Yala tree houses & mud chalets in Sri Lanka


Responsible tourism

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we screen every trip so you can travel knowing your holiday will help support conservation and local people.

Wildlife -

Our resort is located in a man made mini forest with over 1500 hardwood trees planted 20 years ago. This plot of land has now become a haven for many endemic birds.

We have started a program that enable guests to plant a tree on the perimeter of our property, creating a live fence. We feel that this will ensure a continuous connection between our guests and the resort.

Buildings -

We firmly believe that man and nature must try to exist in harmony as neither can thrive without each other. Our resort stands as a model for sustainable eco tourism as it is built with care, to ensure that the environment has not been compromised in any way during the entire process of construction. Most of the infrstructure is made out of natural and recycled material. (Timber used are discarded railroad ties, beds made out of discarded timber electricity poles, seating made out of discarded tyres, etc...) Our philosohy is to promote environmental sustainability, to all who stay with us.

All buildings were constructed using local labour and material ensuring that all financial benefits trickled down to the community.

Water -

Our water resources are precious to us and we practice rainwater harvesting to support the needs of the trees and our produce cultivation. Waste water is also recycled and used for irrigation.

Waste -

We have actively worked on eliminating plastic use and waste at our resort, by introducing glass water bottles, refillable bottles, reusable toiletry glass bottles, stainless steel straws, compostable take out boxes, etc...

All organic matter is composted. All waste is segregated and sent out for recycling or appropriate disposal methods.

Energy -

All resort lighting are LED based and pathways are lit up with solar lighting. All guests are instructed to turn off lighting when not in use. No air-conditioning is provided in rooms, but accommodation units are built with interior cooling in mind and fans are provided.

Wildlife -

The resort is located close to several Nature reserves, and most guests request for Wildlife Safari rides. We ensure that safari drivers understand the appropriate behaviour inside nature parks and we expect all those who come to our resort to adhere by those rules too.

The Impacts of this Trip

Friends & Neighbours -

We strive to support the local communities with additional revenue by showcasing their home based cottage industries to our guests. This will ensure that guests too will have an unforgettable community based authentic Sri Lankan experience that allow them to give back to the communities they travel to. We offer unique local experiences such as "lunch with a farmer family, fishing with local fisherman, buffalo curd making, Palmyrah weaving, pottery making, etc..."

We aim to be local and buy local. Since we are located admits a local farming and fishing village, we support them buy purchasing all our fresh produce, seafood, poultry, free range eggs, etc.. from locals who only use sustainable practices. We are also cultivating a small farm plot in our own property so that we are able to support our kitchen with home grown organic produce. We would love our guests to be able to pick thier own fruits and vegetables from our own garden. We take pride in not compromising on quality and freshness by sourcing all possible products locally.

Campaigning for change -

We actively support causes that are dear to our heart and in line with our concept. One of the main campaigns we support and actively create awareness for is eliminating cruelty towards elephants and how the tourism industry can support this initiative by banning all elephant rides and parades. Our team has conducted public awareness programs that had many followers and we plan to continue this regularly.

Volunteering -

Our resort offers volunteer opportunities for students / travellers for periods of upto 3 to 6 months. Volunteers can get involved in supporting with our organic farm plot, working in our restaurant along with the locals, nature guiding, conducting workshops for kids and English.

A fair deal -

90% of the staff at our resort are from the local village. We promote gender equality and encourage female workforce to join us. We conduct regular training programs, provide them accommodation if necessary and provide all meals apart from offering them excellent wages that are above industry norms. We believe in sharing our rewards, hence all employees are also entitled for performance based incentives.

Local Crafts and Culture -

We actively promote local crafts and culture. Our resort has its own "Island Craft" store that showcases local crafts from around the country. These crafts are mainly created by local women. Our craft store provides the locals an avenue to market their products.

Travelling with respect -

Our resort is a part of the community and is sustained by showcasing the local community and culture to guests. This allows us to maintain a great relationship with the community. We create awareness among all guests about our community, what to expect and not! The community likes showcasing their lifestyle to our guests and understands that the financial contribution from supporting this initiative will benefit their families. Therefore its a win-win situation for the guests the resort and the community.

We welcome you to become an eco-friendly traveller!
At our resort we focus on conserving the environment around us & improving the welfare of our locals - We value nature by experiencing it!"


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