Wildlife conservation holidays and tours, 2014 and 2015

We offer 71 Wildlife conservation holidays. Work with a variety of species from iconic pandas to creatures like meerkats. Many of these wildlife conservation holidays work with world famous charities & NGOs on projects which include game drives, radio tracking wildlife & monitoring ecosystems. From hands on tasks such as measuring turtles to mapping bird populations, from a few days to 3 month volunteer placements, you’ve got plenty of wildlife conservation holidays to choose from.
South Africa wildlife reserves conservation expedition
The Big 5 game reserve expedition, from £730 - £2920 (14 days) ex flights
Tiger conservation in India
Help protect the magnificent tigers of Kanha National Park, from £2295 (14 days) ex flights
Whale & dolphin research in Ligurian Sea, Italy
Whale and dolphin conservation trip, from €722 - €886 (6 days) ex flights
Carnivore conservation & research in Namibia
Rehabilitate and release cheetah in the wilds of Namibia, from £845 (14 days) ex flights
Endangered wildlife conservation in South Africa
Some of the most exciting conservation work in Africa, from €950 - €1700 (14 days) ex flights
Game Reserve conservation in South Africa
Exciting and rewarding conservation work at game parks, from £1595 (14 days) ex flights
Namibia wildlife sanctuary volunteering holiday
Care for rescued animals in Namibia, from £795 - £2395 (14 days) ex flights
Volunteering with bears in Romania
Volunteer at a bear sanctuary in the Romanian mountains, from £1145 (14 days) ex flights
Botswana wildlife volunteering holiday
Help conserve the incredible wildlife of the Kalahari Bush, from £920 - £1629 (14 days) ex flights
Research volunteering with leopards in South Africa
Wildlife volunteering with African leopard research team, from £800 - £1200 (4 weeks) ex flights
Animal rehabilitation project in South Africa
Hands on rehabilitation work in South Africa, from £995 (14 days) ex flights
Kamchatka wildlife and bird watching cruise, Russia
Cruise one of the most biologically rich parts of the planet, from US $8000 - US $11900 (14 days) ex flights
Wildlife conservation holiday in Peru
Journey to the Heart of the Manu in the Peruvian Amazon, from £1695 (8 days) ex flights
Wildlife volunteering in Guatemala
Experience a unique veterinary internship with wildlife, from US $1500 (14 days) ex flights
School expedition volunteering with turtles in Costa Rica
Forest, leatherback turltles on Costa Rica's Caribbean coast, from US $70 (4 days) ex flights
Wildlife watching & conservation holiday in Scotland
Wildlife watching in the stunning Scottish Highlands, from £190 - £450 (8 days) ex flights
Orangutan conservation in Indonesia
Assist orangutan conservation efforts in Indonesian Borneo, from £1250 (4 weeks) ex flights
Orangutan research project in Indonesia
Orangutan Fieldwork Research & Trekking in Indonesian Jungle, from US $1789 (14 days) ex flights
Wildlife volunteering in Bolivia
Care for rescued animals in stunning Bolivian surroundings, from £595 (14 days) ex flights
Amazon conservation project in Peru
Help conserve the species of the incredible Amazon jungle, from £1095 - £3295 (14 days) ex flights
Rainforest conservation in the Amazon, Peru
Conservation in the Amazon, from £1195 (14 days) ex flights
Volunteer at The Shamwari Wildlife Reserve, South Africa
Conserve and protect species on a South African game reserve, from £795 - £1495 (14 days) ex flights
South Africa conservation project
Work to ease human-animal conflict in beautiful South Africa, from £700 - £2185 (14 days) ex flights
Elephant conservation project in Sri Lanka
Fantastic elephant conservation project in rural Sri Lanka, from £895 - £2245 (7 days) ex flights
Costa Rica conservation tour, tailormade
The Pacific to the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, from £1750 (13 days) ex flights
Volunteer & holiday in Costa Rica
Turtle conservation project and Cost Rica tour, from £849 (15 days) ex flights
The great white shark conservation project in South Africa
Encounter the iconic Great White Shark in South Africa, from £795 - £1245 (14 days) ex flights
Elephant conservation in Thailand
Volunteering with elephants in Thailand, from £450 (7 days) ex flights
Australia conservation volunteering holidays
Conservation volunteering off the beaten track Down Under, from £665 (14 days) ex flights
Orangutan volunteering in Borneo and Malaysia
Volunteer at a zoo, and witness wild orangutans in Borneo, from £1795 (4 weeks) ex flights

