Nomad Journeys

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Our aim is to offer and provide people from all walks of life a unique experience of a very different culture. To give them the opportunity to immerse themselves in Moroccan life rather than be an observer from the outside. We also want to offer to people who are maybe unsure of their physical capabilities (particularly woman) an opportunity to experience the challenges of high altitude trekking and thus allowing them to feel a wonderful sense of achievement. Morocco is the perfect place to do this. The mountains are not so high that they preclude most trekkers from doing this, but at the same time challenging enough to make one feel they have indeed climbed a mountain. We also aim to introduce travellers to a culture that is slowly disappearing ,in this instance the Nomads. We dearly want to share the Nomad experience with others before it is gone for ever.
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Economic responsibility

At this point in time our main focus is providing employment for local people in the regions where we conduct our treks and tours. For example for our trek in the Saghro mountains we use local muleteers who use the employment to supplement their meagre incomes We tend to use the small locally owned operators for other requirements, like transport hire. Our food requirements for treks are bought locally as much as possible. Presently we don't donate to any charities but hope to contribute to a school for the disabled (something close to my heart) in the near future.

Environmental responsibility

Rachid is a qualified mountain guide and is well versed in environmental responsibility. On our treks all rubbish is
taken back to Marrakech. Paper rubbish is burnt if permissible. Food scraps are given to the Mules!. If not staying in Gites or Lodges a camp toilet is erected. As land degradation is an issue in the Atlas, only defined trails are followed. Mules are tethered at night and their grazing is supplemented with the aforementioned scraps and feed
that the muleteers bring with them. At the moment we are reliant on bottled water for our clients. All plastic containers are taken back to Marrakech.

Social responsibility

We like to support local co-operatives, usually for woman, in different regions. Some that we visit are the Argan Oil and Rose Essence/water processing co-operatives. We also like to introduce travellers to the craft of the local area, whether it be Silver craft , Carpet making, or Saffron production. We provide travellers with the opportunity to enjoy meals and mint tea with local Berber families and spend time with the Nomads

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