The Smiling Oak Yoga Retreat

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The smiling oak yoga retreat is located in the Parco del Sorbo a few miles from Rome in a true oasis of relaxation. It’s the ideal way to start and establish your yoga practice, a leading destination for people seeking a spiritual environment to study and practice yoga and develop a healthy lifestyle. We also offer regular activities for personal development such as Yoga, Laughing, Coaching sessions, Pranoterapy, Family Constellation and more. Below you find lists and a description of our activities.
Member since: 16 Feb 2016

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

-We mainly employ locals as guides, drivers, housekeepers, cooks, therapists & teachers not just because they are local, but because they are the soul of the area and bring historical colour and a wealth of information that guidebooks do not offer.
-We try to reduce the unemployment rate in the area.
- We only buy local fresh food and this implements the agricultural production of the area as well as the market. Our chef is from the local area.
- We restored the Villa respecting the old criteria und using all local materials and local people. The structure was built by local people with local materials to maintain the status of the property that needed a lot of maintenance.
-We also use local firms to wash all the bed linen and towels. -All of the guests will be warmly welcomed in any cafè or restaurant in the town, we are always in contact with them and happy to collaborate.

Environmental responsibility

-The Smiling oak is located just inside the natural Parc of Sorbo, we constantly take care of the 3 hectares of park that are around the property, we do have horses that are freely enjoying the stay in the area.
-We serve typical local dishes with almost all ingredients being grown on the property.” This “from the ground to the table” also ensures our meals contain optimum nutrients.
- When this town house was converted into a hotel, all original fittings were sympathetically restored & preserved rather than “rip out & replaced”.
- The hotel has implemented many initiatives to make best use of the natural resources available whilst at the same time, minimising wastage too. Such as, each loo is fitted with dual action flush to minimise the use of water. All taps have been fitted with a flow regulator to avoid wasting water. Low energy light bulbs are used throughout & electrical equipment is switched off when not in use.
- All paper, card, glass, cartons & tin are recycled. All guests are encouraged to act responsibly by minimising use of electricity, recycling waste packaging and in specifying when they need fresh towels

Social responsibility

- We encourage guests to explore & immerse themselves into the Italian way of life, around the area there is the possibility to visit ancient ruins from the Etruscan age that have been incredibly well preserved, by the local cultural heritage.
- The Smiling oak is just on the via Francigena, the sacred path that connects France to Rome, from ancient times, so we encourage guests to walk all the way until the valley of Sorbo that is so beautiful that the European Community wanted to place it in the list of sites of Community interest.

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