100 reviews for Wildlife conservation holidays4 star overall rating

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Belize wildlife conservation holiday
It was a very positive experience being in a country that treasures the natural environment and it is government policy to protect at least 40% of the land for nature. I felt that after 3 weeks I had only scratched the surface of what there is to find out about Belize and definitely plan on returning. (more)Cathy Bisset
Once in a life time experience...meeting all the wild animals was the most exciting part of the trip. (more)Kerry Sedman
From £795 excluding flights
Endangered wildlife conservation in South Africa
The most memorable part was all the time we spent in the bush - at least 10h per day. To see the other side of the safari - i.e. not being in a traditional tourist vehicle. (more)Karin van Volen
Amazing!! Words cannot describe this adventure- over 1500 photos taken and a million memories. (more)Emma Clifford
Brilliant experience...We were in a Private Game Reserve with no tourists so it was really peaceful and secluded. The scenery was wonderful and the animals were amazing to see. I was also lucky enough to share my experience with a great bunch of people which made the trip even more memorable (more)Pankaj Bhudia
From €950 - €1700 excluding flights
Volunteering with bears in Romania
Bears! Bears ! Bears!......absolutely amazing to spend time with these wonderful creatures. (more)Sarah Burman
I have volunteered with other organisations in conservation and animal welfare and found in comparison the co-ordination for this was exemplary, the time working was balanced by time I had to wander the sanctuary or explore the surrounding area. Highly recommended! (more)Clanci Ferguson
Amazing! I was taking a year's sabbatical and this trip was the top of my list. It didn't disappoint and should be on every animal lover's 'bucket list'. I went for 6 weeks, returned for another 6 weeks the following year and fully intend to go back as soon as I can! (more)Estelle Barnes
From £1145 excluding flights
7 day big five safari in South Africa
This was one of the best holidays we have experienced. The animal sightings were brilliant, the information we received about the bush was exceptional and above all, the friendliness of all the guides and staff and their desire to consider our every need resulted in a truly memorable holiday. (more)kim plumb
Individual highlights are too many to mention but one consistent one was the look on the girls faces when we found something special on a game drive...Fantastic, well organised and great value for money. (more)Neil Wilson
Seeing the wild animals up-close and at the same time knowing we were supporting conservation and research. It was also great to stay at the researchers camp and see how researcher life is in the field and help them out a bit. The camera trap location I chose even got a picture of a leopard! It was much more memorable and gratifying then staying at typical tourist hotels. (more)Amy Cannata
From £1275 - £1420 excluding flights
South Africa wildlife reserves conservation expedition
Memorable parts? Monitoring and tracking the wild dogs was a most memorable experience. We'd get up early in the morning and sit in the back of an open jeep and roar off to the last sighting. It was winter. It was cold. It didn't matter as it was a big adventure and the not knowing would we find them or not? Waiting and watching for the next time. Really great fun. Tips? For the winter, take lots of warm clothing layers as you can peel off as the weather warms up. Follow the list... (more)Keith Costelloe
From £730 - £2920 excluding flights
Holidays to Uganda
Memorable parts? Getting close to gorillas in their forest home will be unforgettable. The Nile boat trips are excellent also. Tips? Just go. Don't expect to see lots of big cats (although we did see some lions and leopards) - but seeing the gorillas is very special and the rest of the wildlife is great also. Local benefits? Benefits local people only in so far that hotels and guiding provide jobs. Benefits the environment because visitors create a reason for the national... (more)Gerard O'Hanlon
From £2395 - £2475 excluding flights
Volunteer & holiday in Costa Rica
Releasing newly hatched turtles into the sea. Walking up Cerro Chatto and swimming in the extinct volcano were the most memorable parts of this holiday. (more)Ian Spilsbury
