tips? Be open to experiencing a totally different way of life. Local benefits? Yes. Overall rating? Fantastic experience! (more)Sylvia Schwall
From £695 excluding flights
Volunteering with bears in Cambodia
I loved every second of my trip - the people, the country, the bears I worked with... (more)Louise Bednarz
Meeting the bears and being able to really make a difference to their day-to-day lives with enrichment, feeding and cleaning; some of the things we were doing (such as enrichment to keep the bears active and happy) wouldn't get done unless we were there to help out! (more)Heather Reynolds
We were so close to the bears and keepers that you feel part of the project rather than just a short stay helper. I think we were really lucky... to have the baby bear (Lola) arrive when we were there too. (more)Anon
From £595 excluding flights
Volunteering with bears in Romania
Fantastic and didn't want to leave. Definitely would like to go back again and stay longer! Everyone was wonderful...top would be watching the bears play in the water, eat, and just enjoying the fact that they now lead a happy life thanks to those that have rescued them and look after them. (more)Amanda Hathway
Everything. I loved every moment of it! As an animal lover, just being able to see so many bears interacting with each other and living freely in such a fantastic sanctuary was an experience I won't ever forget! (more)Chloe Grable
A really unique experience! Romania is a beautiful country and it was great to be able to spend several weeks there and get to know one part of it. (more)Linda Gardiner
From £1145 excluding flights
Belize marine conservation internship
Memorable parts? 1. Snorkeling with the whale sharks. 2. Good diving instruction to next level of qualification. 3. Chance to do conservation surveys as something more than that which you usually do on a regular dive holiday. 4. chance to dive in Caribbean at dive sites that are not crowded, never were there other dive boats at the sites we dived, thus only 4 to 8 divers at the site from the boat. Tips? 1. To the extent your baggage allowance allows it, take items identified including... (more)Simon Timms
From £2250 excluding flights
South Africa wildlife reserves conservation expedition
Memorable parts? Monitoring and tracking the wild dogs was a most memorable experience. We'd get up early in the morning and sit in the back of an open jeep and roar off to the last sighting. It was winter. It was cold. It didn't matter as it was a big adventure and the not knowing would we find them or not? Waiting and watching for the next time. Really great fun. Tips? For the winter, take lots of warm clothing layers as you can peel off as the weather warms up. Follow the list... (more)Keith Costelloe
From £730 - £2920 excluding flights
Marine conservation holiday in Mauritius
One of the best holidays I have had! The experience has been amazing! Dolphins are incredible animals. People working on the project are really nice, competent and sharing their knowledge very easily. I learnt so many things I had no idea of! (more)Annie Guex
Seeing the spinner dolphins, jump and spin in the air was the most memorable part of the holiday (more)Peter Macdonald
Swimming with the dolphins and spending time out at sea on the boat. (more)Colleen Blaine
From £1675 excluding flights
Volunteer with children in Ecuador
Memorable parts? The people I met definitely made my trip unforgettable. Tips? Just to relax and enjoy. Local benefits? I think so as I collaborated in a very nice project for children in there and tried to be as environment friendly as possible. Overall rating? Excellent. (more)Raquel Orcajo Miranda
From £749 excluding flights
Namibia Big Cat conservation holiday
Memorable parts? Working with cheetahs and helping with root canal work on lions. Tips? Book early as places are limited and only one travel agency can offer this incredible trip. Local benefits? Yes. The Africats foundation is very innovative in this respect and we were very impressed by their commitment to education and conservation. Overall rating? Wonderful in all respects. It surpassed all expectations. (more)Leigh Hancher
From £2595 excluding flights
Azores conservation holiday, whales, dolphins and turtles
I'll always remember holding the loggerhead turtle when our scientist tagged him. But when we spotted sperm whales socialising, that was spectacular! (more)Cara Kuipers
The diversity of cetaceans is really high in the area. Imagine where else on earth can you encounter 8 cetacean species (blue whale, fin whale, sperm whale, humpback whale, Cuvier's beak whale, pilot whale, bottlenose dolphin, common dolphin) in 7 boat trips? (more)Patty Tse
From £1290 excluding flights
Wildlife volunteering in Malawi, with Zambia safari
Memorable parts? Working with the young orphaned animals, helping to provide their day-to-day care, was a truly unforgettable experience. Seeing wild Lions, Leopards, Elephants (and many more) up close on safari was fantastic, surpassing all my expectations. Tips? Get stuck in! Treat yourself to the safari towards the end of your holiday - as a relaxing reward for all the hard work volunteering. Local benefits? Yes. As well as the obvious benefits to the animals, the Centre... (more)Philip Toole
From £950 excluding flights
Wildlife conservation holiday in South Africa
Memorable parts? Working with people who are dedicated, informed and enthusiastic about conservation in a practical and realistic way. And of course, seeing the wildlife as they are meant to be. Tips? Be prepared for it to change your views on life. Local benefits? Many local people were employed in the reserve and the studies that were being carried out influenced how the reserve was managed and that benefited the locals. As the research carried out was the same as the normal... (more)Louise Sexton
From £1395 excluding flights
Health care volunteering in Kenya
Memorable parts? It is too early to say whether this holiday was life changing but for me, it was a homecoming as I used to live in Kenya and felt a mixture of feelings - sad at the corruption that exists in daily life at police checks, etc. but most of all humbled at the generosity, dignity and hospitality that I found in and from the locals around the project where I worked. These are people who have very little materially and work very hard to make ends meet and yet there is a joy and... (more)Jane Edington
