Wakatobi Dive Resort

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Wakatobi offers the world's premier coral reef diving experience at the epicenter of marine biodiversity.

An award-winning combination of stunning diving, luxury, remoteness and conservation makes this a must-dive destination. Arrive by private charter flight direct to the resort’s own airstrip and experience a tropical hideaway where you’ll find the world’s most diverse and pristine reefs.

Divers and photographers looking for a wonderful diving holiday far from crowds and commercialism will find this the ultimate get-away with over 300 miles of pristine reefs surrounding our small remote island. We are very child friendly, enabling diving families to holiday together.

Teams of gourmet chefs create mouth-watering cuisine to complete the holiday.

Nitrox/re-breathers supported.
Member since: 06 Dec 2006

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • Wakatobi brings 2000 or so visitors to this area each year, we provide work and income for more than 150 local people. Local workers and suppliers are preferred.
  • On top of our voluntary ‘Reef Lease’ payments (which are linked to conservation), we pay taxes, fees and permits.
  • Each household in the village close to our resort (‘Lamanggau’) receives electricity (including installations/maintenance!) from us. We have assisted with the building of concrete footpaths around their homes.

Environmental responsibility

  • We implement strict rules to minimize divers impact (all guests sign a dive conduct agreement), non-compliance leads to exclusion from diving without refund.
  • We have established a 3 km reef sanctuary and clean a 1 km stretch of beach every day.
  • We sponsor regular marine biology and ecology presentations in addition to discussing the resort conservation programs

Social responsibility

  • We provide for schools with education materials
  • We sponsor scholarships for orphans
  • We employ up to 50 widows to produce natural roof tiles (made by sago palm leaves) for the resort buildings. We also encourage the production of local crafts and offer these resulting products for sale in our boutique.

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