10/10. A great holiday, very easy, no hassle, various options available whilst at destinations. The most memorable parts of the holiday were ziplining through the rainforest, night hike in Monteverde and the group of people I met. (more)Tracy Suff
I enjoyed the tour, had a great tour leader and was with a good bunch of people. (more)Sue Sanders
From £849 excluding flights
Orangutan volunteering in Borneo and Malaysia
Memorable parts? Helping to catch a Crocodile, and a 13 foot long python that had eaten a monkey.... Definitely not your average holiday, which is nice... Tips? Go with an open mind, and be prepared for some physical work… Local benefits? Yes. Overall rating? Very enjoyable, thanks for having me. (more)John Broome
From £1795 excluding flights
Borneo wildlife volunteer project
Memorable parts? There were many exciting wildlife sightings but the most memorable part of the holiday was being with Mark, the project leader, who was highly knowledgeable about the natural world as well as organising a varied and interesting programme. Tips? To be prepared to engage fully with all the activities arranged. A pair of binoculars would also be helpful Local benefits? It definitely supported conservation and maybe made the village more aware of the importance... (more)Tessa Milne-Day
From £1095 excluding flights
Whale & dolphin research in Ligurian Sea, Italy
It was definitely one of my best two trips ever. Loved the people in the group, the activities, the animals and the overall experience. I would definitely recommend it. (more)Tania Fernandez
Excellent - fun, friendly and highly knowledgeable team made it a very worthwhile experience. (more)Rebecca Pagnucco
Excellent...Don't hesitate but keep in mind it is not a cruise but you are there to help. Fun but can be tiring. Worth it (more)maryse schild
From €722 - €886 excluding flights
Volunteer at a wildlife sanctuary in South Africa
Memorable parts? So many amazing things happened during my stay. My top 3 were: 1) Seeing the cheetahs being fed 2) Helping to rear a meercat baby and Clarke a serval 3) All the jokes and banter between the volunteers Tips? I would recommend bringing some DVDs, although the selection is pretty good already. Additionally make sure you bring warm clothes it gets really really cold at night. Finally make sure you bring a good torch. Overall rating? 9/10 of course there will be... (more)Cecilia Stilwell
From £995 excluding flights
Elephant conservation in Thailand
My holiday was the best experience of my life, so much so I wasn't ready to leave and got very upset when the time came to leave. I fell in love my elephant Campion and Boonma and his family welcomed me with open arms. Such good hearted people. The experience with them added to my amazing experience and I would recommend anyone try this experience. I would give this experience 10 out of 10 there was nothing I feel could of been better except for me booking longer! (more)Debbie Field
Thoroughly enjoyed - The baby elephant playing-a real privilege to see! (more)Amanda Patrick
It was the best holiday I have ever experienced. My daughter and I cried when we left the elephant camp on the last day. We built up very strong bonds with our elephants, their owners and thier families. A very happy, emotional experience. We will be going back to visit them all soon. (more)Sarah Middleton
From £450 excluding flights
Botswana wildlife volunteering holiday
Memorable parts? Daily close interaction with lions and wild dogs. Close contact with knowledgable and passionate conservationists. Tips? The company I booked with (The Great Projects) were very helpful when spoken to directly. However,they did not give the name of the project (Modisa in Botswana). As such,much of the information they gave to me was inaccurate and caused problems at the start of the trip. Had there been an emergency or had I had a strong view on what I wanted from... (more)Phil Jackson
From £920 - £1629 excluding flights
Volunteer with monkeys in South Africa
Being so hands on with the Vervets and baboons was an amazing experience, as was helping to build the release site for the Vervet troop that was about to be set free. (more)Sara Lee
I would recommend this volunteering experience to anyone of a similar mindset who cares about the planet and all the creatures that we share it with. (more)Angela Crossland