From £695 excluding flights
Community-based village homestays, Kenya
All of the home-stay was brilliant. It was well planned for us, and everyone was friendly and helpful throughout. The most memorable part was the wonderful family who we stayed with and seeing our children playing happily all together. (more)Deborah Nickolls
An amazing week, and one that my daughter and I will never forget. The itinerary for the week was incredibly well thought through and planned to give a really good balance of practical, social and craft activities, as well as visits to schools and a clinic (and local pub!) with enough chance to rest and catch our breath in between. (more)Ruth Findlay Brooks
The communities which hosted us were so welcoming to us, they made us feel like we had come home. We will never forget traditional song and dance in the moonlight of Kabimoi or being given Kikamba names at Mulanii. Priceless. (more)Andrew Fuller
From £800 excluding flights
Galapagos conservation projects
Flying over San Cristobal Island in the Galapagos then landing on the tiny airstrip right by the sea and seeing unique plants and animals for the first time that I had only seen in books or in documentaries was the most exciting part. (more)Sue Gardner
Most memorable? Swimming with sea lions but a close second was the community of people that is jatun sacha. (more)John Sheehan
From £1195 excluding flights
Community projects in South Africa
Memorable parts? On my last day in the village where I had been with children developing a bike track and teaching them to cycle, we had a special Olympics race day! About 100 of the locals turned up to compete! It was a load of fun and very special (and my 30th birthday). Tips? Be prepared for the impact of coming back! You'll have an amazing time, really connect with the community and things in your head will shift, just a little ... but when you get home, nothing will have changed... (more)Emma Finlay
From £1295 excluding flights
Kenya family volunteering & safari
The projects we worked on were well organized and it was easy to see what a huge difference this organization is making in Kenya through multiple community partnerships...Outstanding. Highly recommended. (more)John Fuller
Community Work in Sasenyi Primary School - completing the foundations for a new classroom in record time & seeing how hard teamwork can make a crucial difference to people who have to live without much material support! But seeing six cheetahs was also very exciting!! (more)Mark Jewell
From £595 - £985 excluding flights
Volunteering in Thailand, wildlife rescue centre
I went to the Wildlife Rescue Centre in Thailand, this was a fantastic project helping animals who had been mostly kept as pets. Itís hard to say what was the most memorable part of this holiday as there was so much variety and different experiences, itís difficult to decide what was the best part of it. (more)Cathy Bisset
I had so many fantastic experiences, and the centre itself was in an idyllic area, on the grounds of a Buddhist temple. One highlight was spotting wild elephants in a nearby national park, after dark. (more)Olly Carney
From £549 excluding flights
Orangutan conservation holiday in Borneo
Staying with the local tribe in the jungle was the most memorable part of the holiday...10 out of 10. (more)Jennifer Beard
Learning about and working with the animals at the wildlife centre at Matang; tribal-style living deep in the rainforest, and the guides' ability to source food from nature with fishing spear and machete - and much, much more. (more)Hanne Samson
From £995 excluding flights
Volunteer with turtles in Costa Rica
5 stars! My best experience abroad in the last 30 years.....Working with sea turtles: seeing turtle nesting and releasing baby hatchlings was absolutely fantastic (more)Daniel Halder
Amazing! Would go back in a second if I had the opportunity to do so. The whole process from the turtle laying its eggs, to the release of the baby turtles was just pure enjoyment! To me, it felt like more of a holiday than a work placement, as I was the most relaxed I have ever been. (more)Emilie Gronsund
It was quite simply the best. You felt part of the community in San Miguel which was so much better than just being on holiday and you learn so much about these amazing sea turtles. I'd thoroughly recommend this particular project for anyone with an open mind, who relishes enjoying a simple way of life in spectacular, unspoilt scenery. (more)Sue Curtis
From £677 excluding flights
Volunteer with elephants in Sri Lanka
It was the most wonderful, heartwarming, life changing trip I have ever been on. Everyone I met at the Leo project will stay in my heart. I'm considering going back! Can I? (more)nadia macmurray
Absolutely incredible...Experiencing the true Sri Lanka using public transport to travel between the project and the local towns! What a way to meet people! I'm already planning my next trip! (more)Sarah Keep
From £400 excluding flights
Community adult volunteering in India
Memorable parts? Being welcomed to the village at Night School with the children performing by singing and dancing to their native music and being presented with scarves and flowers as part of the ceremony. Tips? Such an amazing experience. If you want to experience the overnight train then you can do this as part of this experience and it is one of the best lines to do it on in India (very comfortable travelling 2AC), otherwise fly to Bagdogra Airport and it is quite easy to get... (more)Leah Wenban
From £400 excluding flights
Orangutan volunteering in Borneo
I enjoyed the time in Batang-Ai in the longhouse most. A natural paradise- the tribes people were wonderful and our guide also...Overall, an excellent trip (more)Katie Beckwith
Working with such amazing animals and finding out how intelligent and human like they are....Brilliant once in a life time experience. (more)Holly Ferguson
The opportunity and privilege to work so closely with magnificent animals such as the Orangutan and Sun Bears ...A wonderful and moving experience (more)Lynne Parish
From £1280 - £1865 excluding flights

