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HighLives is an independently owned tour operator, offering adventure, culture, fitness and wellness holidays at high altitude destinations.
Member since: 10 Oct 2011

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

HighLives works directly with local operators. Our operators have an emphasis of using of locally produced ingredients in cooking meals. HighLives supports a UK-based Charity called Friends of Bolivia*. HighLives is their only corporate member and we help in the fund raising for the adopted projects.

Friends of Bolivia is a UK based, volunteer only charity dedicated to improve the living conditions of impoverished people in Bolivia.

Environmental responsibility

As a small tour operator we encourage our customers to follow the guidelines of our travellers code of conduct, where we emphasise waste management and local consumption at destination.

Our ground operators are aware of our interest in making sure water usage and waste management are of high standards. We encourage clients to give us feedback at their return or if they want when at destination, if our ground operators are not compliant with responsible practices.

HighLives aims to utilise fewer printed marketing and communication materials, encouraging customers to order the online version of the catalogue and ensure every experience we offer has enough online information.

Social responsibility

Our activity-based experiences, fitness and wellness holidays have a tailor made approach where we suggest and offer activities that will enable our customers to travel to communities and rural areas where there will be more opportunities to learn about its needs and visit with local people.

Travellers will receive a copy of our code of conduct, outlining social and cultural codes of conduct for respectful travelling through South America and repecting the local cultures and customs.

Bolivia-born, London-based Bibiana Tellez-Garside created this company to reveal the less explored regions of her home continent. Community-run lodges and traditional cuisine a speciality.
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