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Winter has all this romance attached to it. Logs burning on an open fire, hearty food, crisp brisk walks in the cold air, Robert Frost poems. And, perhaps because of this romance, winter activity holidays are becoming hugely popular again: cross country skiing and snowshoeing off the tourist trail, husky sledding, taking in the Northern Lights or mountain winter walking with crampons to get a grip. What better way to keep the winter blues at bay?
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Cross country skiing in Austria
Skiing trails in Tyrol, from £1099 (8 days) inc UK flights
Cross country skiing holiday in the Dolomites, Italy
A famously beautiful range of jagged peaks, from £1049 - £1339 (8 days) inc UK flights
Cross-country skiing holiday in Finland, Russian border
Guided cross-country skiing holiday in the beautiful wilderness, from €920 (7 days) ex flights
Lillehammer bobsled weekend in Norway
Your chance to experience pure adrenaline, from £1049 (4 days) inc UK flights

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Finland winter activity holiday & Northern Lights
Discover this Finnish winter activity wildernerss week, from £1229 - £1719 (8 days) inc UK flights
Husky safari in Finland
Sled with huskies through spectacular Finnish scenery, from £1595 - £1945 (8 days) inc UK flights
Winter activity holiday in the French Alps
A flexible winter multi activity holiday in the French Alps, from €546 - €1113 (7 days) ex flights
Dolomites winter activity holiday in Italy
Fun packed winter activity holiday in the Dolomites, from £1499 (8 days) inc UK flights
Lapland husky safari short break, Finland
Combine wilderness and log cabins with this dog sledding adventure, from £1845 - £1925 (5 days) inc UK flights
Finland Northern Lights holiday, Wilderness Auroras
Winter activities & Aurora hunting in Finnish wilderness, from £1375 - £1495 (5 days) inc UK flights
Winter adventure in Finland
Experiences which stay with you, from £1665 - £1890 (7 days) inc UK flights
Slovakia family holiday, winter in High Tatras
Action-packed family winter holiday in Slovakian High Tatras, from €1075 - €1215 (8 days) ex flights
Finnish Lapland Christmas and New Year holiday
Celebrate Christmas or New Year in the Arctic, from £1585 (8 days) inc UK flights
Lapland husky safari and activity holiday, Finland
Active holiday in beautiful Finnish Lapland, from £1875 - £1935 (8 days) inc UK flights
Lapland Northern Lights holiday
Few better ways to witness an autumn Aurora, from £1250 (5 days) inc UK flights
Finland huski safari & Northern Lights holiday
A magical dog sledding week in Finland, from £2149 (7 days) inc UK flights
Magical christmas without Santa in Lapland
Winter 'Santa free' Lapland adventure for families, from £1695 (8 days) inc UK flights
Iceland short break winter activity holiday
Winter adventure tours in Iceland, from IKr107990 (5 days) ex flights
Austria skiing & winter activity holiday
A 'Relaxingly Active' winter holiday in East Tirol, Austria, from £700 - £940 (7 days) ex flights
Yukon dog sledding holiday, Canada
Husky adventure holidays in Yukon, from CA $1328 (5 days) ex flights
Northern Lights & arctic adventure holiday in Norway
Vibrant Tromsø & the wilderness of Kvaløya island, Norway, from £1495 (7 days) ex flights
Northern Lights tour, Sweden, Finland & Norway
Visit Sweden, Finland and Norway in a handcrafted itinerary, from £2875 (9 days) inc UK flights
Arctic Circle dogsled expedition
A true mushing journey in Northern Sweden, from £2599 (7 days) inc UK flights
Transylvania winter holiday in Romania
Explore Transylvania’s wintery charms, history and folklore, from £1279 (8 days) inc UK flights
Your own group winter activity holiday
Traditional activities and winter sports in Finland, from £1200 (4 days) inc UK flights
Cross country skiing expedition in Finland
Ski through the pristine Finnish wildnerness, from £1449 - £1499 (8 days) inc UK flights
Yukon wilderness retreat, Canada
Exciting and relaxing retreat in the beautiful Yukon wilderness, from £1735 (7 days) ex flights
Lapland New Year holiday, Northern Lights
New Year celebrations, Tromsø & the Northern Lights Route, from £1715 (7 days) inc UK flights
Northern Lights tour in Iceland
Springs, waterfalls, volcanoes and Europe’s biggest glacier, from £695 - £770 (6 days) ex flights

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Husky safari in Finland
