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Volunteer Africa 32 South has been operating since 2004. Since starting we have placed international volunteers into high need community and conservation initiatives and provided opportunity to make a real difference. We provide volunteers and interns with inspiring and life-changing experiences, and at the same time helping them to deliver sustainable support to local South African communities and the environment. Our Wild Coast Schools Project is the first and only Fair Trade certified volunteer project in the world.
Member since: 20 Jul 2015

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Economic responsibility

  • We are a fair trade company, and aim to maintain this high certification.
  • We have set up an independent NPO called the 'Friends of Chinsta'. The grass roots and committee led organisation is a fundraising champion, which engages with members of the community and helps us with the short term and long term running of our projects. This helps to improve local education through computer literacy skills, increasing local's employability.
  • We employ local people and include local vendors to keep our projects running smoothly.

Environmental responsibility

  • In both our office as well as our volunteer house, we are dedicated to saving energy wherever we can and encourage our volunteers to do likewise by signage around the house.
  • In our water scarce region, minimising water use is vital. We conserve as much water as possible and communicate this important message to our volunteers through signage around the house, as well as covering it with them during orientation.
  • We are dedicated to reduce waste and avoid wastage of resources, such as paper, by printing as little as possible and when required print double sided. We have an active recycling policy, where all waste from the volunteers’ house is recycled, not only paper, but also cardboard, drink cans, and glass. Many items, such as toilet rolls, cereal boxes and egg boxes are kept and upcycled for school art projects.

Social responsibility

  • We incorporate a strong cultural influence in all our projects, with visits to local legend Mama Tofu (at 95, the oldest accredited tour guide in SA) as well as historical and political talks and visits to local areas. All of our projects are community service based, and include building classrooms and playgrounds, to health clinics and toilets.
  • We work closes with all local governing bodies such as SANCO to ensure that all these projects are completed responsibly and with respect to community culture and well being.

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