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Not for profit, for wildlife: Award-winning, hands-on, non-profit conservation expeditions for everyone. Adventures with a purpose. Biosphere Expeditions is an award-winning, non-profit-making organisation offering hands-on wildlife conservation expeditions as an adventure with a purpose for everyone. Our projects are not tours, photographic safaris or excursions, but genuine wildlife expeditions placing ordinary people with no research experience alongside scientists who are at the forefront of conservation work. Having said that, our expeditions are not at all about playing the primitive, neither are we a military style 'boot-camp'. We get the best out of our expedition teams by making them comfortable, safe and well fed.

Our expeditions are open to all, there are no special skills (biological or otherwise) required to join and there are no age limits whatsoever. Our expedition team members are people from all walks of life, of all ages, looking for an adventure with a conscience and a sense of purpose. Projects run worldwide, all year round, and you can join for anything from two weeks to several months. Expedition contributions vary depending on the expedition and at least two-thirds of your contribution benefit the project directly and locally. We always work with local people and scientists, teams are small and there is a dedicated expedition leader with the team at all times.
Member since: 15 Feb 2002

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Economic responsibility

  • Accommodation varies from fixed camps, jungle lodges to tents. Where applicable, these will be owned locally.
  • Where possible food is sourced from locally supplied produce and ideally from organic sources.
  • Where applicable, expedition team members are encouraged to spend their relaxation time using local facilities and resources.
    Biosphere Expeditions always works in close conjunction with local people and makes sure that the fruits of our expedition work benefit local helpers, their society and the environment they live in.
  • Environmental responsibility

  • All Biosphere Expeditions projects make a contribution to protecting or improving the environment.
  • Biosphere Expeditions always aims to minimise the effect on the environment of all its activities. Team members are fully briefed on all aspects of this and told how to minimise their personal and the expedition's impact on the environment. Where possible, all paper and other recyclable materials are recycled. Water and energy efficiency are always under consideration and where possible efforts are made to minimise energy usage.
  • Biosphere Expedition is also working with Climate Care, who encourage people to repair the damage they do to the environment every time they fly or use other fossil fuel burning means of transport. All our expedition team members are encouraged on a voluntary basis to make a donation to Climate Care based on the damage their travel to the expedition base has done. This donation is paid into a fund that invests in projects that reduce emissions such as renewable energy and energy efficiency. Biosphere Expeditions then covers the carbon debt incurred whilst the expedition is actually in the field.
  • Social responsibility

  • Briefings before the start of the expedition and leaders during the expedition highlight relevant social issues and offer best practice examples to expedition team members.
  • All expeditions are developed with local partners and scientists, as well as community representatives where appropriate. This consultation serves to minimise negative impacts on local cultures. This is often developed through a more complete integration into the local community, by working alongside them to achieve a conservation objective.
  • Biosphere Expeditions publishes results and recommendations based on collaborative work together with those who helped gather data and draw conclusions.
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