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Jordan holiday, a week in Jordan
Our guide was excellent and the 17 in the party got on really well... (more)Alastair Mann
Tailor made holidays to Jordan
We were really impressed with the genuine warmth of greeting from this Bedouin based community project, the welcome tea drink, the sunset walk with more tea around a camp fire! The candle light, with candle made by local Bedouin women was enchanting. (more)Edmund Plaxton
Sri Lanka tour & beach holiday
On leaving our room at Serendip which led out straight onto the front veranda... we saw that the garden was full of fireflies. We were then led to our table out the back by the plunge pool where we would be eating dinner. The manager had arranged and lit dozens of tea lights around the garden. Priceless. (more)Robert Back
Adventure holiday in Egypt
Very good, saw some amazing places and had a great time...Pyramids/ Petra were my personal highlights (more)James Adams
Silk Road tour, cities of the Silk Road
Seeing the Darvaza gas crater at night was the most memorable part. A good trip to an interesting part of the world. (more)Simon Emery
Jordan holiday, tailormade
It was a five-star experience for both of us, no doubt of it: no disappointments, and a programme which gave us everything we were looking and hoping for...What we did seemed to us so much richer an experience, so much more rewarding, than we could have got from a standard package of 'highlights'. (more)Anne Macgeorge
Jordan holiday, highlights & hidden gems
The most memorable part was walking down Wadi in Dana National Park to Feynan...It was wonderful. So beautiful and so much to do and see and the Jordanians were very kind and helpful. (more)Stephen Pick
Egypt tailor made holidays
We really enjoyed the extra time they took to show us some of the things off the beaten path and some real Egyptian food and sheesha. The Valley of the Kings was our most favourite site. (more)Tanis and Nikia Hernandez
Mayan cultural tour in Central America
Some of the most fun I had during the trip was in the mini-van with the other travellers. Including my tour leader Diego, who was not only a great laugh, but also very organised and flexible with our itinerary. (more)John Richard Houghton
Highlights of Peru holiday
Absolutely amazing!!! I would definitely recommend and would do it again if I could! (more)Kristiina Puusaari-Sheahan
Egypt tour, Miracle of the Sun
Definitely the Abu Simbel Sun Miracle we were able to witness and experience was the highlight. To be able to see 3 of the 4 pharaohs light up from sun coming through, was an experience we will never forget. (more)Lori Bautista
Nile cruise & cultural holiday, Egypt
Most memorable? I think the Pyramids at Giza and the paintings in the tomb of Ramses I, or perhaps it was the gold mask of Tutankamun, or was it the statue of Ramses II at Memphis... it was always a jaw-dropping moment at each place we visited. (more)Amanda Bristow
Egypt vacation, discover the past and present
The Nile cruise on the Movenpick; all the monuments, temples, tombs, and the Pyramids were the highlights. (more)Heather Previll
Iraq Kurdistan holiday
Very enjoyable, an very interesting itinerary, good guide with us, very safe driver (valuable given some of the roads and other drivers!) and an agreable group of people in the group. (more)Jenny Maddick
Inca Highlights, adventure tour
Swimming in the Amazon, learning about the jungle and meeting a Shaman, Salsa dancing in Cusco, staying with a local family in Armanti and folk dancing to traditional music, the colours, textiles and crafts, music, food and drink (more)Amanda Whittington
Tailor made holiday to Egypt
The Ancient Egyptian sites were amazing of course, one of our favourite moments was finding ourselves deep inside the burial chamber of Khafre's pyramid (the second large pyramid) and having the room to ourselves for a few minutes... (more)Tereza Korbel
Nile cruises, 19th century style
The amazing sites of ancient Egyptian civilisation were very well commented and made to come alive by our very good guides Joseph and Mohamed from the operator...Excellent, we were extremely well looked after by staff. (more)Christa Gonschorrek Noguera
Japan culture tour, Shoguns & Samurai
The most memorable part of the holiday was getting a bit of an insight into the people and culture of everyday Japan by travelling on local trains and buses and staying in local inns in rural areas rather than faceless hotels. (more)Nicola Lindsey
Petra & Wadi Rum holiday
Most memorable? As I canít swim it has to be floating in the Dead Sea. It was an unbelievable experience. I did not believe I would be able to as I did not think it would work if you cant relax to float but the sea just lifted me up and held me in the water. (more)Lesley Chaffey
Small group tour of Egypt, Nubian adventure
Our tour was organised brilliantly. We felt safe at all times and the guides were knowledgeable. The 3 day cruise on the Nile was the best part (more)Angela Guildford
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