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At SpiceRoads, we combine our two greatest passions: cycling and Southeast Asia. With our extensive knowledge of this area, we carefully craft each itinerary to highlight the culture, history and natural beauty of each destination, making each SpiceRoads journey an experience of a lifetime.

Designing and operating cycling adventures in Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam since 1999, our ever increasing menu of itineraries cater for every level of cyclist and range from day trips to complete explorations of a country. Next to scheduled and private tours, SpiceRoads can tailor-make a cycling activity to match specific needs and wishes.

Our professional operations set-up includes a felt of well maintained, high-spec mountain bikes plus well equipped support vehicles. All tours are led by experienced cycle guides and drivers double as mechanics.

Fostering excellent relationships with the local authorities, we actively engage in environmentally responsible practices to minimise tourist impact upon the local habitat. We provide clients with the best information and means to help them identify and implement effective ways to positively protect local nature and communities.

SpiceRoads is a fully licensed Tour Operator and an active member of the Association of Thai Travel Agents (ATTA) and the Pacific Association of Travel Agents (PATA). SpiceRoads has a comprehensive Responsible Tourism policy and follows strict guidelines on ethical and responsible tour operations.
Member since: 18 Jul 2005

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • Aiming for all tours to stop and utilize the services of, (and therefore generate income for), local restaurants as well as several OTOP shops and women’s co-operatives wherever possible.
  • Whenever possible utilize locally owned guest houses and small hotels to ensure benefits stay within the local community.
  • The employment and training of local guides, drivers and assistants on all trips to ensure that the local community benefits not only immediately but with future employment opportunities being increased.

Environmental responsibility

  • Provide clients with information regarding environmentally friendly practices and ways of reducing waste production e.g.; by using bio-degradable soaps, reducing plastic bag usage and not supporting the destruction of endangered species by the purchase of wildlife goods.
  • On trips operate within a “carry in…carry out” policy to ensure that the environmental impact on areas that are visited are kept to a minimum and provision of re-usable water bottles to clients to help minimise plastic bottle usage.
  • Using environmentally friendly practices in the maintenance of the business e.g.; citrus biodegradable cleaning solution for bikes. Operate recycle paper systems within the office.

Social responsibility

  • Support of local projects directly by donation of funds and/or goods e.g.; fundraising charity tours, school equipment donations.
  • Inform travelers of projects within the community by direct visitation on tours and education re ways they can contribute and/or provide support. Visits to projects including HDP Foundation, Kamaluislam Mosque, local schools.
  • Assisting in the development of infrastructure e.g.; paths along canals that we use which provide a benefit to the local community as well as improving the activity for clients.
  • Group size kept to a maximum of 14 to 16 people to minimize both the social and environmental impact on a local region and allow for sensitive cross cultural interaction.

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