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How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

* Devon Sailing Experiences is a small, family run business.

* For those already living in the UK, staying in the UK is beneficial to the country’s economic situation.

* Tourism plays a vital role in the income of residents in Devon and Cornwall. With in-depth knowledge of the local area, we are able to provide personal recommendations for local pubs, restaurants and shops, as well as areas of cultural interest and events based on the preferences of our guests.

* Where optional meals are provided, a range of locally produced food and beverages are offered. Information about our suppliers is made available to our guests.

* We work closely with other local businesses and always use local professionals for any element of boat maintenance that is required.

* If our guests request something that we are not able to offer (for example, training for official RYA qualifications), we will not hesitate to put them in touch with a local company who will be able to help them.

Environmental responsibility

We truly believe in the “experience” of sailing, as opposed to getting from A to B quickly. Because of this, we encourage our guests to sail our yachts powered by the renewable and sustainable power of the wind as much as possible rather than by engine.

Many of our sailing destinations are classified as AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty), and Salcombe in particular is an eco-harbour. Such locations provide information leaflets with advice on protecting the local environment and this information is always shared with our guests.

Glass, can, food and card recycling points are widely available when moored in marinas and at popular destination points. Our on-board policy is that all rubbish is brought ashore and (as with all sailors) we strongly encourage a positive recycling policy.

Marine toilet facilities (such as those on our boats) are water efficient. Guests are also advised to use holding tank when using on-board toilet facilities.

Fresh water is available from marinas and town docks and is stored in water holding tanks on-board the yacht. Limited water storage facilities ensure that our guests are aware of their water usage, limiting wastage. They are also encouraged to use eco friendly soaps and washing-up liquids whilst on board.

Social responsibility

*Tourism is increasingly a vital part of the income for residents of Devon and Cornwall, therefore we use local products and local services with the intention of helping to support local businesses, create employment and contribute to the overall sustainable development of the west-country. Current local suppliers of products and services (2015) include: Trafford Yachts, Dart Fire Protection, Dartside Quay, Veaseys, Sharpham Vineyard, Riverford Farm, Beacon Park.

*Devon Sailing Experiences also provide comprehensive guest information packs on each boat which gives information about visits to local areas of interest and activities. We actively encourage our guests to visit locally important heritage sites, local shops and restaurants, sample local delicacies and participate in local cultural events through our comprehensive guest information packs, as well as through discussions with our enthusiastic skippers and crew.

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