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Go Barefoot is an independent travel specialist offering authentic experiences that support sustainable development, environmental protection and the conservation of cultural heritage. We believe that travelling is much more than simply visiting a destination. We develop and promote sustainable tourism initiatives, working with communities that welcome others to share and understand their way of life. Our locations offer unique journeys that make deeper connections with people, places and cultures: seeing, hearing, tasting, and doing things you might never have done otherwise. We select well-located accommodation that embrace ecological or social values, have cultural significance and a unique charm, character and style.
Member since: 29 May 2015

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • We support and work closely with local partners and enterprises in each destination. We want people to leave with a closer relationship with the locals for a more memorable and authentic experience.
  • We support environmental and social projects within selected destinations, which in turn, benefit the tourism services offered. We direct a percentage of our profits to socially and environmentally focused projects within our destinations.
  • The projects are identified in close liaison with partners just some of the ones we support are a rural co-operative in Rwanda, a conservation NGO in Armenia and Slovakia, and a heritage and cultural preservation foundation in Romania. We prioritise working with locally owned and family owned hotels.

Environmental responsibility

  • Whenever possible, we encourage travellers to take steps to reduce environmental impact and greenhouse gas emissions when one travels. We have carefully prepared recommendations to travellers which we send before departure on how their different actions can make a positive impact for the environment including using natural travel products, use of local transport, correct litter disposal, buying local products, use water sparingly, do not buy endangered animal products, read up on language and culture beforehand.
  • We select accommodation and service providers with eco-certification and/or a strong and ambitious sustainability ethos.

Social responsibility

  • Go Barefoot aims to get people to travel to be inspired and learn of the challenges and solutions within each destination. We design packages to ensure travel has a positive impact on the communities and environment.
  • We promote projects in emerging and conventional destinations that are using tourism as a tool to preserve their culture and heritage including a rural co-operative in Rwanda, a conservation NGO in Armenia and Slovakia, and a heritage and cultural preservation foundation in Romania.
  • We partner with NGOs, co-operatives and social enterprises who also help assist the delivery of our experiences.

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