Bearfoot North

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Silence! Magnificence! & Experience! Our most important products. Right in the middle of Swedish Lapland we offer you true wilderness experiences, the best in the world they say! In the vast expanses of the mountains, forests, sea, and in the wilderness experiences that we offer, silence is a common thread. To act in and with the nature is a responsibility we take, as we also are operating in the sami culture landscape.
Member since: 09 Apr 2014

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

We shall take the leadership in developing Swedish Lapland area with new and attractive products based on a
sustainable platform and a responsible tourism that support the region with its destinations so more suppliers and
people can has the income from the experience business.
We have a vision to create a foundation to stimulate local work for a sustainable tourism based on the revenues
from all tourism companies in the region.

Environmental responsibility

We work with major partners that has a sustainable policy and work with details that support the overall goal.

Haglöfs is our closest partner and with them we cooperate with theis equipment and to wear the recycling clothes.
Other brands that we work with is Lundhags and Woolpower that has the same philosophie.

We use and perform our deep knowledge about nature and wildlife in our clothes, in our equipment and by the way
we act with the sami culture and the wildlife and nature.
As certified guides by the Swedish Mountain safety council we have all the knowledge and skills how to act and
what to do in nationalparks, reservate and in common nature.
In every product we do we always has a lecture to our guests on how to ake responsiblitry and act in and with the
nature, culture and

Social responsibility

The local culture is a important part of the company and we say that all we do is experiences in a culture landscape
that gives a higher meaningto the naturally landscape. That why we always preserving the local culture and visit and
create the packages with some part from the local culture, as a platform and base.

We use only local resources as far as we can in our products and next step for the summer 2014 is to educate local
people and certify them by Swedish mountain safety council.

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