Memorable parts? It almost goes without saying that the scenery is breathtaking from the outset but the real memories are the dogs and the bond you form with them. Cruising through the wilderness with your own team is a mixture of calm and excitement that is nicely balanced by caring for your dogs when their work is done. Tips? Leave your smart phone behind and forget about the outside world for a few days. Local benefits? The whole experience was conducted in a very ethical... (more)Gareth Jones
From £1595 - £1945 including UK flights
Finland Northern Lights holiday, Wilderness Auroras
One of the best holidays we have ever had, we loved it all. (more)Samantha May
The most memorable part of the holiday was catching the northern lights twice! This was just before Christmas night when the moon was shining bright and to be able to capture it all on digital camera despite the freezing -20c temperature on that night. (more)James Tan
It was fabulous. 10 out of 10!! (more)Jennifer George
From £1375 - £1495 including UK flights
Yukon dog sledding holiday, Canada
Working with the dogs was my favourite part of the trip. I loved meeting all the different dogs and getting to know their different personalities. They are such great workers and I miss them now I am back home. (more)Ali Barned
The dogs are just incredible... athletic, fascinating to watch, and beautiful. Our guide Laird was fantastic as were all the other people at the ranch... I had a fabulous time. Pushed my limits... this has been 'one' of the best holidays I have been on. (more)Helen Weir
Fantastic. I have always wanted to try sledding and finally did. Now I just need to convince my other half to go again next winter! (more)Lee Unsworth
From CA $1328 excluding flights
Finland winter activity holiday & Northern Lights
Excellent holiday in an idyllic location providing, fun and adventure. (more)Jackie Devaney
Huskies. Location. Snowshoeing. (more)Viki Day
Fantastic experience - the most enjoyable activity holiday I have ever done. (more)Jonathan Gilbert
From £1229 - £1719 including UK flights
Winter activity holiday in the French Alps
The young people Sam and Rachel achieved confidence respectively in snowboarding and downhill skiing in a small quiet resort at Ancelle for the first three days...Successful as a way of satisfying all ages and giving the family precious time to be on our own without the pressures of work and university. (more)Rosemary Rayner
The most memorable part was snow shoeing on a beautiful sunny Christmas Day and completing our first Via Ferrata. (more)Lynn Clunie
From €546 - €1113 excluding flights
Finland activity holiday and Northern Lights
Memorable parts? The husky safari and the general scenery. Tips? The optional activities day - some of the activities incur a further charge (if you wanted to do snowmobile riding or further husky sledge rides. Some other activities are included in the price of the week (snow shoeing/ cross country skiing etc). This fact was not clear on the itinerary. Also if travelling as a couple, split your clothes/toiletries between you as the small aircraft you take from Helsinki has limited... (more)John Vango
From €1080 excluding flights
Slovakia family holiday, winter in High Tatras
Memorable parts? The whole thing was excellent. My children loved learning to ski and the dog sledding, but I think my favorite was the winter walk on New Years day. Tips? Snow would probably be better during the February Half term - but if you want to book at Christmas it is still fantastic, you just might need to be more flexible. Local benefits? Slovakia is a fantastic destination, but it is not as well marketed as other countries. I feel that our visit supported our guide... (more)Paula Stevens
From €1075 - €1215 excluding flights
Lapland Northern Lights holiday
Memorable parts? I went on this trip hoping to see the Northern Lights. We did not see them on this trip, but I enjoyed the trip so much, I would happily return, lights or no lights. Some memories: watching the beauty of a light snow falling on pine trees from the dining room while enjoying a lunch of homemade soup and bread (I don't see much snow where I live), traveling through the woods on a sledge pulled by snowmobiles while covered with blankets , a very good talk about the Northern... (more)Sally Means
From £1250 including UK flights
Wild Taiga winter activity holiday, Finland
Once in a lifetime experience...Experiencing something new every day, from trying new foods to trying new activities. (more)Mandy Read
Excellent. A holiday that is a cut above. The tranquil snow dusted beauty of the lakescape and surrounding forests. It is so rare these days to go to somewhere so untouched where the silence is palpable. (more)Jane Edmondson
