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Come Back To Yourself Retreats crafts a variety of mindful, intimate small group retreats. Inviting you for a week of slowing down, rejuvenation & nourishment in serene locations around the world. Each retreat offers a blissful blend of yoga, mindful-living, meditation, creativity, dance, cultural excursions, pampering body treatments and deep relaxation. Enjoy a uniquely, personal experience and benefit from a fresh, more positive perspective of yourself and life. Welcoming all levels of practice, regardless of your spiritual, yoga, fitness and diving experience. Come as you are; find an opportunity to get in touch with life deeply
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How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • We only employ locals as guides, drivers, housekeepers, cooks, and therapists not just because they are local, but because they are the soul of the area and bring historical colour and insight into the culture of the place - information that guidebooks do not offer.
  • Our delicious healthy meals are sourced with fresh organic vegetables grown either in the villa/resort’s garden or by nearby local farms. We serve typical local dishes ensuring that our meals maintain optimum nutrition levels, being only hours from the ground/sea to the table.
  • All of our retreats are part of Come & Give Back where 10% of profits go directly towards non-profits that help our worldwide family.
    When our guests invest in themselves, they are helping a whole bigger family.
    the non profit organizations we donate to are:

    Village Gaunshahar, Nepal
    Helping Heaven Hill Academy school and the remote village Gaunshahar with their future project of building a new free independent school. The intake of the students for the new school will be irrespective of caste and will welcome those children from families who struggle the most with school fees, uniforms, books, stationery and meals. Current help is needed for basic school materials, clothes, and aid for the village farm.

    ANET - Centre for island Ecology
    The aim of ANET is to advance an understanding of the Andaman and Nicobar island's diversity of flora & fauna, its abundance and distribution, coastal and marine habitats and its connection to the needs of indigenous tribes and settlers inhabiting this land. and is trying to actively contribute towards their conservation through education and development.

    RASTA stands for the Rural Agency for Social and Technological Advancement and is based in Wayanad, Kerala, India. This NGO was established in 1987. RASTA focuses its work on empowering tribes, dalits, and women who are economically and socially disadvantaged, as well as small and marginal farmers and serves a population of over 150,000 in Wayanad and other districts of the state.

Environmental responsibility

  • As a company: We strive to operate as a paperless company as far as possible, and recycle wherever facilities are available.
  • The resorts and villas we work with offer our clients free drinking water refills to minimize wastage of plastic bottles throughout the trips; and ask clients if they want items laundered before simply washing towels and linens unnecessarily, to conserve water. While touring in remote areas and even while scuba-diving, we carry rubbish with us and ensure we do not disturb anything in the natural environment.
    All of our accommodation venues are set in exclusive locations – either amidst lush rainforest trees, in a beach front resort in a local village or in a private estate in a remote village.
  • Our diving retreats are all about the unique diving experience - being calm, slow & nourishing. Yoga and diving retreats are about the other side of the underwater world – the special moments that can only happen when you are really present below the surface in a place beyond time. A place of awe and wonder. We emphasise being respectful underwater –  observing and taking nothing but wonderful memories. Our nature retreats are all about experiencing mindful living and being aware of the present moment in everyday life. most of our activities are connected to nature; sacred walks in nature, wild dance, creative workshops, yoga and meditation outdoors which help to connect our guests with nature. 

Social responsibility

  • Culture: We have carefully chosen our venues run by friendly warm locals, their passion and love for what they do can be felt in the way they treat their guests. The villa and resorts make it easy to soak up authentic local culture, including elaborate temple ceremonies, music and the beautiful warmth of the locals.
  • Throughout our different retreat locations we encourage guests to explore & immerse themselves into the local way of life by cycling to nearby villages and interacting with locals and dining at local restaurants.
  • During our retreats we will be preserving local culture by learning about local healing plants and spices, participating in a local cooking class. Visiting important cultural spots – temples, local market life.

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