Mad Dogs Adventure

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We enable people to obtain tangible, sublimely impressive achievements in adventure cycling. A Mad Dog is a unique, gritty challenge and although most find it is extremely enjoyable, fun is not in itself the main object. To successfully complete, participants must cycle the whole distance between two far-flung destinations. Every. Last. Metre. The role of our support and organisation is enabling and empowering. We take care of the luggage, hotels and support is there very quickly if things go wrong. All participants need to worry about is the cycling, and to experience the smells, culture, people…the adventure.
Member since: 06 Nov 2014

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

We seek to use local people for the provision of guides/interpreters, bicycle mechanics and also drivers for vehicles. Where possible we always stay in accommodation which will benefit local communities, we buy supplies locally and we will eat in restaurants which will benefit local people.

Environmental responsibility

Our terms and conditions for joining our events lay out strict requirements for our participants to respect the natural environment as well as local people. As a bicycle events operator, we are encouraging a green, environmentally friendly form of transport and we hope that we will have a wider impact on encouraging people to use bicycles as a form of transport - even outside our events.

Social responsibility

We ensure that the clients are well briefed on the local cultures they will encounter, and the local guides we use are the best people to explain things to them. In the evenings, we always visit a local restaurant which is one of the best ways to appreciating the local culture, as well as supporting the community.

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