Finger Lakes kayak tours and kayak rental, New York State

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Finger Lakes kayak tours and kayak rental, New York State


Being a company that teaches about the enjoyment that the outdoors can offer, it's also vital that we help people understand how important is it to conserve and protect natural areas of the environment. We're mindful of conserving the areas that we visit, and operate a leave no trace policy that we let all of our customers know about before we depart. We promote the benefits of leaving areas that you visit tidier than you found them wherever possible. A part of our business involves operating fishing trips, and Mark always encourages people fishing to catch and release fish, to protect the biodiversity of the lakes and preserve healthy numbers of different kinds of fish.

We support a local organisation that wants to keep the Seneca area 'gas free' and promote methods of traveling around the lakes that do not cause environmental, water and noise pollution, such as paddling. Working with organisations such as these helps to keep the lakes clean and clear.


There is a great community around Finger Lakes and we work with many different organisations that help to develop a sustainable community. We have worked with the local hospital and donated services for their annual fundraiser, and also work with conservation organisations to protect the area that we live in and preserve its natural beauty for local people and visitors to enjoy.

There are lots of local events such as the Vintage Festival held here each September and Waterfront events throughout summer that give visitors a great insight into local life and provide an opportunity to get together with local people and learn more about life in Finger Lakes. There's also lots to see, such as local wineries carrying out their harvest, and the Fall Foliage as the landscape turns bright shades of red and orange. There is a lot of benefit that can come from your visit, and we'd certainly encourage you to see and do as much as possible during your stay. Taking a tour with us can helps to contribute to the local economy and the environment, and even eating dinner in one of the area's independent restaurants can make a difference.

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