From £795 excluding flights
Research volunteering with leopards in South Africa
Memorable parts? The entire trip was memorable: sleeping in a tent and cooking over open fire, seeing the diversity of life on a daily basis, being immersed in the bush, hearing the roaring thunder bounce off the mountain walls, and doing my part for the conservation of the Thabo Thalo nature reserve. However, I think the most impactful part of the trip for me was when Tara and I went to see a local farmer whose goat herd had been attacked. The fact that we were called at all shows... (more)Julia Luxemburger
From £800 - £1200 excluding flights
Rainforest conservation in the Amazon, Peru
Memorable parts? Cutting a path through dense jungle to fin capybara Tips? Speak to the guys who have done it already for advice! A camera, comfy inner soles, good Headtorch, organic mosquito repellent, waterproof bags were the items I was glad I had the most! Local benefits? yes, all of the above! Overall rating? it was such an incredible experience, expect it to be really hard work but you get out what you put in. (more)William Haward
From £1195 excluding flights
Tiger conservation in India
Memorable parts? Seeing tigers on seven occasions, hearing one roaring close by and then greeting cubs, smelling a kill in near vicinity, spotting tiger pug marks and claw marks on trees. Catching a leopard in our camera trap in area close to our bungalow. Visiting local villages and schools and a market and meeting so many local people. Tips? Be prepared for early rises, cold drives to park in open vehicle, stamina is required. There is an ATM machine in nearby village. Do not... (more)Susan Groves
From £2295 including domestic flights only
Namibia wildlife sanctuary volunteering holiday
Memorable parts? Being able to be near, feed and touch some majestic animals - lions, cheetahs, baboons. Tips? Be prepared for really hot weather - I sunburned - and get ready to enjoy. Local benefits? I certainly did. I saw how the animals were cared for, how the local people were given employment and knew I was contributing. Overall rating? I had a great holiday - too short - but that was my choice. (more)Catherine Armstrong
From £795 - £2395 excluding flights
Kamchatka wildlife and bird watching cruise, Russia
Memorable parts? Seeing the ribbon seals, the northern right whale and the spoonbill sandpiper. Tips? Be prepared for lots of walking on the tundra. Also understand that the ship does not have stabilizers so even a mild swell rocks the ship. Bring a good layering system as temperatures and ice conditions can vary greatly. Local benefits? Supported conservation and the spoonbill sandpiper project. I suppose that we provided some income for the people in the towns in which... (more)Marian Herz
From US $8000 - US $11900 excluding flights
Volunteer with animals in the Amazon rainforest, Ecuador
Memorable parts? Getting close to wild animals and being "groomed" by monkeys. Tips? Take really old clothes and be prepared for normal standards of hygiene to go out the window. Local benefits? Yes - the animals but not the local people so much. Overall rating? Good. (more)Angela Loten
From US $840 - US $2840 excluding flights
Animal rehabilitation project in South Africa
Memorable parts? Tips? Local benefits? Overall rating? Poor. Not much meaningful work. It was not well organized in keeping volunteers busy. There were lots of occasions when we ran out of jobs and were told to wander around and look for things to do. Myself and my grandchildren were extremely disappointed. We had a family meeting and left early. Still a bad taste in our mouth. After staying there I felt that the fee charged was excessive. John Brown. (more)John Brown
From £995 excluding flights
Turtle conservation in Sri Lanka
Memorable parts? Being able to release the turtle hatchlings, almost every night and watching them race towards the ocean. Also, releasing an adult turtle and being woken up at 6.00am to see two turtles that had just finished laying eggs, was something I never thought I would get to see. Tips? Be prepared to feed the turtles, clean the tanks (do not wear nice clothes) and the turtles, to teach English, give tours and adapt to the Sri Lankan culture. It would help having basic knowledge... (more)Katherine Lethbridge
From £699 - £899 excluding flights

