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Phong Nha cave tour, Vietnam

From US $30 per day (1 day)
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Including: New A/C bus. Lunch at Phong Nha restaurant. Boat trip for Phong Nha cave. Entrance fees. Tour guide. Tourist Insurance
Vouchers: not accepted
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Phong Nha cave tour, Vietnam

Responsible travel: Phong Nha cave tour, Vietnam


As a professional eco-tour operator, protecting the environment and ecology is our prime commitment. Our guides are well trained and can make suggestions that help travellers minimize any damage to environment or ecosystem. We understand the importance of energy and strive to reduce our use of fossil fuel.
By making small changes in the way that we travel, we can all make a difference and ensure that the destinations we love to visit will be here for future generations to enjoy!
Get closer to the country you’re visiting by booking excursions with local suppliers and tour guides - it will enrich your experience and help to support the local economy. If booking via your holiday company, ask your holiday rep, or at your hotel reception if the excursions use local suppliers. Hire a car only if you have to, it is much more environmentally friendly to use public transport, cycle, boat or walk to explore the area you are visiting.
It’s really important that holidays help conserve our precious natural environment and the amazing wildlife within it. Beautiful environments are what make holiday special! Greener travel ensures that any ‘nature’ excursion or tour is taken by guides who know how to preserve the natural environment and wildlife.


Would you like to meet villagers, who live far from major tourist routes?
Sightseeing intelligently is the desire of many of you but not always easy to find the right tour operator who will help you realize your dream.
Being a " responsible tourism operator " is what some travel designers claim since usually a percentage of holiday price is donated to local development initiatives. This is our vocation.
We use local vendors and businesses, and our guides are always able to advise on the best ways to support locals.
You can sum up responsible tourism :
Local people should get a fair deal out of your visit, by offering goods or services for you to enjoy – such as great tasting, authentic food from a local restaurant, real local crafts for you to take home as a lasting souvenir or guiding services so you can get closer to the destination that you’re visiting.
By operating the trip in the remote side and village , the poor villager will have the chance for joining the tourism industry to get more profit by using the local services (handy crafts souvenirs, accommodation or to be the local guide). In other hand, the children will understand the needed for reading, writing or learning a foreign language.

The story of the provider of Phong Nha cave tour, Vietnam

Huetourist is a International Travel company, established in 2006. Huetourist engage one part of its businees to support local development objectives in targeted rural plain and mountainous villages around Hue in order to enhance local economic opportunities. This initiative helps to create new jobs and income earning opportunities for some of the poorest segment in the province, and at the same time provides opportunities to practice important cultural traditions of songs, dances and handicrafts that have been eroding as a result of the pressures of poverty.

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Phong Nha cave tour, Vietnam

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