Adirondacks hiking tours in New York State

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Adirondacks hiking tours in New York State


We live in an ecologically sensitive area and are environmentally conscious in and outside of work. We have always adhered to a leave no trace policy in order to preserve the land that is habitat to a vast range of different wildlife species. We work in the Lake Placid area, selling mountain bikes and promoting a green and healthy way of living, and we embrace our surroundings and the natural way of living that accompanies them.

We work from two centers to manage the bike sales and guide programs, and each of these are very energy efficient, with spray foam insulation to keep the building naturally warmer in winter and lessen the need for heating when temperatures drop. We also have energy efficient LED lighting and water heater systems.

Despite the abundance of water in Adirondacks, we are still very careful not to waste any. In our lodge accommodations we have low output showers and feature LED lanterns throughout rooms and these provide sufficient lighting in a more efficient way than having one brighter light switched on in each room. We are also responsible with our waste and ensure that everything possible is reused or recycled. The land around us is very organic which means you'll often come across many different species of wildlife in their natural habitat, from birds, chipmunks and grouse, to beavers, moose and bears! We live in harmony with our environment and ensure that our leave no trace policy is always noted by customers, and make sure that our activities cause minimal disturbance to wildlife habitats.


The Adirondacks is an amazing and diverse area, with people living in more remote areas across the mountains to resort areas that are frequented more regularly by visitors. We are based around Lake Placid, and have great links with many of the other local businesses. We all work to help each other and ensure that the benefit of tourism can be spread across the different local businesses, from recommending places to eat to our customers, to accommodations such as the Lake Placid Lodge making recommendations for our guided mountain trips. To get a feel for life as a local, visitors can head to The Cowboy for great cuisine and cocktails and a warm welcome.

We also support outdoors and environmental organisations, and the Adirondacks has been visited by the Banff Mountain Film Festival, an organisation that promotes the wonders of the mountains and the activities that take place on them. We've also been involved with fundraisers for environmental organisations and the Adirondacks ski council. For local people with an interest in teaching outdoor pursuits, we have opportunities for shadowing our experienced guides, and offer training programs. We take on interns and trainees through local community colleges and educational institutions.

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