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Kanaama Interactive Ltd is a non-profit, family-based company, number 6426772, operating community tourism in south-west Uganda. Its registered office and business address is 4 Windmill House, Windmill Walk, London SE1 8LX. Its country of registration is England and Wales.

There are three directors. Donovan Chamberlayne, owner of the house in Uganda, is a social worker/ film-maker in London. Prue Chamberlayne and Tom Wengraf are retired social scientists, also in London. The main local organiser in Uganda is Donovan’s cousin, Chris Byanyima.
Member since: 14 Dec 2007

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Economic responsibility

  • Kanaama Interactive will spend half its proceeds on a family education fund (for school fees), and half on improvements to the house and grounds (also providing local employment).
  • Community organisations will benefit immediately and in the longer term. Visitors will pay £25 a week to the community organisation they are placed with. Interpreters and guides from the local community who accompany them will be paid. Guests may choose to stay in local houses, for which their host families will be paid.
  • The visit to the game park supports local employment and a proportion of the entrance fees are transmitted to local communities – though the effect of game parks on adjacent land hunger is a source of dispute.

Environmental responsibility

  • This is almost a zero-waste society, from which Westerners have much to learn. Re-cycling of rubber and metal are ubiquitous; fences and gates are made of branches and twigs. Water bottles and glass are recycled. Plastic is a growing problem. Obviously there is no rubbish collection.
  • The house water supply is stored rain – the tanks and plumbing having been repaired. In drought periods children and farm workers carry water in churns from bore holes. The house has three modern toilets with a cesspit, and outside latrines. The latrines are being moved further from the house. Drinking water must be carried at all times. Water is piped in the trading centres, otherwise carried.
  • Electricity is powered by a diesel run generator in the evenings, diesel being heavy to transport. There is no air-conditioning, but Kanaama lies relatively high, so is cooler than Kampala. Cooking is by fires – necessitating wood supplies. Food (milk, meat, vegetables, fruit) are mostly produced by the family.

Social responsibility

  • Hosting visitors, working to budgets, and managing links with community organisations enhance family skills, encourage cooperation between members, and widen knowledge and perspectives. The project treats women and girls equally with men and boys, appreciates women and domestic tasks, and brings wives more fully into decision-making.
  • Kanaama Interactive is based on dialogue and encourages discussion of cultural differences. Donovan will accompany one group each year. On all visits his cousin, Chris, will act as the local organiser, helped by other family members.
  • By sharing the same house, visitors will exchange experiences and support each other, and mealtimes provide opportunities for discussion with family members. The eleventh day of the trip, at Kanaama, will be spent on reflective discussion, also involving community organisations and those who have acted as guides and interpreters.

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