Healing in the Willows

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An international collective of alternative healing practitioners offering the highest quality of holistic healing treatments and retreats in one of Englandís most enchanting settings
Member since: 19 Jun 2014

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • In line with the teachings of Yoga, Healing in the Willows aims to offer retreats with an economic, social and environmental consciousness.
  • On the economic front, the running of the retreats is supporting the rural (farming) community of Querceto through the rental of the hamletís venue and the employment of local staff.
  • Since the 2007 financial crisis, the region has suffered considerably with unemployment rising consistently, tourism decreasing steadily and trade diminishing considerably.
  • The running of the retreats have been welcomed by the locals, with many of them now being involved in the organization and running of the retreats, as well in the provision of goods (organic food) and services (driving, cooking and cleaning). 

Environmental responsibility

  • We source all of the goods, materials and services required for the retreats as locally as possible, with the utmost respect for the environment.
  • All products used during the retreats are eco-friendly (including the pure-rubber yoga mats provided) and all our meals are organic, vegan and free from palm-oil.
  • We also encourage participants to spend their free time exploring the beautiful wild woods surrounding the hamlet, and some of the meditation and yoga classes take place in nature.
  • The hamlet is powered by a biogas plant that exploits the fermentation process of the estateís products and by-products, in both the wine and olive oil sectors. The biogas is transformed into renewable energy, partly used by the winery and for the most part contributed to the national electric grid. The residual biomass, degraded by the fermentation processes, is used as natural fertilizer for the estate.

Social responsibility

  • By sourcing as many goods and services locally, we support local business, including neighbouring family-owned organic farms (where we buy all the fresh produce used for the retreats' meals), the local organic shops in the towns of Cecina and Volterra (for most of its dry food and bread), and local transport companies for picking-up our guests from the local train station.
  • We also offer local people the possibility to take part in the retreats at a discounted rate as a way of furthering the integration of the retreats into the local socio-economic reality.
  • We also encourage our guests to visit the neighbouring hamlets and villages (all of great historical relevance) as a way to make a stronger cultural connection with the land and its inhabitants.

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