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I am reborn! Simply the best holiday I have ever been on
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Some great stories to tell the grandchildren. Would recommend to a friend
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Wildlife Volunteering and Wildlife Conservation

If you are a wildlife lover, wildlife volunteering is one of the most rewarding holidays you can take. There are many biologists and scientists working on different wildlife conservation projects all over the world who are working with endangered species and trying to inspire people with how beautiful, important and remarkable these creatures are and what a shame it’d be to lose them. Animal conservation needs a joined-up approach i.e. there is no chance of saving a species and its habitat if you do not first see its country as a political and social entity and harness local human populations to engage with the plight of their native species – to learn to love and be proud of their country’s creatures.

Wildlife conservation projects can contribute directly to the continuing existence of certain species, for example, the mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest: Western visitors pay the wages of the rangers who work hard to protect the remaining gorillas and, without their money, the forests would be pulled down and all would be lost. If you are considering volunteering for animal conservation it is worth bearing in mind that there are some occasions where the dictum: ‘look but don’t touch’ should be considered, particularly when it comes to wildlife and sentient creatures. The irony is that the more you love something, the closer you want to get – yet your very proximity can bring it more harm than good. Many animals should not be forced into human interaction as they are wild, not domestic. Often, watching animals living freely in their natural habitat can be a lot more rewarding than giving them a cuddle.

There is a great range of wildlife conservation holidays on offer, as well as working with endangered species, you can help preserve entire ecosystems. You may find yourself as a jungle volunteer, monitoring endangered Macaw's, digging seed beds in the bio garden, carrying and planting seedlings as part of the reforestation and carbon sequestration programme or working with local children in the ecology club. Or you could be a rainforest volunteer - rainforests are critically important to their region’s biodiversity, providing essential soil stabilization and carbon storage. But they are under constant threat from unsustainable logging practices and climate change. Whether you choose to help on animal conservation projects, volunteer in the jungle or volunteer in the rainforest, the work you do will be invaluable and you will be uplifted by how constructive human intervention can be, in the wake of our careless destruction.

Wildlife Conservation Holidays and Wildlife Conservation Volunteering

Wildlife conservations holidays should benefit the host country and make a valuable contribution to protecting wildlife, habitats and natural resources. Effective wildlife conservation is organised by scientists and specialist experts who need to collect data, research and analysis to make positive change. The wildlife conservation projects they set up rely heavily on volunteers who have time to spare. A wildlife conservation volunteer doesn’t need to have any qualifications but simply needs enthusiasm and a strong commitment to the environment.

There are many different wildlife conservation projects to choose from, you can investigate human-wildlife conflict, collect biological data in the Amazon or monitor endangered species in African reserves. Wildlife conservation volunteering has become very popular, which is hardly surprising considering the high demand for projects that deal directly with the increasing threats to wildlife and the environment. A wildlife conservation volunteer will have the wonderful opportunity to experience beautiful landscapes and unbeatable wildlife encounters, as well as learn new skills and environmental awareness.

Want to know more about wildlife conservation holidays before you go?

Find out more about wildlife conservation by reading these articles.

Wildlife watching holidays often focus on the iconic species such as whales, tigers and polar bears, many of which are often the most threatened. So can wildlife tourism help conserve our endangered species? Read more about wildlife conservation in this wildlife conservation article.

Declared a World Heritage site in 1998, the Altai Mountains deep in the Asian part of the Russian Federation are one of the most beautiful and remote parts of the world. The region is also one of the poorest of the former Soviet Union and its natural resources are threatened by all kinds of exploitation. Read the rest of Tessa McGregor's wildlife conservation article.
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