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The Holly Foundation is an American-based not-for-profit educational NGO founded by donations in 2008 and granted charity status September 2010 by USA internal revenue service. The company’s mission is to establish at any location deemed appropriate by the trustees in or outside the state of Maryland USA, temporary or permanent authentic community-based living-learning Centers for the purpose of researching, developing and offering to the public a range of holistic educational programs in sustainable living and renewable resources. Its Kalikalos project, deeply rooted in local traditions in Greece, provides holiday packages supporting personal and social transformation.
Member since: 14 Mar 2015

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Economic responsibility

  • All profits from its educational programmes must be recycled to further its wider educational aims.
  • Networking and support of other sister eco-Centres is an important part of our economic vision.
  • Our staff and our visitors help to support the local village economy by encouraging local organic growers.

    Environmental responsibility

  • The Kalikalos Centre recycles three categories of waste efficiently in conjunction with EU regulations in our village of Kissos, Greece.
  • We heat our hot water via solar panels and water our gardens with waste grey water where possible.
  • We grow a proportion of our own food organically and offer permaculture courses to the public.

    Social responsibility

  • Kalikalos is committed to demonstrating new ways of living, working and relating that are compatible with the creation of a permanent culture.
  • Through recycling, conservation and the use of renewable sources of energy we hope to demonstrate to local people that such a lifestyle is both viable and fulfilling.
  • We offer young teenagers (aged 13-16) the opportunity to participate in the kinds of sharing and decision making circles which are so much a part of our own programmes. These are the basis of a deeper grassroots democracy, in which young people—the leaders of the future—learn some of the crucial processes of governance  


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