So many wonderful things, I'd struggle to specify just one - eating delicious Finnish tapas whilst the snow fell in Helsinki, being treated to an impromptu Christmas singsong by a choir whilst on the ferry across to Suomenlinna, being in charge of our own Husky drawn sledge (and then meeting Husky puppies!), barbequeing sausages on an open fire whilst sitting on reindeer hides in minus 25 degree temperatures, the exceptionally friendly people, the majesty of the snow covered forests, the tranquility... (more)Carolyne Coupel
From €1172 - €1389 excluding flights
Cross-country skiing holiday in Finland, Russian border
Staying in a log house without electricity or running water, surrounded by a snowy, silent landscape & enjoying a sauna after a day skiing across frozen lakes, over bogs and through forests. (more)Anna Jeffrey
The most memorable part of the holiday was the professional organisation & friendly & welcoming people at the places we stayed at. (more)Alan Reimer
The most memorable part was each day -- Skiing (47 KM on the longest day) under sunny, blue skies with beautiful scenery, fun people and a supportive, helpful guide, eating lunch by the fire, seeing the Russian border and animal tracks, then having a well deserved sauna and delicious meal. (more)Elizabeth Babos
From €920 excluding flights
Cross country skiing in Norway
The scenery In Norway is beautiful especially after having a meter of snow the day before we arrived. It made the cross - country skiing area very beautiful. (more)Linda White
The place and the people that participated on the trip. The instruction from Ilsa was excellent, the lodge was very clean and well kept and hte food was first class. (more)Ellen Tarquinio
The friendliness and expertise of the leaders, the scenery and plenty of good food were the most memorable. (more)Catherine Harris
From £1149 - £1249 including UK flights
Cross country skiing in Austria
Absolutely brilliant. (more)Rebecca Malcolm
A lot of fun plus a real sense of achievement in learning to do something I initially found quite difficult. (more)Amanda Ariss
In the past we have always downhill skied, but this time we decided to try cross country skiing having never done it before. It took a short while to learn the basics and by the end of the week we were able to complete a cross country journey - with no broken bones! (more)Elizabeth Musetti
From £1099 including UK flights
Finland huski safari & Northern Lights holiday
Memorable parts? The most memorable part of the holiday was how beautiful and peaceful Finland was where we were staying and how peaceful and quiet the sled dogs were once they were working. Tips? Tips for other travellers going on this holiday is to make sure you are reasonably fit before going, and you must be a dog lover. Local benefits? We were very back to nature and conserved energy within the cabins we stayed in. We used open fires to cook when we were out treking. Tips? The... (more)Tina Donovan
From £2149 including UK flights
Holiday in Swedish Lapland, tailor made
The most memorable part of the holiday was seeing northern lights, the wilderness retreat and a real log fired sauna. Mika and Maja lovely hosts. (more)Jonathan Marsh
Exhilarating...The warm friendly welcome, dog-sledding and the wonderful Wilderness Cabin were the best parts. (more)Liz Evans
Amazing! The best parts were the snow , local people, husky dogs, father Christmas , -38 !!! And the ice hotel (more)Lynne Walker
From SKr12525 excluding flights
Swedish Lapland winter activity holiday & Northern Lights
I rate this trip extremely highly. Accommodation was great, food was excellent, weather was great, skiing and staying out in the wilderness was fantastic, northern lights spectacular, snow rolling sauna a whole lot of fun. (more)Anwen Victory
The most memorable part was living in the wilderness with no running water or electricity and in the company of a lovely first class guide. (more)Jan McGourty
More than 10 out of 10, amazing, fabulous and i really didn’t want to leave at all...Standing near our cabin in the wilderness in silence so absolute, you could hear a plane so far away you could barely see it and hear the water in the river over 5km away was the mostmemorable part. (more)kathy agashi
From SKr8700 excluding flights
Austria activity holiday, hiking, snowshoeing & yoga
Memorable parts? The scenery and the food! Tips? Be prepared for long transfer to and from airport, it is an idyllic spot Local benefits? Food locally sourced. Overall rating? Really good. Location and accommodation lovely. Good opportunity to try out new activities (more)Tracy Jeffreys
From £700 - £800 excluding flights

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