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Arctic Adventures is an eco activity company and was founded in 1997. In the ten years that have since passed we have accumulated our expertise through experience and adventure in Icelandís nature. Our greatest source of success is found in our guides and in the breath taking Icelandic nature. Our are all gifted athletes in one way or another, leaders in their field of expertise, travellers of the world and most important, fun people!
Member since: 04 Dec 2014

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • We do however try our best to use Icelandic ingredients e.g. we only use Icelandic lamb meat / salmon and Icelandic vegetables.
  • We only use local guides, Icelanders that are passionate about their environment and its conservation.
  • All our services are performed in the countryside or highlands and we are fiercely local, using only hostels, guesthouses or hotels where we have a personal relationship with its owners and staff.

Environmental responsibility

  • When we need transport between places or transfer of luggage or supplies we offset the carbon emission through the Icelandic Carbon fund (
  • We take part in the Icelandic Nature Conservation organization.
  • We recycle as much of our waste as possible. Both at our office, at our base camps, in our restaurant and on tours we take all waste with us and dispose of it after the trip.

Social responsibility

  • We try to take part in every fund raiser for children in Asia and support at least one child every year to find education and food.
  • We give all the lost and found items to the Red Cross.
  • All our trips are operated by Icelandic guides with years and years of experience out in the rugged and untouched highlands and coastal regions we will pass through.

This is the first Icelandic adventure company, founded in 1983, and still every bit as passionate about both exploring and protecting their incredible country.
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