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5 stars
I am reborn! Simply the best holiday I have ever been on
4 stars
Some great stories to tell the grandchildren. Would recommend to a friend
3 stars
Very enjoyable
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It was OK
1 star
A bit disappointing really

Our campaign

Volunteering directly with vulnerable children

The background - issues with orphanage volunteering

We now have comprehensive guidelines in place for the promotion of volunteering trips that involve any interaction with vulnerable children. In summary, the guidelines stipulate that:
  • Only people with professional qualifications and experience are allowed to volunteer;
  • Placement lengths must be for a minimum of 4 weeks;
  • Volunteer operators must have a child protection policy in place and conduct CRB checks (or equivalent).
The new guidelines have been implemented to protect the children at the centre of volunteering projects that work with orphanages and other similar settings. Issues that have concerned us include:
  • Research suggests children are better off in a family or community setting rather than residential care;
  • 'Hug an orphan holidays': The emotional risk to the child of continual short term attachments being formed and 'abandoned' as untrained volunteers come and go;
  • There has been a surge in residential care homes because parents are tempted to give up their children for the Western ideal of education e.g. Siem Reap in Cambodia is a town of 100,000 and has 35 orphanages. Many are unlicensed or funded by overseas donors who turn to orphanage volunteering and train children to perform to attract donors.
You can read more about the issues behind our decision.

Our experts

We received invaluable advice and input from a group of industry experts who have helped us formulate our new guidelines - a huge thanks to all of them:


The campaign received unprecedented support from individuals, responsibletravel.com members and other organisations around the world.

Articles appeared in Telegraph Online and Daily Mail Femail, as well as across online media, blogs and social media channels.

About the new guidelines

Our guidelines now address all trips on responsibletravel.com that involve volunteering with vulnerable children, not just in orphanages but in children's homes; youth centres (including drop-in centres); residential facilities; trafficking shelters; women and children violence refuges and other similar settings.

These guidelines will be used by our team at responsibletravel.com to screen new and existing volunteer trips that involve working with vulnerable children.

The partner organisation must:
  • read and agree to the guidelines for each of the trips they wish to list on responsibletravel.com
  • write in their own words, what they are doing, under each of the guidelines' section headings - this will constitute their 'making a difference' section to be published on their trip page
  • submit relevant child protection policies and commitments to responsible publishing of child-related images and material
  • update their own responsible tourism policies to reflect the adherence to our guidelines
  • publish their responsible tourism policies on responsibletravel.com
As an additional checks and measures, we encourage the travellers who take part in our trips to write honest, open reviews (which are then shared with the partner organisation) when they return home.

Qualified volunteers, safe settings

The new guidelines address the volunteer and the setting itself. The priority of the guidelines is to safeguard the children involved.

