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How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

When designing our adventures we make sure to work with only local and independent tour operators, accommodation providers, and guides. This not only ensures that you get a real experience of the place, rather than seeing it from the windows of a tour bus, but it also guarantees that the wealth our tourism brings is redistributed back into the community that hosts us.

We have created, or have partnered with, a number of sustainable projects located in the same places as the adventures. All of our projects are focused on the long-term empowerment of these communities, as part of a larger social change vision. They are not superficial quick-fix projects. What's more, the funds raised by our travellers go directly into a microtrust managed by our philanthropy partner, The Philanthropy Club London (The Philanthropy Club Trust is a Charitable Trust administered under the Charities Aid Foundation, Kings Hill, West Malling, Kent, ME19 4TA. Our registered charity number 268369), which then goes directly to the designated project. This way our fundraisers can be sure that their funds do not get diluted along the way.
Inspired Challenge will assist in creating local economies and ensuring that the host community directly benefits financially from the placements.

Help create a local economy through employing locals, using local accommodation and sourcing food and products locally where possible.
Cost of adventure is covered and paid directly to the relevant local partner.
Donate to other community development projects that will improve the quality of life for the host community.
Operate a policy of financial transparency, providing break down of costs and how and where the money is spent.
Help create social impact reporting to donors
Facilitate communication between projects and donors post travel to reinforce global citizenship and continuous philanthropy
Be an advocate for effective giving.

Environmental responsibility

CEO, Afzaal Mauthoor was a key contributor to ABTA Born Free Animal Welfare in Tourism guidelines and applies these policies where relevant to the trips.
Our adventure programmes take part in areas of environmental degradation and fragile ecosystems. It is therefore vital that the organisations work with the host community and local governments in developing conservation goals and supporting these through training, education and finance.

Adopt environmentally friendly policies in both UK offices and at the destination
Encourage adventurers to offset their carbon emissions for their flights
Use small and fixed group sizes to avoid putting pressure on the surrounding environment
Educate and train the local community where necessary on conservation and environmental management
Encourage adventurers to adopt environmentally friendly practices
Help to introduce more environmentally friendly waste management systems where needed
Pay for National park fees and respect the park policies around protection of flora and fauna and spend time to study this before arrival.

Social responsibility

Each inspired challenge has a social aim at its core. Our trips give you the opportunity to spread your wealth and knowledge amongst communities around the world. By working with only local and independent tour operators, as well as local community leaders, you will not only experience the real destination but your money will feed straight back into supporting the community. Most of our challenges allow you to focus your support of these communities in a more concentrated way by fundraising for our local social change projects. What's more, on your adventure you will get the chance to meet, and often stay a few days with, the people who you are helping, allowing you to get to know them personally. The "great wall of charity" is knocked down, allowing you to go straight to the project you are supporting and see it for yourself. Cultural engagement and exchange is central to our company ethos, as each trip is a unique mixture of adventure, culture, and philanthropy. We maintain that one only gets to truly know a place by getting to know its people. Volunteer days of the trip are guided by our voluntourism policies developed by ABTA voluntourism guidelines which CEO, Afzaal Mauthoor, is a founding committee member.

The needs of the host community should lie at the heart of all adventures. By understanding the host community and building equal partnerships based on mutual trust our Inspired Challenges can run successfully.

Any marketing should portray host communities in a positive and ethical manner
Respect host communities and their values, attitudes and beliefs, and encouraging adventurers to do the same
Create local employment opportunities resulting in an alternative sustainable income for many families
Support and develop local infrastructure, health care, education and sanitation etc. creating a better life as a result of tourism
Work with local people to develop and train them in relevant and useful skills providing them with a sustainable future
Responsible volunteer opportunities help to build strong relationships, create local pride and develop a sustainable future for the host community

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