Evidence overwhelmingly shows that family based care is always going to be preferable for children over any other form of institutional based care which should be the last resort. There are very few times that volunteers should be volunteering directly with children unless they have appropriate qualifications, skills and experience in dealing with vulnerable children. This has therefore become the central point of our guidelines.

Skills matching and the need for proper child protection policies and reporting mechanisms are also essential. We hope to see an end to the revolving door of short term volunteers forming attachments and then leaving these vulnerable children, days or weeks later.

Ideas for volunteering responsibly to help vulnerable children
Our vision is that these guidelines will help put the child back at the centre point of thinking around volunteering. The good intentions of well meaning volunteers can be channelled in many ways, for example:
  • Supporting the organisational development of NGOs that help put children in foster care placements
  • Fundraising for organisations that try to reunite children with their families
  • Helping poor families and communities so that these families and communities are better able to keep their children safe at home
responsibletravel.com welcomes and encourages the development of new projects and initiatives that build on these ideas.

What happens to the children in the centres?

Sallie Grayson, People & Places:
"I fear there will indeed be some orphanages, including some that put their children's welfare first, that may suffer initially from this brave leadership by responsibletravel.com. However many of them will be able to meet many of the criteria by formalising and improving procedures that probably already exist informally - there are campaigning organisations that will help them do that. The largest threat will probably be a loss of income achieved by the acceptance of short term and unqualified volunteers (we know this from experience!) - BUT there is enough proof that the constant engagement with a stream of strangers is hugely damaging to children.

"There are many small, underfunded orphanages that have the courage to place the children's emotional needs first and only accept qualified volunteers - those are the establishments responsible volunteer recruitment operators should be supporting. As a responsibletravel.com member we fully support this difficult decision - responsibletravel.com promotes responsible travel - the placement of unskilled volunteers in poorly managed child care centres is not responsible - it's that simple."

Rebecca Smith, Child Without Appropriate Care Advisor, Save the Children:
"By removing one of the incentives for the growth of poor quality orphanages, children are less likely to find themselves separated from their families without a good reason. The closure of orphanages that have been specially set up to attract money from well-intentioned Westerners means that children will be able to return to their families and resume their lives in their home communities. As more questions are asked about the quality of care that children receive in orphanages, there will be more pressure for orphanage staff to be able to demonstrate that the children under their care are well treated and have no alternative places to live. People who want to volunteer and support vulnerable children should focus their efforts on helping poor families and communities so that these families and communities are better able to keep their children safe at home.

Save the Children believes that reducing the number of volunteers and support to child care institutions (orphanages) should be part of a larger effort to support parents and community members to care for their children and to regulate child care institutions. As such, we, along with many other agencies, work with communities, parents and governments to provide children with a variety of alternative family based care options. In many countries we assist the government to assess and reunify children in child care institutions with their families (including extended families). We help governments to write laws and policies regulating child care institutions and we train social workers to assess the best placement for each individual child. If you are concerned about what will happen to children you used to volunteer with, we recommend supporting efforts in the surrounding community (for example: supporting schools, local NGOs, parenting groups, etc) that benefit all families who are struggling."

Indeed, organisations that support and encourage family-based care will need to support these children until the system changes. Luke Gracie, Friends International believes it is wrong to present a binary view of the argument as being about orphanages/institutional based care versus life on the streets as the only realistic alternative. This is not the case, he says: "this binary distinction actually makes it harder for innovative family-based solutions to get off the ground or get support."

There is much that people can do to support the organisational development of NGOs and progressive organisations - this type of work will be crucial. We look forward to celebrating, encouraging and supporting projects and initiatives of this nature.

Share your views

Let us know your views on volunteering with vulnerable children in the comments below, or share this page:

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There are very few times that volunteers should be volunteering directly with vulnerable children unless they have appropriate qualifications, skills and experience in dealing with vulnerable children.
We hope to see an end to the revolving door of short term volunteers forming attachments and then leaving these vulnerable children, days or weeks later.
As a responsibletravel.com member we fully support this difficult decision - responsibletravel.com promotes responsible travel - the placement of unskilled volunteers in poorly managed child care centres is not responsible - it's that simple.
- Sallie Grayson, People & Places
People who want to volunteer and support vulnerable children should focus their efforts on helping poor families and communities so that these families and communities are better able to keep their children safe at home.
- Rebecca Smith, Child Without Appropriate Care Advisor, Save the Children
responsibletravel.com should be commended for taking leadership in this area by removing orphanage volunteering from their offerings and putting clear guidelines in place. We hope others will take note and follow suit.
- Daniela Papi, learningservice.info
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